VIDEO: Calls Come For Arlington Cop To Be Fired After He Arrests Teens While Mom Records

Video shows an arrest of two teens, leading activists to call for the officer to be fired.

Video shows an arrest of two teens, leading activists to call for the officer to be fired.

Video Shows Arlington Officer’s Arrest Of Teens

Arlington, TX – A woman who recorded the arrests of her two sons is calling for the officer to be criminally charged and fired (video of incident below.)

Backing her up is Next Generation Action Network, the Dallas-based anti-police organization run by convicted felon Dominique Alexander. Alexander made the news this week after he was selected to help pick the new Dallas police chief.

The woman, Latasha Nelson, took cell phone video of only part of the encounter with the Arlington officer on July 3rd.

The day of the incident, officers had received a call for two teens breaking into a car. When they arrived, one of the officers arrested a 14-year-old who was identified as a suspect in the break-in.

The video starts with the officer leading the teen to the patrol car. It’s not clear what all transpired before the video started, but there appeared to have been some sort of confrontation between the officer and the woman.

Once the officer placed the teen in the back of a patrol car, he refused to tell the woman where they were taking him because she had “become uncooperative.”

While confronting the woman, the officer got on his radio and requested backup saying, “I have a mother out here who is interfering with an investigation.”

The woman’s other 16-year-old son then stepped to the officer, brushing against him. The officer used a controlled takedown to take the teen to the ground without injuring him. The teen was arrested for obstructing police operations.

Latasha Nelson has now made serious allegations against the officer, claiming that the officer said he would drop charges against the boys if she deleted her cell phone video. The cell phone video does not support her claim.

An attorney for Nelson appeared to have backed away from that claim, saying that it was only Nelson’s impression that officers would drop charges if she turned over the video.

“It wasn’t a clear, ‘Hey you give us this, we’ll give you that’ ” Nelson’s attorney, Kim Cole, said at the news conference, according to Star Telegram. “But it was certainly [Nelson’s] impression that was what it was, because they were adamant they wanted this video.”

Police officers generally want to obtain video which may have recorded an officer being assaulted.

“I am a black woman in America and I love my kids,” Nelson said. “Do you know how hard it is to have four sons and know what can happen to them out in the world? It didn’t have to escalate.”

Now Nelson and Alexander want the officer to be criminally charged and fired.

The mother met with Arlington Chief of Police Will Johnson on Friday. The chief said that both teens are being charged, and that the officer may choose to charge the 16-year-old for assaulting him.

He also said that the department is investigating the allegation of misconduct, according to NBCDFW, “After reviewing the video, there are many questions that will require a thorough investigation,” the department said. “As with any allegation of misconduct, we take this seriously. We want to maintain our position of transparency with our community by doing a complete and thorough review. This will include speaking with the family and officers involved in the video.”

Alexander’s organization took to Facebook in an attempt to get misinformation out ahead of the facts, posting, “Based upon absolutely no evidence whatsoever, the 14 year-old was charged with burglary of a habitation and the 16 year-old was charged with interfering with official police duties. The mother was assured that the charges against her boys would be dropped. But only if she surrendered this video to the police.”

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You can see the video below: