VIDEO: Chicago Alderman Files Complaint On ‘Rude’ Cops, But Video Shows The Truth

Chicago Alderman Roberto Maldonado has complained after Chicago PD officer wouldn't allow him to drive through a crime scene.

Chicago Alderman Roberto Maldonado has complained after Chicago PD officer wouldn’t allow him to drive through a crime scene.

Chicago Alderman Roberto Maldonado Complains After Cops Refuse To Give Him Special Treatment

Chicago, IL – Chicago Alderman Roberto Maldonado filed a formal complaint against “rude” Chicago police officers after they refused to let him drive through a crime scene. Bodycam incident shows the alderman’s attempt to get special treatment due to his position (video below.)

The incident occurred June 18 in Humboldt Park when officers were working to secure a crime scene, according to CBS Chicago.

The alderman wanted to drive through the scene, and the officers offered him alternative routes. Those routes weren’t good enough for Maldonado, who threw around his position as he asked for special treatment.

At the start of the video, Maldonado has his cell phone camera out and the confrontation had clearly been going on for a while.

“Can anybody drive me to my house?” Maldonado asks.

“Are you asking as a special favor, alderman?” an officer responds.

“No, I’m asking as a citizen,” Maldonado says.

During the incident, the alderman made it clear that he wasn’t going to behave like a normal citizen.

“Ok, you tell me, so what should I do with my little three kids?” he asks.

“You should drive around and find a parking spot as close to your house as possible so your children don’t get wet, and then just proceed into your house sir,” an officer responds.

“I don’t want to do that,” Maldonado responds. “It would be a safety matter for my kids to do what you are asking me to do.”

“From the moment you walked up, you announced who you were,” one of the officers says, “You didn’t say ‘I’m a citizen,’ you didn’t say ‘I’m a neighbor.’ You made it quite clear, quite sure, to all of us that you’re an alderman. So are you looking for a special favor as an alderman?”

“You know what, this is the police officers, this is why the police department is in such bad shape with the citizens.” Maldonado concluded.

Alderman Roberto Maldonado later filed a formal complaint against the officers which is now being investigated by the police department.

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 President Kevin Graham responded to the allegations saying, “Preserving and protecting a crime scene is the primary duty of a police officer. You can’t waiver from that.”

You can watch the video of the encounter below:

  • TOPPER67

    Wow… This alderman is an asshat. He was just looking for a fight.

  • jedmarum

    This alderman came to pick a fight.

  • Pushed to the limit

    Pushy ni66er wanted his banana eating face on tv. ” Oh! the endless persecution of da black man”.

    • Up Huff

      He was/is Hispanic.
      But I can’t say that, in this case, there should be such a discrimination made regarding his behavior. Seems a number of Democrats have been caught doing/trying to throw their “political” weight around to intimidate officers to leave them alone/let them off of their actions.
      I’m certain it must have happened with a Republican, but I can’t recall when.

      • Pushed to the limit

        Hispanic, black, makes no difference. Shit is still shit.

        • GibsSumMore

          Hear! Hear!

  • JBo

    But…but…he’s SPECIAL!

  • Goober


  • kgolfinghawaii

    Gee democrat acting like royalty…imagine that.

  • Up Huff

    Might have had better luck if that last moron was still in the WH. Me, I’d be placing a call to ICE to find out if this *$#% piece of work is in the country legally.
    But then, he IS in Chicago, and he IS an Alderman, and in all likelihood he’s a Democrat. In fact I’d bet on it!
    As for his “accusations”, they are clearly false and he should be charged for making a fraudulent complaint.
    Then find a judge who doesn’t like scum like this to process the case.
    It is clear that the more this guy talks the more he’s digging a deeper hole. I’d make sure he was charged with hindering an investigation, because he most certainly is.
    And he’s totally stupid to boot. Witness the fact that immediately upon finding out that the officer’s had TWO body cams going, and that he was being recorded, he changed his attitude.
    But the bigger problem he faces is the stupidity of filing a false complaint.

  • Peekin-In

    What a self serving selfish jerk. I hope he’s never re-elected. People like him with cameras are looking for an argument and a lawsuit = $$$$

  • David E Brown

    I you pick a fight, you might just get one.

  • Outoftownlawman

    This alderman should be impeached and kicked out of office….I am from Chicago and this shit disgusts me….

  • Chief72

    And that my friends is why
    Chicago is so F_ _ KED UP. People like that running the City.

  • Kathleen Browne

    Alderman Roberto Maldonado should have been issuing the police an apology. Instead, he files a complaint. Shows you how screwed up things are today. He needs to resign. I wouldn’t want him representing me!

  • Katrina

    The best this man could do would be to ask the advice of his” little three kids” .because, obviously common sense and rationality are above his mental capacity. He should not be out in public without a guardian to care for him. The fact that he has minors in his care should bring child endangerment charges.
    Another minority more interested in causing problems rather than seeking solutions. This would be great comedy if it were not so pathetic.

  • GibsSumMore

    Most of Chicago’s elected officials are garbage!

    • Đ₳VɆ ₮ⱧɆ ł₦₣łĐɆⱠ


  • cheese101

    Wait, a politician that lies???? This can’t be true. When proven false he should be charged with filing a false police report.

  • John France

    This is why I don’t live in a shithole like Chicago.

  • Bunny Burnett

    Good for the Officer, sounds a lot like my husband when he was an officer, he arrested the Chairman of County Commissioners when he was a Deputy Sheriff and the Chairman of the Board of Aldermen when he was a Police Officer, both for DUI. He explained to each that he wasn’t aware of exceptions in the law for elected officials. This attitude of applying the law equally enabled him to serve as a Law Enforcement Officer for forty four years.

    • Đ₳VɆ ₮ⱧɆ ł₦₣łĐɆⱠ

      A big thank you to your husband for his service and another big thank you to you for standing by his side all of that time. Wives and family dont get enough credit for the support they supply to our Law Enforcent Heroes. That also goes for the wives of all First Responders & our military of course.

  • Richard Teran, San Antonio, TX

    Alderman lives in that neighborhood – and is demanding that the police officer give him directions on the streets in his neighborhood.
    If it’s a safety matter to go home, then go to a restaurant for a while, or to a family member’s house.

    ….. arrest him, and place his children in protective custody….. you know, because there’s no other way for them to be safe.

  • michael

    Here is the perfect opportunity for the Fraternal Order of Police to file a Civil Case against the Alderman for filing a false complaint against the Officers. Of course given the political position and the race of the Alderman this incident, if not finding against the officers, will be swept under the rug.

  • michael

    Perfect. With the filing of the formal complaint this is the perfect case for the Fraternal Order of Police, representing the officers, to file a civil action against the Alderman. He has filed false and frivolous complaint, as proven by the body cams and mics, against the officers. Of course, taking into account his government position and race, this incident will very quickly be swept under the political rug.