VIDEO: Cook County Inmates Surround, Beat Corrections Officers Unconscious

Video shows the brutal attack on Cook County Corrections Officers.

Video shows the brutal attack on Cook County Corrections Officers.

VIDEO: Chicago Inmates Almost Beat Corrections Officers To Death

Chicago, IL – Video from the Cook County jail shows a group of seven prisoners surrounding and beating two corrections officers on Wednesday.

On Wednesday night at around 8:30 PM, a group of seven inmates surrounded two corrections officers and three of the inmates started beating them.

Both deputies had to be hospitalized after the attack. One of the deputies has a fractured orbital bone and the other lost consciousness during the assault.

Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart is seeking attempted murder charges against three of the inmates involved in the brutal attack against the two corrections officers.

Two of the inmates involved in the assault, David Bush and Taiwan McNeal, were already being held for attempting to murder a police officer in a 2015 shooting.

The third inmate, Terrence Lynom, was being held for attempted murder after shooting a 6-year-old girl who was riding her bike in 2014.

This attack highlights what type of people county corrections officers have to deal with. While these violent criminals would likely end up in a much more secure prison after they are convicted, pre-trial they need to be held in a county jail lumped in with misdemeanor offenders.

Our thoughts and prayers are with these two injured heroes.

You can see the video of the attack below: