VIDEO: Serial Carjacker Dragged, Gets Road Rash On His Dangly Bits When He Picks Wrong Victim

A carjacker was dragged by his would be victim.

A carjacker was dragged by his would be victim.

VIDEO: Kent Carjacker Dragged

Kent, WA –  A carjacker picked the wrong driver to try to steal a car from, when the driver of that car refused to cooperate and drove off down the street, dragging him along the way.

The incident occurred about 7 PM on Friday, August 25, according to KIRO7.  Video shows the suspect punching the driver repeatedly, and the driver then manages to close the vehicle’s door, and drove off.

The video shows the suspect being dragged along a busy street, with his pants falling to his ankles.

The car stopped at least once in the video, but the would-be carjacker wouldn’t give up; he tried again to get the driver out.

The driver then took off again, dragging the suspect alongside the car.  Police said that the suspect, who was not identified, had tried to steal other vehicles on that day, including one before this incident, where he punched the driver, who kicked him with their feet, and the suspect fled.

Kent police officers responded, and the suspect was tased “multiple times” after refusing to follow their commands.

He had tried to steal a taxi just before they arrived, after finally freeing himself from the car that was dragging him.  Police said that the suspect had punched other vehicles, and was actually trying to break door handles to get inside vehicles when the police arrived.

The suspect was eventually taken into custody by Kent police officers, and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.  His condition is not known.

None of the victims were identified.  Some victims received minor injuries that they received medical treatment for.

You can see the video below. WARNING – Bare carjacker butt. Dangly bits were harmed in the making of this film.

  • george orwell

    Hope it hurt. A LOT.

  • Cynthia Whitley

    Never heard of them referred to as “dangly bits” thats funny! Hope the driver was able to shake him lose and that the car jacker was caught and prosecuted.

    • Richard Teran, San Antonio, TX

      Pick his out in a lineup!

  • JBo

    Stupid defined:
    Attempt to carjack a car, fail, get dragged down a highway.
    Car stops to let you get off soooooo…
    Attempt to carjack the same car again, get dragged down the highway again.

    Good thing the driver didn’t get on the interstate.

  • duder1897

    Hopefully he will die soon.

  • Julie Volkheimer

    He won’t have the nuts to try that again!

  • chuck334

    Too bad he didn’t have an erection on a street full of potholes.

  • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

    This man is ill. Sometimes illness causes people to violent and destructive actions, as in this case

    This man should be restrained and made well, those cheering this perpetrator’s suffering and who know better should be ashamed. Those who don’t know better might want to reflect a bit more.

    • linnilu

      And maybe he should target you and your car next.

      • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

        The reports suggest he was hardly capable of targeting anything but cars, and incapable of acting in self-preservation…a pretty low bar for mental performance. This definitely seems like a symptom of imbalance.

    • Lady Distinctive

      I think you have a screw loose in your noggin!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

        On that madam, there can be little argument. 🙂

    • Dalewas#1

      Your kind is what’s wrong with this country, John. The guy was nothing more than a thief. He will still be a thief after he heals and gets out of jail. Some day he will hurt one of his victims badly or kill them. Lets hope the next time he tries to steal from someone. They run over and crush his legs. At least then when someone describes the piece of crap who tried to rip them off. Part of their description will be “he was in a wheelchair”.

      • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

        “Nothing more than a thief”? How do you know he is not ill, especially given the circumstances of his arrest?

    • Lonnie Isom

      Mr. Field. I research to be best of my ability before I post comments based off of a single story or video. This particular story is very vague. And only shows the video of him being dragged. So I can see how you might have jumped to the conclusion that he might have a mental disorder. However, if you looked a little further into the story, and clicked on the link to where the story came from, KIRO7, you would see the full news story and additional videos of him jumping into other vehicles and violently battering the drivers. On this video, if you watch where the vehicle briefly stops and the suspect gets up, does he just get away. No, he looks pissed and tries to get back at the driver for dragging him and tries to attack the person again. This “Appears” to be nothing more than i violent criminals, doing what he does, or at most, a meth head, trying to get another fix. But then again, we will never know, as no one on the internet does a follow up to explain what the outcome was. This will just be another blip on the internet.

      • John C. ‘Buck’ Field

        Did you research what he was doing when arrested? Attacking cars without people, and probably looked angry. Mental disorders often express this way.

    • Steffy93

      The man is a violent POS.
      If you stop wasting time trying to make excuses for thuugs, you’ll have more time to blame conservatives!

  • John Savage

    50 bucks says he’s a democrat

  • Tarl Cabbot

    Was this in the US or Mexico?

  • Ralphy_Boy
  • Common Non-Sense

    he will live to commit more violent acts, the only known cure for stupidity is death…

    • Richard Teran, San Antonio, TX

      But not rape.

  • Karma! ☺

  • rotorhead1871

    that was sweet!!…I had to watch it 2x….

    • Ria Pendergrass

      Me too rotorhead871!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Đ₳VɆ ₮ⱧɆ ł₦₣łĐɆⱠ

      I could watch that all day. I love seeing vermin get their comeuppance!

  • Shaun Wheeler

    “No word from police yet whether the driver will be charged.” <——how the story would read anywhere in California or New York.

  • Efrem Hug

    I don’t think you can fix THAT kind of stupid

  • Ria Pendergrass


  • Đ₳VɆ ₮ⱧɆ ł₦₣łĐɆⱠ

    Here’s hoping his prison buddies get to see this video. There would be a whole ‘nother level of “penal code” enforced!

  • VetMike

    Should have driven after the perp refused to give up the first time he stopped. 45 MPH for a mile or two would have been just about right.

  • Lonnie Isom

    Washington State Gun Laws are not that restrictive, other than having to have a CCW to have a firearm in your vehicle. And the CCW isn’t that expensive. According to records, 1 in 10 Washington State Residence have a CCW. I guess Mr. Dangily Bits was just lucky that the cars he chose didn’t have a driver with a CCW. Too bad.

  • sdrawkcab

    why would the asshole not let go?

    • Richard Teran, San Antonio, TX

      The off duty police officer driving the car handcuffed him to the steering wheel?

  • Tim Roof

    That has GOT TO BE someone who is severely mentally ill. Anyone else would have given up after having been dragged like that. I would like to think that I would have driven faster, though.

  • The huntress in the night

    Holy Crap was he on PCP or something.. His dick was ground on the road and he refused to stop trying to get in cars?

  • NanaWildflowers

    ROFLMMFAO That was great. It should happen to more of these criminals. Maybe now you guys will pull up your damn pants. LOL

  • Dale Messerly Jr.

    Should have drug him to the Police station.

    • Richard Teran, San Antonio, TX

      The long way.

  • Francisco Sperandeo

    Silver lining! He will not have to worry about being molested in prison at least until both sides are healed!

  • Tony1206

    sometimes it’s full throttle, balls out,
    to get away from these perps!

  • bws001

    give him credit for being determined… Now if only he found a job and worked that hard..

  • Ken & Carolyn Huebner

    Justice. Hope he put his pants back on.

  • Live from Liz Warrens Teepee

    This story has it all wrong: Inspired by Chelsea Manning, Caitlyn Jenner and instructions he read on the Interweb this fellow thought he would get a free sex change operation by dragging his junk on the roadway.

  • John Doll

    This incident happened about 10 blocks from where I live. Just amazing. Kent is becoming a real cesspool of crime.

  • QuietDanTN

    This makes me sooooooo sad.


  • Carl Carter

    That may leave him a little short this month.