VIDEO: Intense Bodycam Footage Of Gunfight In Buckeye Shows Brass And Glass Flying Everywhere

Bodycam video shows Buckeye police in a gunfight with William Ferguson.

Bodycam video shows Buckeye police in a gunfight with William Ferguson.

Video of Buckeye Shootout With William Ferguson

Buckeye, AZ – Video was released on Thursday showing a gunfight between Buckeye police and William Ferguson (video below.)

The shooting occurred June 25, 2016, but footage was only recently released because the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office requested that the footage not be released until the investigation was resolved.

The incident happened when Buckeye police were called to a home by Riata Parkway and Wayland Drive, according to ABC15.

Officers had received a report from somebody from out of state that William Ferguson, 30, has shot his wife, Breanne Ferguson, 36.

The bodycam video starts after the officers arrived near the scene. As the officers were staging, the suspect drove towards them in a white Dodge pickup truck. He then exited the vehicle and opened fire on the officers.

The bodycam footage shows officers returning fire and running out of ammo for their rifles; the officers left their spare magazines in their cars.

As the officers were pinned down, a third officer arrived and opened fire on William Ferguson, hitting him in the shoulder. After he was shot, Ferguson turned the gun on himself.

After the gunfight, officers entered the residence to find Breanne Ferguson dead in the house, along with two children who were unharmed.

Along with releasing the video on Thursday, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Shooting Review Board ruled that the shooting was justified.

The video serves as a strong reminder to always bring your spare magazines when you deploy your rifle.

You can see the bodycam video of the Buckeye gunfight below:

  • Not2pc4U

    Really, the police are fired upon and it takes the DA this frigging long to say it was justified to fire back. Bullshit! They should have said that the next day, or even that night.

    • Justin Borgnine

      Depends on the race of the suspect apparently.

      • KelMac

        Is that how your definition of policing over here. Nah, you have to be about 6 year old..Sorry kid.

        • Justin Borgnine

          My definition of policing? What did you read? Who are you replying to? Who hurt you?

  • hulaboy

    Poor shot discipline by the officers.

    • Chuck

      What a really dumb comment by a keyboard commando who bases their knowledge on video games

    • Bud Harrison

      Idiot, gun fight lately..

  • Ossian

    Everyone has a plan, until the first shot is fired…. NOBODY knows what they’ll do or how they’ll react (when) bullets are flying around your arse.

  • Larry Gibson

    If they could shoot, they’d not have needed extra ammo. Hear the “rock and roll”. Spray and pray doesn’t work and just endangers everyone in front of you. If you can’t hit ‘im with one, you can’t hit ‘im with 30.

  • Larry Gibson

    And for all you keyboard warrior comments, I’ve been there, done that and these guys need LOTS more range time!

  • KelMac

    Hey, I don’t know about some of you civvies, but in Australia we have big ground to cover, not enough cops.
    A lot of you don’t give a rats-ar.. for one of our lives, that’s often obvious. How about YOU go out there with an old .22 ???