Newspaper Columnist Writes He Almost Got Shot On Traffic Stop, Then Sheriff Releases Video

Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey has provided video to refute the account of his treatment by a deputy.

Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey has provided video to refute the account of his treatment by a deputy.

Boone County Sheriff Refutes Columbia Daily Tribune Column By Bill Clark

Boone County, MO – When Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Bill Clark wrote a piece attacking the Boone County Sheriff’s office, claiming “I’m lucky I didn’t get shot,” on a traffic stop, Sheriff Dwayne Carey released video of the traffic stop which shows the truth (video below.)

Bill Clark wrote the piece for the Columbia Daily Tribune, and the newspaper editors apparently approved it. In addition to claiming that he’s lucky he didn’t get shot, he claimed that he now knows, “how minority motorists feel,” and that he was subjected to “official arrogance.”

The reason for the stop was because Clark hadn’t used his turn signal. However, Clark suggests that the real reason for the stop was because he had an old car with a lot of liberal bumper stickers and a dent.

In the article, he claimed that he pulled over to yield to the police car, assuming it would pass. When he realized that he was being stopped, he took off in order to avoid blocking the road, prompting the “arrogant” deputy to ask him not to drive off during a traffic stop.

Bill Clark even finished off his article by saying:

“I’ve just come to appreciate even more the words of those minorities when they speak of harassment and police arrogance. I had a good dose of arrogance on this evening and, in my rear view mirror, the image of the second officer out of the car, his hands ready in case I made the wrong move. My life seemed to be in danger.

I fully understand how a person can lose their respect for law officers. When you are in the shoes of the minority, you learn a lot more about their journey.”

When Sheriff Dwayne Carey found out about this, he investigated. What he found was an normal traffic stop for a driver who failed to signal their turn. In part of his rebuttal statement he says”

“The female deputy has been with our department for about three years. Not only does she serve citizenry locally, but she also serves our country as a member of the military. She recently returned from a 10 month deployment overseas.

The male deputy is a field training deputy. We always have our deputies returning from military duty ride with a training deputy for a few weeks after they return. It is a good practice, as it allows the returning deputy to get back into the swing of civilian law enforcement and feel comfortable doing things, such as making traffic stops.

Our department receives a lot of traffic complaints from residents on Grace Lane (one resident in particular) and we are often criticized for not working traffic enough on that road (i.e., a good place to go work traffic for a deputy needing to make traffic stops). Now to the play by play!

Ol’ Clark turns right on to St. Charles Road off of Grace Lane. He doesn’t use his turn signal, which is the probable cause for the traffic stop. The female deputy, who is driving, activates her emergency lights to get Ol’ Clark to stop. Ol’ Clark gets to the intersection and clearly steers his vehicle to the right, as if he is stopping for the deputy.

You can hear the deputy put the patrol vehicle in park, you hear the deputies release their seat belts and the female deputy notifies Joint Communications of the stop location and provides the license plate. Pay attention to the intersection light, as it is red at the time. You will also see a four door Ford truck pull up next to Ol’ Clark’s Toyota, occupying part of the driving lane. Thus, his vehicle is not blocking traffic.

As the deputies begin to exit their vehicle to approach, the intersection light turns green and there goes Ol’ Clark cutting in front of the Ford truck. In the law enforcement world that is an indication that the driver is going to flee. This is the reason for the audible siren.

Ol’ Clark does pull over and initial contact is made. In his column he indicates, “I’m lucky I didn’t get shot”. There is never a weapon drawn, the deputies don’t take a position of cover, there are no loud verbal commands, no panic or anything else for that matter by the deputies. Would you agree this is sensationalism at its best? I say yes!

Did you ever see a point where Ol’ Clark’s life was in danger (other than when he cut in front of the truck)? What about that good dose of arrogance he received from the deputy who addressed him as sir and thanked him numerous times? How was he in the shoes of minorities as an elderly white male? Was he saying minorities don’t follow traffic laws or was he saying they are argumentative when stopped by law enforcement? I don’t know, but Ol’ Clark was guilty of both.

If he believes this is how minorities are treated, then minorities can be assured from this video that they will be treated professionally by Boone County deputies.”

You can see the video of the mundane traffic stop below. WARNING – It’s mundane:

  • Dave G

    I notice the original article is still posted on the paper’s website. There’s no way to comment or I’d have had a few things to say. Are you planning to take any further action regarding this libel?

    • Rothweiler

      The way a person feels is 100% subjective – can’t claim libel for posting that the snowflake felt his life was at risk for a mostly “normal” traffic stop.

    • K. M. Williams

      Go to their Facebook page to comment.

    • Rev. Bob Celeste

      Boycott their advertisers. The first amendment does not protect lies.

  • Charles Mitchell

    He’s lucky they didn’t pull him out of that vehicle for leaving after the stop for fleeing and eluding Police at gun point! Good way to get yourself shot. This officer was excessively nice to him! The Liberal agenda at it’s finest!

    • Highest common denominator

      White agenda, not liberal agenda. He wants to be a victim soooo bad.

      • Interestedintruth

        It’s the anti-cop agenda which Obama implemented.

        • Highest common denominator

          That means Trump has implemented an increase in cop violence, since that stat has increased since he’s been in office.

          • Interestedintruth

            Hardly. It took some planning for the Obama administration to get it going. That’s probably why Obama invited BLM for lunch a couple of time. I wonder if Soros ate lunch with them? It’s going strong now like all the divisive Obama policies.

          • Highest common denominator

            Stats show that police violence has increased under Trump. Why doesn’t he do something about it?

          • Ronald Olson

            There’s stat’s out in 5 months? I’d love to see those. It’s not police violence, it’s the Liberals going bat-shit crazy if anything.

          • Highest common denominator
          • Derbytown Mike Junior

            You need to re-read.. that’s Violence against the Police.. not the police against the Public

            A total of 67 officers have died so far this year, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. It found there were 57 officer deaths between January 1 and July 5, 2016.

            that’s from your link, Failed Reading comprehension a few times ??

          • Highest common denominator

            How does everyone else in this conversation know that we’re talking about violence against police but you? Check the thread, dumbfuck.

          • Highest common denominator

            The conversation was about how many police have been killed under Trump. Next time, know the conversation, THEN add your 2 cents.

          • Jack

            The reason for all the violence against the police is that bastard Obama standing by and condoning those acts.He is against anything right or moral and wants people to think there is no consequences for their actions.Sucking up to BLM and cause as much racial tension as he could .He did nothing for this country but try and destroy it for the inside out.

          • Highest common denominator

            Okay. So what has Trump done to alleviate anything? He’s also condoning the actions if he’s not acting against them. He’s also not doing anything about the heroin epidemic ravaging middle America. They were some of his most fervent supporters, and he’s not only ignoring them, but trying to take even more from them by alleviating them of Medicaid/ Medicare if his bill passes.

            Now that’s what I call destroying from the inside out.

          • Chaz

            Are you stupid? He has spoken out against them.

            He’s also spoken out against other violence. I assume you only get your news from the Ministry of Truth though so youre probably ignorant of all the times he has spoken out about it.

          • cozyk

            Yesterday , on foreign soil, I heard him speak out against his own countries CIA, FBI, free press, and former president. Then I heard him go soft on Russia’s interfering with our election. Which side is DT on?

          • Pat

            Obama spoke out against America many times on foreign soil., he was disgusting.
            And the FBI and CIA were incompetent as we now known know from Russia’s actions.

            Trump gave Putin a lashing yesterday while Obama bent over for him.

            As far as obama speaking out against Bush while on foreign soil are you surprised? obama was never on the side of the USA

          • Obama spent millions of US tax payer dollars to fund Netanyahoos opposition party. USA tries to influence ALL elections in other countries. How DUMB and NAIVE can a LEFTIST be?!?!?

          • Bob b

            Add to that is the fact that he interfered in Frances election with an endorsement of the eventual winner.

          • Bob b

            I’m guessing you didn’t see Obama in foreign countries speaking out against President Trump. I’m also guessing that you don’t know about the meetings obama had with leaders from other countries, all within days of Trump meeting with the same people. Obama apparently has not come to grips that term limits means that he is no longer the president. I did not hear Trump say anything critical of the actual news media that reports real news. He did mention the bigots at CNN and MSNBC but that was in response to a question from a real journalists.

          • Steffanie Pinsky-Christofore

            And then I watched Fox News boast about his crowds in Poland when even Poland said they bussed people in to give DT a big crowd because they know that’s what he likes. UGH. You don’t get to brag about crowd size when they have to recruit and bus them in. Isn’t that what he always accuses others of doing? I’ve learned long ago…when you constantly accuse someone else of wrongdoing without proof, it’s usually because you do it or have done it yourself.

          • Highest common denominator

            And him speaking out about it has done what exactly? Led to more cops being killed?

          • kc

            cops being killed are all on odumbo, he divided this country, and he let some people think those lives are unimportant. It doesnt matter what you argue back, because knowing you will argue back confirms my beliefs of liberals. Never evaluating what conservatives are saying is exactly what we expect.

          • Highest common denominator

            But I’m not a liberal.

            So if cops being killed are all on Obama, are you saying no cop was killed before he was in office? That’s a mighty dumb statement.

          • Pat

            Obama encouraged killings of cops and now we are seeing the result.

          • Highest common denominator

            But Trump has done nothing to stop it

          • Randy Miller

            ~~~~~~~~fake account~~~~~~~~~~

          • kc

            Trump has come out several times supporting our cops,,Obama trashed them even before anything hit the news, obama let it be knows he understood the poor black mans plight and that killing them was ok. Now we have a real american for a president, we dont expect him to speak perfectly, or hold his nose in the air, but we do expect fr him to be american.

          • cozyk

            wow..your post is so full of misinformation, I don’t even know where to start.

          • Sharp

            Everything Kay said was factual

          • Bob b

            How about with some facts to back up what you have to say or you can follow the liars over at CNN and MSNBC.

          • TRAND

            cozyk, Why don’t you grab your crayons, pacifier and therapy dog and go to your safe place.

          • Highest common denominator

            And all that coming out had led to more cop death.

          • TRAND

            Highest common denominator, The theory that if you ignore stupid people they will go away is not working with people like you.

          • Highest common denominator

            First off, I doubt I’m stupid. You might be upset that what I’m saying holds a kernel of truth, and it upsets you that you have to use some effort to deny it.

          • SandyLester

            Sessions is on top of opioid issue.
            Nothing is being taken from M and M

          • Highest common denominator

            Really? That’s not what your boy Trump says. Where have you been?

          • Highest common denominator

            And sessions is not in top of opioid abuse, he’s trying to reel in marijuana, because despite tons of anecdotal and medical evidence, he thinks it’s still a gateway drug to heroin.

          • Pat

            Obama did noting about the heroin epidemic. His supporters int the ghettos using drugs and he ignroed them as deaths tripled.

          • Highest common denominator

            Actually, he extended Medicare/Medicaid and was a proponent of drug abusers being treated as patients, and not criminals.

            Do you really not realize what is happening in white rural areas all over the country? White folks are either hooked on meth or committing suicide instead of getting jobs and making use of themselves.

          • Pat

            What does ANY of that have to with Drug use? Obama reduced sentences for drug dealers and released them.
            White rural areas? 78% of all US murder occurs in 30 out of 3,000 US counties and they are all Democrat urban areas.

          • Highest common denominator

            Follow-on care, physical and psychiatric. That’s what it has to do with drug use.

            Obama reduced sentences for offenders caught with marijuana, because for some reason white conservatives still think marijuana is bad for you. Backward thinking yokel cave beasts.

          • Pat

            Obama reduced sentences for dealers of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine too.

          • Highest common denominator

            Sure, if they were charged with intent to distribute with an amount small enough to not warrant distributing.

          • Pat

            Heroin use fell when it was not under medicaid and medicare.

          • Highest common denominator

            In the Midwest and Northeast, and Southwest? Trump strongholds? All time high, cavebeast.

          • Bob b

            Can you cite the provisions in the United States Constitution or the Bill Of Rights that requires free (taxpayer funded) medical care for everyone. How about welfare, food stamps and cell phones.
            You talk about these items as if it is required. They are nothing more them programs instituted by democrats to ensure that a large voting block continues to vote for them.

          • Highest common denominator

            First off, you’re deflecting my question, meaning you can’t argue the stats.

            Moving on, welfare was born during the Depression, and was highly backed at the state and federal level. The officials wanted it for stability. To this day, the largest government handout recipients by far are white women. The welfare capitol of the country is in Kentucky.

            The phone program was born under Bush, but he used landlines. When Obama took office, cell phones were a cheaper option, so they switched. Conservatives, looking to give the cell phones a bad spin, named them Obama phones. It’s the same thing they did with Obama care, even though the groundwork for that bill was laid by conservatives. Rural Trump country is heavily reliant on the ACA.

            Finally, which one am I now? Fascist or anti fascist? You don’t know the difference.

          • David Taylor

            Incorrect. The details of BOTH obamacare and trumpcare were DICTATED to the authors by Insurance Lobbyists from the exact same firms. Ergo, they were “written” by the same people with the same interests. The exact same interests that buy off BOTH parties. Plus, never forget that 30% of ALL obamacare recipients can NEVER affrd to ever actually pay their premium. So 50+ MILLION people are being forced to pay for life insurance that, to them, is worth less than the air that you use to push the words past your lips. I know. I AM one of them.

          • RP

            He’s been there 5 whole months. If there is this epidemic, it built up over years. What was done previously to stop it?? Since you imply its mainly Trump supporters doing heroin, maybe that is why Obama ignored it?

          • Highest common denominator

            Look at the data. Notable uptick this year, not a steady climb. This isn’t built up, Trump is just soft on crime

          • Azjim

            How true, I saw so many drugged out heroin users in my voting line it shocked me.ROFLMAO

          • msgemini

            So heroin addicts were his move fervent supporters? Yeah, I don’t think they worry too much about politics. I did see all of them at his campaign rallies. HAHA! Not even. Everyone I know that’s a Trump supporter is a hard worker not a drug addict and I don’t think drug addicts can get medicare, it’s for people 64 or older. Your post is just a huge pile of excrement.

          • cozyk

            Whoa! Speaking of racist ! He never “condoned” those acts. He never “sucked up” to BLM. Racial tension is caused by SOME having a white superiority complex, and SOME that fail to see that such a thing exist. Like you.

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Jack

            Obama sucked off BLM

          • TRAND

            It’s been 7 months since I’ve heard that racist bastards voice. Just hearing it for :37 made me want to hurl.

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Bob b

            No, you must have missed it. Hillary was crushed in the election. Trump won and it wasn’t even close.

          • Steve Roberts

            Bull, Trump lost by 3 million votes. Only the anquidated electoral college and illegal gerrymandering elected Trump.

          • Cory Christian

            No he was voted out in October.

          • DeeJay522

            No he wasn’t….he completed his term in office.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            Do you mean November 8th? obummer wasn’t able to run again. Presidents are limited to 2 terms by law, (Thank God) Trump was voted in, no one was “voted out” unless you mean dumocraps in general. obummer appointed many muslimes into White House and government positions, proving who he really worked for. These are sometimes referred to as “Czars.” I was thinking of the leftovers from obummers “administration” and wondering how many are still left. Trump administration has been “draining the swamp” but had a long way to go.

          • Sharp

            Cozky, white superiority? Black males are 22% LESS likely to be shot by cops than white males pr violent felony committed

          • Pat

            Obama sucked up to BLM over and over. BLM is a racist hate group.

          • Phillip Barker

            Frankly, we’ve seen far more fake incidents like this one than we’ve seen actual incidents. The actual incidents have been punished. I would call inviting BLM to the White House and to forums on policing far more than speaking to the police on the subject sucking up to them. Keep spewing your nonsense and Democrats won’t get a whiff of power at the Federal level for decades. People are getting very, very tired of you and your destructive nonsense. I love that you and your kind are obsessed with Trump. He’s not your problem. Your problem is a mile wide divide between your policies and the views of most people in the vast majority of voting districts in the country. Keep speaking. The divide grows wider every time you and those like you speak. Keep denigrating and insulting the majority at every opportunity from your ever shrinking insulated blue echo chamber with no clue of how it’s received by most people. You can do something positive and help correct the situation by applying to your local police academy.

          • Bob b

            You are 100% right.

          • Bob b

            Your lucky that God cares about stupid people or you would stop breathing on your own.

          • William Wilson

            what rock you been hiding under

          • Jack

            You sound like the rest of the liberal idiots.

          • TRAND

            cozyk, And then there are demotards who think that everything should be done according to their way of thinking. Like yourself.

          • censorshipatwork

            Wrong on all three counts!

          • Azjim

            Hands up, could be my son. He should have said get your shit together

          • Retired Navy Guy

            Wow…where were you for the 8 years of Obozo….between him, Holder, and Lynch, they encouraged the ‘resistance’ against law enforcement by publicly stating that they did in fact have reason to ‘resist’…his actions with Gates, Martin, Brown and any other crisis he could take advantage of were practically calling all police racist and validating the violence of BLM riots….yeah, he’s culpable!

          • Steve Roberts

            Racial tension is caused by butthurt white supremacist conservatives who believe blacks, Jews, Muslims and Latinos are sub-human and not “real Americans”.

          • Mike Franklin

            Did your parents ever bother to get married?
            You are so predictable.

          • Highest common denominator

            They did actually, even though I don’t personally believe in marriage.

          • RP


          • Highest common denominator

            Why? That’s more normal for my generation.

          • Pat

            You need to learn English. You made yourself look like a complete fool.

          • Highest common denominator

            And you can fuck all the way off.

          • Pat

            LOL you thought the number you gave was killings by police. Those shot up under OBAMA

          • Highest common denominator

            NO, dumbfuck. The article and conversation was about cops being killed.

          • Pat

            Nope you wrote “cop violence”. 50 people called you out on it. Learn English.

          • Highest common denominator

            Take the meth needle out your arm and the jelly sandwich out of your mouth and read the thread. Context goes a long way, cavebeast.

          • Carl F Bruschnig Jr

            Your conversation maybe, everyone else was discussing violence in general. Again, you show that you’re off in your own little world.

          • Highest common denominator

            You may be too old to understand how to organize a conversation thread. My guess is you have yours set to default, Best Post shows first. Change your settings to Oldest Post shows first, and see where the conversation started.

            If that doesn’t make sense, get a grandchild to help you out.

          • Carl F Bruschnig Jr

            Okay you little snot-sucking, window-licking, crayon-eating twerp, THIS particular conversation started discussing violence in general. If YOU can’t understand that, talk to an adult about it.

          • Highest common denominator

            Call me all the names you want, after you reset your settings, dick.

          • Ginger Thompson

            No, it wasn’t. But good try attempting to spin your mistake.

          • Highest common denominator

            You may be too old to understand how to organize a conversation thread. My guess is you have yours set to default, Best Post shows first. Change your settings to Oldest Post shows first, and see where the conversation started.

            If what I said is too difficult, find a tech savvy adult to help you out.

          • ALL the people who killed the police were DEMOCRATS.

          • Highest common denominator

            And all racists are Republican. What’s your point?

          • Bob b

            I can argue that Obama, believing he is still the president and undermining the real President is responsible for the violence around the country. When are the high ranking Democrats going to voice their objections to the riots, assaults and murders occuring at the hands of the liberal left antifas and racist anti first/second amendment thugs roaming our cities. When will CNN/MSNBC focus on real news instead of their daily dose of lies.

          • Highest common denominator

            Wait wait wait. A little while ago you called liberals fascists, now you’re calling them antifascists.

            I’m now convinced you don’t know what either of those terms mean.

          • Ynotbloom

            So, lets have a conversation, but leave the facts out? (Things that make you think, “Hmmmmmmm……?”)

          • Highest common denominator

            I’ve posted the stats numerous times. Look for it.

          • Tony

            The conversation was about supposed un-professionalism/discourtesy on part of the police with this man eventually saying he was lucky he didn’t get shot. You changed the subject to your liking. In other words….complete fail on your part.

          • Highest common denominator

            Nope. Stop being elderly on the internet and change your settings from Best First to Oldest First. See where the conversation started then add on, clown.

          • msgemini

            Don’t confuse Liberals with facts, you know they can’t see anything beyond their own lies and agenda.

          • avgjoe

            now come on! Youre expecting a braindead libturd like HCD most likely the dumbarse newspaper communist oh columnist (ah heck theyre interchangeable) to understand FACTS & figures? Dont you know LIEberasl dont have the mental capacity to comprehend such things as FACTS, figures & TRUTHS? Listen to how many times the officer had to tell the dimwit that he was being cited for failure to signal & the imbecile kept droning on I came to a stop I made a stop. And I give morons like this with all the lefty bumper stickers plenty of room because theyre arrogant & oblivious to the world around them like this dipstick ah just lets cut off a truck & pull away from a police vehicle? Why didnt the moron just pull over to the right further down the ramp instead of cutting across other lanes of traffic. The whackoff could have been cited for that too

          • Chaz

            Wait, you think Fox News is a conservative news outlet? Holy shit you are stupid.

          • Highest common denominator

            Take a look at the link, dumb fuck. The data comes from cops themselves. Fox news write the article, they didn’t compile the data.

          • SandyLester

            This shows more violence against cops.

          • Highest common denominator

            Yes, that’s what I said, and that’s what this thread is about. Trump is accountable for the rise in violence against police.

            Seriously, do you need someone more internet savvy to help you navigate a comment thread?

          • Pat

            LMAO, half those are under OBAMA

          • Highest common denominator

            How are half of those under Obama, when it’s charting January – July 2017?

          • FM Walker

            Go fuck yourself, you wanker.

          • Highest common denominator

            Don’t get mad at facts. And my girlfriend already fucked me, I’ll need a 30 minute recovery nap before I fuck myself.

          • Highest common denominator

            There are daily stats, bro. That’s how they know the violence against police is up from this point last year. Would you like another source?

          • Robert Waller

            We are reaping what that the previous administration sewed…disrespect towards the police

          • Highest common denominator

            But what has Trump done to curb it? Tweet about it?

          • Mor Rahl

            What were you saying about the rise in officer killings?

          • Highest common denominator

            That Trump is on a record setting year for police deaths. Cops compiled the data, not me.

          • Mor Rahl
          • Mor Rahl
          • Highest common denominator

            Trump isn’t my source. The chips that compile the data are. Trump is the president though, so it’s in his lap to fix.

          • Highest common denominator

            Why exactly are you sending me these articles? Were arguing the same point dumbfuck.

          • Highest common denominator

            Feel free to respond to the stats.

          • texasdoc

            and what STATs would those be?…the ones you magically pulled out your butt?

          • Highest common denominator

            No, the ones I’ve posted all over here, gathered by a police union.

          • Death by Terrorism up 800% under Obama. Suck on that stat HighCD.

          • Highest common denominator

            Where are the stats to back that up

          • Google it left tard

          • Highest common denominator

            I try not to research obviously bullshit stats. It clouds my search history.

          • Skiddle DeDe

            Sorry, not seeing any posted stats. Please repost.

          • Highest common denominator

            No. Follow the conversation thread and keep looking.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            Any “stats” now, are still carryovers from the last corrupt, dumocrap, anti-police administration that set this “ball” in motion.

          • Highest common denominator

            Really? The chart I’m looking at goes to July 2017. And Trump is president now. If it was important to him, he’d have done something by now. His inaction may as well be acquiescence.

          • willie k

            Would you have federal police or soldiers patrolling your city? Because that’s about all they can do other than encourage local authorities to step up their game. You can try to blame this on Trump, but it isn’t his fault.

          • Highest common denominator

            But it is. He’s the president, right?

          • Feds in Chicago cleaning up your 100% Dem Run, Gun Free Zone city.

          • Highest common denominator

            Well, I’m not from Chicago, and not liberal. How is it my city?

          • Arthur Gucci

            You’re a liar. Let me ask you something, do you approve of oslima giving millions of USA dollars to terrorist countries?
            You must not care too much for your family

          • Highest common denominator

            I’m not lying. I looked at the data compiled by police. Stop calling police liars.

            And which countries did Obama send money to? I’m genuinely curious on your thoughts.

          • Bob b

            It’s losers like you and your radical fascist buddies involved in violence paid for by your uncle george soros that is responsible for the murder of the police. obama and clinton, both communist, endorsed this by pandering to the racist black lives matter murdering filthy thugs. ( except when they are killing each other in Chicago,)

          • Highest common denominator

            Wait, are you calling me fascist or communist? Those are fundamentally complete opposites.

            I think you don’t know what you’re talking about, so you’re just rattling off political terms as insults.

            Get your shit together so I can respond to you properly.

          • Highest common denominator

            Here’s a quick lesson for you in the difference between fascism, communism, and socialism, since I’m sure you don’t know the difference. In simplest terms:

            Fascism: corporations run the government through lobbying, and hyper-patriotism is encouraged

            Communism: no private corporations, everything run by the government and shared equally; in practice, the people should run the government, but that’s never practiced on the large scale. Instead, a dictator runs the government, and in turn, all corporations.

            Socialism: corporations exist for the public good, and not necessarily for the government; the people decide or are directly involved in the production of goods.

            Now, which one are you calling me?

          • frappi

            Illegal protesters are naturally going to claim police violence. So those stats will go up. I am sure stats for public violence are up as well to match. So the claims of police violence are up to match.

          • Randy Miller

            Please state your source if your making a statistical claim.

          • Aimees

            He can’t he gets his stats from the same “anonymous” sources as CNN.

          • Highest common denominator

            No problem. I got them from Fox news, unless you’d like me to get them from somewhere else.

          • Highest common denominator

            Feel free to respond to the stats now, clown.

          • aunun ally

            DSM-5,says that Democrats are liberals are batshit crazy

          • Highest common denominator
          • proteus

            What does that have to do with a candy ass journalist lying about his traffic stop? Reminds me of Hillary getting shot at by a sniper and having to run for her life.

          • Highest common denominator

            Nothing, but you and your friends seem to think that Trump is helping police, when they have unfortunately been dropping faster than ever with him at the helm.

          • proteus

            Obama started it by stacking the liberal war lords against the police and other authority figures … it’s a liberal thing.

          • Highest common denominator

            You had to be, what, middle aged when Truman was in office? You’re old enough to have heard “the buck stops here.” Your boy Trump has done nothing to curb police attacks, and is responsible for a record year so far in unfortunate police deaths and attacks.

          • proteus

            Are you age shaming now? That is a liberal fallback measure if i ever heard one. i gather that you are 21 or 22 with a half finished liberal arts degree, living in mommy’s basement and no job …. and know all there is to know about the world. Hire a millennial while they still know it all!

          • Highest common denominator

            Nope. Early thirties ,computer science degree with a concentration in web design and a Business Master’s. Paid for by Uncle Sam for being an upstanding Naval officer. Now I run my own web design and marketing business. Mom and Dad are very proud, and I haven’t lived with them for about 14 years. There’s still plenty I don’t know, which is why I surround myself with people that know more than I do.

            Any other assumptions you’d like to make about me? Oh, and you’re still a frail old bitch. Get out of the way and let us fix what your generation has broken.

          • proteus

            When he does take it on, you blm lovers had better take cover

          • Highest common denominator

            Haha so because I’m black, I support BLM now. I don’t agree with their message; I like guns and I’m not a woman or gay or a feminist, so I have no place there. Nice try though.

            And “when he takes it on.” Shouldn’t he have taken it on when he was inaugurated? He’s been in office for months now. Please tell me what he has fully accomplished since being in office? I’m not saying he’s accomplished anything, but I’m distracted by the celebrities he tweets at to follow his progress.

          • Michele

            I know you are having a great time, but you are proving yourself to be an idiot. It’s getting embarrassing.

          • proteus

            Spoken like a true liberal. Go pet a puppy.

          • Highest common denominator

            Haha did you change the subject when the stats collected by police screwed up your argument? Nice.

          • proteus

            Didn’t change at all….issue was always a lying liberal wimp! OK cupcake?

          • Highest common denominator

            That’s twice with the cupcake insult. You’ve got to be fat.

            And the stats speak volumes. Your president is failing the police.

          • proteus

            Well, your Kenyan Arab Muslim Prez set the ball rolling by dissing the cops, encouraging anarchist groups OWS, and BLM, to wreck the town …

          • Highest common denominator

            Who is my president, Obama? How many times do I have to tell you I’m not a liberal?

            And are you saying cops weren’t killed before Obama was in office? That’s a dumb hill to die on.

            Lastly, Trump has been in office long enough to curb violence against police, has he not? Yet he’s breaking records with their deaths at this moment. How long does he need?

          • freightflyer

            WTF are you if not a liberal?

          • Highest common denominator

            Independent. Some of what conservatives make sense, some of what liberals say make sense. But for the most part, all of you are just one big ball of noise, conservatives and liberals alike.

            Your next post will probably be “none of what liberals say make sense!!!1!n!” And you’d be wrong. Just like a Hardline liberal would say the same about you, and they would be wrong too.

            You’re both just needlessly loud, when in reality you don’t realize you agree on a majority of topics.

          • Highest common denominator

            Did you think there’s only 2 schools of political thought in America? I learned pretty quickly that neither the Democratic party not the Republican party cares about anyone individually, so why ride so hard for a team that doesn’t give a fuck about me? I know my morals, so I choose the candidate that aligns with most of them, or I vote against the one that I find most repugnant. I’ve voted for Republicans and Democrats in my life, but I won’t subscribe to one party’s full agenda of ideas over another.

          • RP

            He’s just a bored millennial who believes only he has the right to be heard. He has never been told he was wrong or failing. He feels he is superior to everyone and, even though he knows there is no way everything he is on about could possibly be 100% true, he will fight you and try to deride you until you back away. His arsenal is namecalling, race baiting, age baiting, and attempted superiority. If you let him, he will continue. I will ignore him and think for myself.

          • proteus

            that guy …. highest common …. has proven himself to be a complete racist and race baiter … ignore him (he won’t go away though)

          • Highest common denominator

            Racist, me? Not at all. Maybe ageist. Especially against old guys that like to challenge young guys to fights on the internet but turn down their eyes and mutter to themselves in public. Afraid to bring that same keyboard energy out in the open.

            I’m not my grandparents. I’ll knock you the fuck out.

          • proteus

            in your wet dream cupcake

          • Highest common denominator

            Alright, old fuck.

          • Carolyn Putney

            You sound so arrogant and your last phrase says all I need to know about your character. You are ready to pick a fight and knock someone out over a difference of opinions? You are not capable of having a reasonable dialog without threatening someone physically. You are part of the problem, and a nothing of the solution.

            If you don’t like Trump, so be it, but if he is doing nothing, then why is he sending in federal agents at every level into Chicago? The democratic mayor and his cronies have done nothing to stop the bloodshed there. More than 150 people were shot and/or killed there just during the Independence Day weekend! And there is more gun control in IL, particularly Chicago, than just about anywhere. If you are so smart, what is your solution?

            Has it even occurred to you that when an officer pulls anyone over, and gets out of their vehicle, they are totally vulnerable to the person behind the wheel, and any passengers in the person’s vehicle. In the few moments it takes for the officer to approach the car, they could be shot at, or shot point blank when they get to the car. Given that in this case, neither officer had their gun drawn, they are at the mercy of the driver of the car pulled over. Are there bad cops. Yes. But, there are also some really stupid and bad drivers, some who would think nothing of shooting a cop.

            Maybe it would be a good thing when people take drivers training, or have been pulled over, that they have to take a simulated class of what a officer encounters, with the person put in the role of the officer. It just might change some perspectives. Are there bad cops. Yes. Things need to happen in that arena, too. But to always blame the officer is like believing every one is a good guy.

          • Highest common denominator

            I suppose you didn’t see further down when the old fuck threatened to fight someone else for saying old people are bad drivers. Check that, then fuck yourself. I hope you didn’t think I wouldn’t curse at you because you’re a woman. You’d be sadly mistaken. I’m equal opportunity.

            When did I say Trump is doing nothing? In fact, I explicitly said “it’s not like I’m saying Trump has done nothing, but enlighten me.” And I also asked what has Trump done for the good of the majority of America. Answer that, please.

            As far as your last paragraph, I agree with you there. The police, namely, should conduct training on proper procedure when stopped. Lastly, when did I blame cops, like you said I did?

          • Harvey CathynDee James

            are you really this much of a dipshit in real life? quit acting like a shitbird

          • Highest common denominator

            Only to old white guys who think it’s still the good ol days and aren’t used to a young black guy talking to them recklessly. 100% success rate of you backing down once you realize I’m not here to play games.

          • cozyk

            I’m with you here HCD, , but we have to rise above the ignorance. Don’t allow them to frustrate you so much, that you lose your temper. You fight ignorance with truth, not temper.

          • Highest common denominator

            Understood, and thanks.

          • RP

            When we start seeing truth and not opinion spun from talking points from you, we’ll be sure to tell you.

          • Harvey CathynDee James

            you grew up in a home with no father figure it seems- you so lack the training a few judiciously placed back hands would have supplied….sit down and shut up whilst the grown-ups talk….

          • Highest common denominator

            I have a great mother and father. Do you think I lack training because my words hurt your feelings?

            I’d think with a scraggly beard like that, you’d have more ballsack on you than to let words ruffle your jimmies, old man.

          • Harvey CathynDee James

            havnt touched my feelings- 🙂 you’re jus a douche…..your navel o traing is showing squidly…

          • Highest common denominator

            What? Call a grandchild in and have them show you how a comment board works.

          • Steven DePriest

            I be scared.

          • Highest common denominator

            Your grammar needs help. Education is a gift and libraries are free, young man.

          • Steven DePriest

            I am probably old enough to be your dad. I have had a library card since 1954 and used it to read books from the “Hardy Boys”, “The Call of the Wild”, “Lord of the Flies”, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” along with “A Pictorial History of the American Indians”, “Story of the American People”, and “From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa: The War in the Pacific: 1941-1945”. I have read books and own books as diverse as those written about Astronomy, the American Cowboy, the Amazon River to pioneer living and the study of black holes. I have been a voracious reader all my life, so don’t let my display of puerile grammar entice you to make an assumption that is not valid.
            I just came back from the library today with 3 pair of glasses to watch the solar eclipse in August. They were FREE.

          • Highest common denominator

            This one is written much better.

          • Highest common denominator

            Oh, and lastly, go find Proteus’s threat and chastise him. Or go fuck yourself again.

          • Michele

            I think you missed the beginning of this thread. It took quite a lot of baiting before he lost his temper. Said the old lady.

          • John Fowler

            “I’m not my grandparents. I’ll knock you the fuck out.”


          • Highest common denominator


          • Steven DePriest

            LOL, whatever little snowflake.

          • Highest common denominator


          • squishy

            He is gone from my site–I blocked the liberal troll!!

          • Highest common denominator

            Great! That’s what blocking is for!

          • proteus

            I’ve run across him before on other comment sites …. he’s antagonistic and quite the race baiter ….

          • RP

            Once you block him, this becomes a nice peaceful thread.

          • Highest common denominator

            Do you need help interpreting the data, or can you handle it from here?

          • Michael J

            what stats?

          • Highest common denominator
          • Chris Larson

            How the above comments ended up about Trump and politics regarding this routine (average) uneventful traffic stop is bizarre. There are a lot of angry people out there with too much free time to waste on literally “nothing” of consequence. And that goes for the driver being stopped. LoL The driver might have even got off with a warning had he been honest, kind hearted and admitted his mistake as small as it was ( that we all do from time to time). Instead he made a mountain out of a mole hill and got angry and disputed the facts with the officer. What did he expect to happen. But then he apparently never calmed down and lied to the public( as he is a writer ). One of the most important things to have,,,if nothing else , is integrity. The driver lacks this trait. Sad. Not a guy you can count on to be unbiased or someone who you can can’t on for the truth. Next time you read a newspaper article..remember the writer is just a human being and might be biased with his “stories”.

          • aunun ally

            criminal Behavior has increased under President Trump because of the criminal behavior of the child like acts of liberals and democrats. i was a democrat for 36 years and. can not call myself that anymore I am not a part of a party that sees hurting and destruction as a way of living, liberals are violent democrats lie constantly. and the fake media try to perpetuate the whole action of this scenario. psychologically I find that they may have chicken little syndrome. from lack of intelligible sources about our president and what he is doing .of course there is back that they may be completely mentally ill

          • Highest common denominator

            Oh okay. What exactly has our president accomplished so far that you take such pride in? Accomplished, as in finished, for the good of the majority of the country?

            I’m not saying he hasn’t accomplished anything. But please, enlighten me.

          • Sharp

            You mean like Obama greatly increasing violence against police

          • Highest common denominator

            Obama isn’t the president anymore. Trump is in charge of these killings.

          • squishy

            That behavior has not increased–the police take care of criminals and traffic violators more under Trump because of the hated Odumbo has for law and order. He likes violence much more than law and order.
            Every one from traffic offenders up to murderers were more free to do their stuff under Obama–Trump takes no shyt and he doesn’t expect law enforcement to take it either. GO TRUMP!!

          • Highest common denominator

            Explain the higher number of police deaths under his administration, if he “takes no shit”? Looks like he’s putting cops at risk with his inaction.

          • Greg S.

            Awe, is somebody still mad Trump won? Get used to it, little bit. He’s here to stay. And that very tenuous grasp you have on cause and effect isn’t doing you any favors. Here’s to living in your head rent free 24/7 for the next 8 years. lol.

          • Highest common denominator

            Nope, I’m not mad at Trump winning. That’s how the cycle.goes. a Democrat wins until people are sick of it, then a Republican wins until people are sick of it . It’s been like that my whole life. But, neither of those parties help or hurt my business, so it really doesn’t matter to me who the president is.

            But, since you are so proud of your president, please enlighten me on his accomplishments that have benefited the majority of Americans? Not saying he hasn’t done anything, but please tell me what you believe he has accomplished thus far for the majority of Americans.

          • hobblergobbler

            Violence AGAINST police. I see the Obama bumper sticker. You would think when somebody puts all those stickers on their bumper, they would keep them straight, aligned, or spaced. His looked like he ran out of room and just HAD to fit one more.

          • mikey


          • Highest common denominator

            And you need to release caps lock

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            You keep saying “stats.” WHAT “stats?”

          • Highest common denominator

            Look higher on the thread, fool. I posted them multiple times.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            Now I’m sure your a liberal because they always resort to name calling to show how important they are especially when they have little of relevance to say. People who must resort to name calling are themselves fools. Often cowards won’t post either their name or their photo. If the shoe fits. Here’s a really great video just for you:

          • Highest common denominator

            Changing the subject now, Christina? Don’t let my name calling hurt your pillow soft feelings.

            And Trump has done nothing to protect cops, and has acquiesced to their increased killing this year.

          • msgemini

            Yeah because the 7 months he’s been in office can cancel out the last 8 years under the most divisive POTUS we’ve ever had. Funny how Liberals and Democrats wanted to blame Bush for 7 years of bad economy but expect miracles in 7 months. Hypocrite much?

          • Highest common denominator

            So how has Trump tried to change it? Other than powerless speeches and random tweets and making the White House blue?

          • Mike Franklin

            HA HA HA, you get your stats from the DNC.

          • Highest common denominator

            The stats are from a police union. You’re a fucking clown.

          • SandyLester

            Where and when, provide proof.

          • Highest common denominator

            I did, multiple times. It’s all over the thread.

          • SandyLester

            Well OK then

          • Overcome Evilgov

            You really have a lot of nerve making comments then not backing it up with the facts. Put up or shut up.

          • Highest common denominator

            I already posted them, cavebeast.

          • Highest common denominator

            You may be too old to understand how to organize a conversation thread. My guess is you have yours set to default, Best Post shows first. Change your settings to Oldest Post shows first, and see where the conversation started.

            Get a grandchild to help if what I’m saying doesn’t make sense.

          • Jim Southerland

            It’s not ‘police’ violence you dumbazz, it’s an increase in criminals inciting violence. Critical thinking is not your friend.

          • Highest common denominator

            You may be too old to understand how to organize a conversation thread. My guess is you have yours set to default, Best Post shows first. Change your settings to Oldest Post shows first, and see where the conversation started, and how wrong you are.

            Get a grandchild to help if what I’m saying doesn’t make sense.

          • Jim Southerland

            The police REACT to violent acts committed by criminals. If there is a spike in violence involving police, it is caused by criminals being more violent.

          • Highest common denominator

            Alright. What’s that got to do with Trump being on a record setting pace for cop deaths?

          • Jim Southerland

            It’s your prince of kenya coddling black lives matter that set the pace for police deaths. Trump has nothing to do with it.

          • Highest common denominator

            But I’m not a Democrat.

            Trump has everything to do with it now, he’s the president.

          • Bob b

            It’s obvious you are a Clinton troll who could care less about all the laws that she and slick Willie broke prior to her LOSING THE ELECTION. Now go away loser.

          • Highest common denominator

            Can white people only believe there are two ways of thinking? I’ve repeatedly said I’m not liberal, and don’t care if they lost the election.

          • Bob b

            Saying something does not make it true.

          • Highest common denominator

            In know. That’s what got me in trouble in Sunday school when I said that about God.

          • Mike Turner

            Bullshit. Trump hasn’t been in office long enough for any stats to come back from any stuidies on police violence

          • Highest common denominator

            Those stats are tracked daily. The article I posted 2 days ago was written earlier this week.

          • jongault11

            Let’s see some numbers if you can.

          • Highest common denominator

            I have. Change your thread settings to Oldest First and look for it. It’s early in the post.

          • Didi Rautenberg

            Give me the stats and not the fake anti Trump media polls and stats ‘the real ones’.

          • Highest common denominator

            As I’ve asked many old people unfamiliar with conversation threads, change your settings to Oldest First instead of Best First. My unital comment and the link I provided were near the top.

            They weren’t media polls, they are the stats of a group of police that are tracking this daily.

          • Searcher

            If it has increased during Trump’s administration it is because Jackass liberals cannot accept the fact that he won the election and anarchist congressional reps are still stirring the pot to keep the people agitated and violent. This requires a stronger response from the police to put down all of the riots where liberals are destroying private and public property and threatening physical harm towards citizens and police officers. You socialistic anarchist have brought it on yourselves.

          • Highest common denominator

            I’m not socialistic anarchist. And you didn’t at all explain why Trump is failing to protect cops.

          • Cindy Kramer

            And you know why police are getting pretty fed up with people not obeying them, spitting in their faces and fighting them. Good thing I`m not a cop. I believe they deserve respect. And then just like this officer, they CAN be respectful back.

          • Highest common denominator


          • Pop’s

            Still mad are ya?

          • Highest common denominator

            Nah, tired of being right, actually.

          • Randy Miller

            `——FAKE ACCOUNT——`

          • SteveS.

            That’s because anti-police violence has increased since Trump’s election.
            I’m curious as to the nature of the plethora of bumper stickers.

          • Just3619

            Please tell me where we can see these stats and how they were gathered. I cannot find a report like this unless you are referring to the crackdown on immigration, ICE arrests. I believe you may have meant civil violence increased since Trump was elected.

          • Highest common denominator

            Yes, that’s what I meant. And I posted it all over the thread, keep looking.

          • DOCWRIGHT

            The liberal media and black lives matter and the democrats are the ones who have caused this.

          • Highest common denominator

            But Trump is the president, is he not? It’s ultimately his fault, and his problem to fix. The buck stops with him, right?

            Maybe if he tweeted more, that will make the violence against police decrease.

          • Greg S.

            Nice try, sweetie.

          • Highest common denominator

            Thanks, I did try. Glad you appreciate it.

          • Michele

            Give it up. There are those who can be educated. Stupid cannot be fixed, and you are clearly dealing with stupid.

          • Highest common denominator

            This is true. Unfortunately, I’m hard headed

          • Jack

            You are a idiot liberal Obama loving POS.

          • Highest common denominator

            Great. What has Trump accomplished?

          • Harvey CathynDee James

            bring troll_ass faggots like you out the woodwork apparently…

          • TOPPER67

            Dude, do yourself a favor and block him like some of us others have. He doesn’t stop and he doesn’t listen to reason

          • Buck Ofama

            if libs die…..its all good!!!

          • Highest common denominator

            Alright, but that’s mean. And I’m not a liberal.

          • Steven DePriest

            Just exactly what steps has President Trump (LOL, yea he is the PRESIDENT) implemented that would cause an increase in the assaulting of police officers? Other than showing stats, show the REASONS for the increase, and please, don’t say because of the Presidents tweets or some other BS.

          • Highest common denominator

            Feel free to answer my question first. What has Trump concretely done to curb violence against police?

          • Steven DePriest

            Why answer something that the only “Proof” you have are stats? There is no “Proof” that the President has done anything to increase the violence against LEO’s. The stats don’t prove anything, just that there is an increase. Feel free to think about your hypothesis.

            Also, to help you try to form a cognizant thought, the President only has authority to direct Federal law enforcement policy; states are free to direct their own law enforcement agencies however they wish.

          • Highest common denominator

            Agreed with your last statement. I’m glad you agree that the other posters are wrong about Obama or Trump failing to stop cop violence, since that are state run and not federal.

          • freightflyer

            In answer to your question, there is very little a President can do locally, except set the tone for the country, or sending in troops. He has shown great respect for law enforcement, and offered assistance from the FBI, and the Attorney Generals office. Other than that, his hands are pretty much tied by the constitution. It’s up to state and local officials to correct their individual problems. If you have a better solution than that, I’d like to hear it…

          • Highest common denominator

            I appreciate you answering unemotionally. And no, I don’t have a better solution than leaving it up to local authorities to correct. However, the point I was making was that if one president can set a tone for negative police reaction, why can’t the following president set the tone against negative police reaction?

            One believes Obama set a negative tone for police? Fine. That opinion is just as valid as Trump being totally ineffective for halting police violence. They’re both opinions and are fully open to interpretation.

            Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            The left are full of opinions but not so much on proof like the whole Russian deal for the last year that has been proven to be a completely false narrative.

          • Highest common denominator

            That’s cool. I’m not liberal though, so I have no idea why you responded to me.

          • SandyLester

            Provide evidence.

          • Highest common denominator

            I did. Check the thread.

          • SandyLester

            What thread

          • Highest common denominator

            The thread you’re currently commenting in. Do you need help?

          • Sharp

            That means Trump has implemented an increase in cop violence, since that stat has increased since he’s been in office.

            BS. violence is DOWN since trump took office you LIAR

          • Highest common denominator

            No. Violence against police is up about 20% now than it was last year. And last year was a record year.

            Trump is fast closing in as the president during the most deadly time for cops.

          • Pat

            Trump has Implemented an increase in violence? Shootings of cops skyrocketed under obama! We are still seeing the effect.

          • Highest common denominator

            They have skyrocketed in the past 6 months. Your boy has done nothing to curb it.

          • Pat

            All started under OBAMA. he loved BLM and they are encouraging this. As are Democrats encouraging killings and shootings of politicians.

            Under Obama the 20 year trend of declining murder also reversed. gun murder skyrocketed in Democrat cities skyroketed under Obama

          • Highest common denominator

            Go ahead and site your source, white she-devil. I have my source for Trump failing to protect police all up and down this thread.

          • Pat

            FBI UCR moron. And take your racism out.
            Black males 17-55 are 6% of the US population and commit 51% of US murder, 54% of US gun murder.

            Obama blamed cops. he caused the shootings of cops

          • Highest common denominator

            And Trump is continuing to let them die.

          • Highest common denominator

            And under Trump’s short time, cop killings are up double digits.

          • Pat

            Yes due to Obama policies. You think trends like this are moved in three months?
            And under Obama murder went UP his last year

          • Highest common denominator

            3? It’s July. He’s been in for double that time.

          • Phillip Barker

            You can’t easily turn off the hatred and anger once it’s been instilled. Holder and Obama had a lot of help starting this. People in the media like this tool have been pumping the hatred of police for over two years now. They haven’t stopped pumping that hatred so the violence against police will continue to rise. The police should start suing these lying tools for slander when they make false public statements about them.

          • Overcome Evilgov

            People who make accusations without proving it with facts usually hide behind fake names. Just like you. Where’s yours facts? Put up or shut up!!!-! Leftist liberal fake.

          • Highest common denominator

            Wait, so if I’m a leftist liberal fake, does that make me conservative? I hope not, because all of you on the extreme ends are the same.

            Why do white people love to call others liberal? You do realize there’s more than 2 political thought processes in America, right?

          • Hillary saiid FOUR DEAD COPS in Dallas was “A peaceful BLM protest”. Lefties…. Totally brainles…

          • Highest common denominator

            That’s great that you keep bringing up names of people who aren’t the president. What is Trump doing to curb this?

          • Lainie Ann Winkelman


          • Highest common denominator

            Really? What has he done to stop it?

          • Bob b

            Can you please contribute something intelligent to the conversation.

          • Highest common denominator

            I did. I posted stats gathered by police officers that show we are on a record year for police deaths.

          • Bob b

            Yep, and you can attribute it to Obama and his radical bigoted attorney general.

          • Highest common denominator

            Or totally ineffective leadership on Trump’s part.

            Why do you keep thinking I support Obama? It might be hard for you to grasp, but I can both not support a former president and also believe the current president is an all-around embarrassment. You people always think there’s only 2 schools of thought.

          • Didi Rautenberg

            OMG can you even hear yourself anymore? It’s a law to use signals. Then the idiot started to leave the area. He might have just gotten a warning but will never know now? Trust me people were getting tickets long before Trump and they will get them long after! Obama on the other hand painted our police officers with one brush as the enemy and more or less said gave his blessings to disrespect our laws and enforcers..Then again what didn’t the anti American Marxist do to destroy this Country?

          • Highest common denominator

            Where did I say he didn’t deserved to be pulled over?

            And if Obama was a Marxist, please elaborate on what you think a Marxist is? And keep in mind, since you labeled him a Marxist, you can no longer use the term fascist for him, since they are fundamentally opposites.

          • Michael Nance

            Trump hasn’t been in office long enough for a stat like that. Please post link to where you got that information. Your comment appears to be trolling at best.

          • Highest common denominator

            I’ve posted it multiple times. Change your settings to Oldest First instead of Best First.

          • Highest common denominator

            And those kinds of stats are tracked daily.

          • Randy Miller

            ——-FAKE ACCOUNT——-

        • cozyk

          If you believe that, the “Interested in the truth” does not apply to you.

          • Interestedintruth

            You just don’t recognize “truth”….like CNN.


        Liberal agenda. More media making up the news,

        • Highest common denominator

          No, definitely white agenda.

          • Gary Dean Musser Jr

            hey retard no that was very clearly one of you libitards lying AGAIN. Just like you all do

          • Highest common denominator

            Your vocabulary is small. What’s next, calling me a cuck? Or keep it consistent and call me another derivative of ‘liberal’ and ‘retard’?

      • John Normanton

        What has white got to do with it you stupid N-Word.

        • Highest common denominator

          Hahahaha nice self-censor. Be bold and say what you want to say, clown.

      • Damon

        Playing the victim is the TOTALITY of the liberal agenda. You’re one stupid bastard. lol

        • Highest common denominator

          What part of white agenda do you not understand?

      • Don & Cristina Smith

        There’s no such thing you call “white agenda.” It’s your kind that just like stirring the pot.

        • Highest common denominator

          Sure there is. This guy is part of it.

      • texasdoc

        No, it’s not a white or black thing,….it is a liberal thing

        • Highest common denominator

          Nope. White agenda.

      • Bob_Salem

        correction, LIBERAL white agenda.

        • Highest common denominator

          No. White agenda.

          • Bob_Salem


          • Highest common denominator

            Calling people liars. Old school white trick. Try again.

          • Bob_Salem

            POS liar. racist puke

          • Highest common denominator

            Racist puke? Are you an 80s movie bully?

          • Bob_Salem

            what’s the matter child, truth butt hurts you.

          • Highest common denominator

            No, but that was such a terrible insult I was stunned for words. One thing old white guys can’t do well is insult.

          • Bob_Salem

            pathetic racist you are.

      • Randy Miller

        ——FAKE ACCOUNT——

    • Vince

      Very true. People over 65 should be retested yearly, because people of that advanced age cause many car accidents and traffic jams. Mostly by traveling under the speed limit.

      • Rev. Bob Celeste

        I’m 73, my favorite pastime is long range shooting, I hit, very consistently, at 850 yards a milk jug size target.

        Is your concentration that good/

        Are your eyes that good?

        Are you that rock steady?

        Maybe, youngster, you should get tested every year. My driving record speaks for it self.

        • Cheryl Bovee

          Rev. Bob Celeste My mother is now 74 and my younger brother and sister have restricted her driving. I am not there to judge but I know that he memory is not what it should be. It sounds to me that you have kept yourself in good physical condition. Unfortunately, not all older people are in as good physical and mental health as you. People with dementia don’t know they have it. I am glad that my brother and sister are trying to keep my mom safe. I am sad that she can not drive anymore. Also as a reverend you should try to remember who you are representing. Your post comes across pride filled and argumentative which does not represent Jesus. Don’t worry If Vince makes it to the age of 73 he will be singing a different tune.

          • Rev. Bob Celeste

            Cheryl Bovee, my point is that you can’t just pick an arbitrary age like 65. The folks at DMV, in Maine anyhow, do a great job of picking out those that need a bit extra testing.

            He, tell your mother I said this, smile as you say it. “74? No wonder Social Security is going broke.” God bless her.

          • SandyT

            My aunt is going to be 97 in October, but she doesn’t collect Social Security. She taught for 23 years in one state, paying into the teachers’ retirement system, retired, moved to another state, where she went back to teaching for another 22 years, also paying into their retirement system. She has a Master’s Degree in elementary education, so she does fine without SS. She drove herself until a couple of years ago, and has traveled the world.

          • Peter Donaghy

            Cheryl Bovee. Dementia is not restricted to older people. It can affect young as well. Also there are a lot of young people with bad memories so do not assume that anyone with some of these illnesses are OLD.

          • squishy

            Make them take a simulated test while on their phone–weed out those that can’t keep control of their mind and actions–99% of under 40 will FAIL!!

          • CJ

            Poop Cheryl

          • squishy

            People with dementia are not the main population-they are a few among many!! I am 81–I learned to drive a jeep at 9 years old in a meadow while my dad fed the cows standing in the back. I can drive anything that has 4 or more wheels–just gave up my DOT drivers license and retired at 80–so put that in your know it all pipe and go push some elderly around while the kids go whizzing by!!

          • Cheryl Bovee

            you sure are a rude old man

        • Philip Millard

          Rev. Bob, I’m 66 and spend at least 6 weekends a year on race tracks, I’d love to take young Vince out and show him what real driving ability is…I’d have him sitting back and scratching his a*s (which also appears to be his head) wondering why his “driving skills” are so bad.

        • Cheese

          I’m even better.

          • Rev. Bob Celeste

            Probably younger too, but I do congratulate you, 850 is hard anything beyond 900 yards is awfully hard, at least for me.

          • Matt Roberson

            Rev. Bob, statistically older people do cause more fatal accidents. As a reporter for a newspaper, I see this often. Don’t believe me? Read the following link. I agree elderly people should be tested more often. I’m sure you have great sight and good instincts, but that’s probably not the norm. I’m almost 50, so I’m no spring chicken, and I would have no problem with being tested more often. Read this:


          • Kelly Ragan

            So you’re saying someone who’s 65 or older who has been driving for 45-50 plus years causes more accidents than a teenager who has been driving a few months/a couple years? I don’t believe it.

          • Matt Roberson

            I’m not saying it. That’s what statistics show and that’s what the article I linked to says. I don’t believe a lot of things the media says, so we all should question anything we read these days.

          • proteus

            “Study finds fatality rate for drivers over 85 is four times higher than for teenagers” … then why is everyone beating up 65 year old drivers?

          • Matt Roberson


        • Airport1776

          You being a crack shot doesn’t mean EVERYONE over age 65 is a top notch driver. Some are, some flat out stink, just like every age group.

          • Rev. Bob Celeste

            I have seen some at 35 that drive pretty bad, let’s not set the age at 65, let’s set it at 35, I guarantee accidents will go down and traffic deaths will follow the accident downward trend.

            Oh by the way, my proficiency with weapons does keep a civil tongue in many a face to face mouth.

        • Vince

          So does my driving record sir, you may be the exception. And testing would prove that. I am speaking of the other 90% of older people who cause many mishaps and deaths on American high ways every year. Do you really feel that saving lives isn’t worth a browsed ego. I was always taught to respect elders but common sence is common sence. I tell it like I see it no PC. BS.

          • Heartland Patriot

            I think you should look at the stats posted a bit below…they tell a different story. If you are a young man, you might be the exception.

          • Kelly Ragan

            I think people aged 16-25 should be tested every 6 months. Young people cause a majority of accidents, some due to lack of experience, and a lot more are caused by the stupid idiots who street race.

          • proteus

            Elder abuse ….. i’m going to sue for discrimination … you people are lumping experienced and cautious OLD people in a category … that’s the definition of discrimination.

          • proteus

            “bruised” ego …. and i would prefer to hear your solid gold statistics than just some jabbering … have you got any numbers?

        • Jesse James

          As a police officer, I agree with the youngster. You are an exception to the rule so to speak but most of our elderly drives very erratic, dangerously slow and weave in and out of traffic. I and many other police officers say this all the time, people of age should get retested yearly. It’s not an insult as you’re taking it, it’s life!

          • HORSE SIX ZERO

            Sorry officer, I don’t agree. You want to know who needs remedial driving training nowadays?
            16-40 year olds who live and breathe on their cell phones. National Statistics from the DOT state that young drivers are more distracted than drivers 41-70.

            Fact is, I’ve seen elderly drivers out-drive youngsters on a daily basis.
            Want to see an elderly person cut a corner? Watch em have to dodge a millennial on their cell phone after they hit someone.

            I’m sure you’ve responded to many calls like that.
            Your point is shut down.

            HORSE SIX ZERO

          • proteus

            I’m with you …. i live in a college town and am scared to death to drive in the main areas …. the most dangerous person on the road is a 20 year old female with a cell phone. Turn signals …. what’s that. Lane changes …. just zip in … on ramp yields …. don’t bother, they’ll get out of MY way …. I’m 69 and can out drive, out shoot, out maneuver and out work any of these 20 something snowflakes … and i am always on the defensive when they’re around …

          • Cathrine

            I am 70 years old and, thankfully, my driving skills have not diminished in any way. When I back out of a parking place, for instance, when I stop, my car is straight and ready to roll forward. I do not drive like “an old lady” either. I drive the speed limit on the streets and on the interstate. That may not be the case in a few more years, but right now, I am fine. I might add, I have been involved in one accident during my driving lifetime, but that was not my fault and over 40 years ago. One plus is that I had Drivers Ed when I was in high school in the 60’s. I have never forgotten what I was taught.

          • SandyT

            I took Drivers Ed in 9th grade and got my license that year, 1958. I worked for the state in desk jobs for about 8 years then started driving 18 wheelers with my husband in 1979, driving cross country, Louisiana (Alabama and Florida, too) to California 50 weeks out of the year for about 10 years. My husband wound up having to get off the truck due to health problems in late ’92, but I continued driving, since one of us had to make a living. He died in 2000, and I was still driving, but regionally, instead of cross country. I retired in 2010 at the age of 67. In all those years, I never had a speeding ticket or accident, not even any log book tickets. All those years in trucks, I drove “triple-digit” “large cars”, but I guess I was lucky. Never speed through a small town…they depend on out of state speeders for most of their revenue. When you run pretty much the same route over a period of time, you learn where the cops like to hide, so I drove accordingly. Right now, I drive a pickup truck that is 15 years old that still looks as good as it did in 2002, no accidents, no dents even. Parallel parking, no problem, even in an 18 wheeler. It seems these days, not many people know the “rules of the road”, who has right of way, etc.

          • squishy

            I don’t know where you are but I know here where I live it is kids killing themselves and others by using their phones and driving too fast and passing on double yellow lines because they are in a hurry (to DIE). Look at the stats and see how wrong you are!

          • Greg S.

            Everyone should be retested yearly. I’ve been nearly hit more by young people on their phones than by old people.

        • HORSE SIX ZERO

          Sir, the goddamn punks today don’t respect y’all. You all rock in my eyes. Keep drivin’ nails. HOOAH!?!

        • Ringo

          Rev. Bob Celeste, I just wanted to say that my brother’s name is also Bob Celeste. From the MA area.

        • Howabout retesting EVERYBODY every few years? That ought to weed out the bad drivers of whatever age.

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        Have you ever checked out the auto insurance stats on who has the most accidents while driving? If you ever have the cajones to do so, you will find that this old guy at the age of 77 is in the group that has much fewer accidents and tickets than young people. I do, however, agree that we in the upper age brackets should be tested much more often as we tend to not notice our visual deterioration and impaired reflexes.

        That snowflake reporter in the video was/is and a-hole, regardless of his age and he should be fired for publishing a false statement. Fortunately the chief of police called him out and embarrassed him publicly.

        • proteus

          VERY fake news …. maybe he was trained at CNN

      • Patricia Collins Ethen

        Age had nothing to do with this stop. The driver was a jerk; he has probably been a jerk all his life. He was rude and hostile; the officer was polite and professional. No story here; just more FAKE NEWS.

        • bsum1

          Those Coexist stickers were a dead giveaway….

          • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Love it!! Those with the coexist stickers are usually the ones who only want you to coexist on their terms!!

          • Fire_and_Steel

            Oh, I don’t know about the stickers; most of the folks around here that have ’em seem to be nice enough. More like Prius-driving Granola Heads than Social Justice Warriors.
            But I haven’t seen any of thse yet. Maybe I should be the first one in the region to get one.

          • Just curious. Have you had meaningful conversations with any of them? Have you talked politics and environment with them?

          • Fire_and_Steel

            No. I’ve seen the vehicles on the road or in the supermarket parking lot, but rarely see the drivers in any situation that could lead to more than just a nod in passing. Some of them might be total buttheads and/or might think I’m a butthead. I guess I usually just assume people are okay until they say or do something to prove otherwise.
            I’m trying to remember where it was that I saw something on TV, a guy saying something about “I know, that’s stereotyping, right? But those usually exist for a reason.”

          • I, like you, just assume people are okay until….. I’ve had some experience with those in the “until” category. My family is blessed with some, but without the sticker. From my experience I’ll stick with coexist on their terms. 😊

        • proteus

          I’m with Trump …. very fake news

      • The Great SCALOOTCH

        I guess you don;t plan on living to be 65???

      • John Degel

        I put my driving record up against yours anytime… I’m 67.

        • proteus

          I’ll double down on that bet and i’m 69

      • Philip Millard

        Hate to tell you this youngster, but you really need to look at the data published by the AAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s drivers in the 21-54 year age range that are the most dangerous drivers. I’ll provide you the data since it appears you are incapable of doing any research on your own:

        Drivers involved in fatal crashes:

        Age of driver Number of fatal accidents
        16-20; 4,211
        21-34; 13,688
        35-54; 14,912
        55-64; 5,899
        65+; 5,744

        Now we’ll check the same studies and toss alcohol into the mix….

        Age of driver Number of fatal accidents
        16-20; 758
        21-34; 4,120
        35-54; 3,372
        55-64; 805
        65+; 413

        It appear that drivers in the 21-54 age range should have their driving ability tested every 3 months, since they are the true cause of most deadly accidents.

        • Rev. Bob Celeste

          Since I have granddaughters, I don’t think boys should be able to get a drivers license till 55 or older.

          • Highest common denominator

            old people on the road are moving traffic hazards. There should be a yearly health assessment after 55 to ensure your sight and reaction timing are up to par. And stay off the left lane. If you want to store how I drive, become a cop.

          • proteus

            “If you want to store how I drive, become a cop.” … what does that mean? You sound like an expert on highway and accident statistics, but i don’t see any proof other than your opinion!

          • Highest common denominator

            It was supposed to be if you want to stop how I drive.

          • proteus

            …. and ask Dad for the keys every time they want to take the car on a date ….

        • Kevin

          There are a couple of key pieces of information missing from your #’s, how many of each age group are on the road and how much time do they spend on the road? The 21-54 demographic has far more active drivers then the other demos. More time on the road = more fatal accidents.

          • Interestedintruth

            More active is the right word! And more texting and phone talking.

          • proteus

            Non sequitur – if you want to do an honest statistical analysis, then you need to include all factors that might bear on the accident rate Those include: what type of vehicle, vehicle maintenance, weather conditions, type of roadway, ingress and egress points on each roadway, and many, many more. It is really easy to pick one variable and try to correlate that one to a rate, but that is being dishonest.

        • TDBGM

          You idiots have no idea what percentages are and how they work do you… 🙄

          Population of the country by aforementioned age groups, roughly… give or take about a million on each range.

          16-20 — 23m
          21-34 — 65m
          35-54 — 87m
          55-64 — 37m
          65+ — 36m

          So… taking your fatal accident numbers, oh look at that! The largest group has the most number of them! What’re the odds?! 😲 And old farts are juuhhhssst about as bad as teenagers. Check your work again folks. Also? Your cute little anecdotes are not evidence.

          OH, and reverend? Stay away from little kids and tell your buddies to do the same. They’re not interested in ‘polishing your gun barrel’, ok?

          • Philip Millard

            Did your mother have any children that lived? Or did they all dribble otof the corner of her mouth and end up a puddle in the alley behind Joe’s Bar and Whore Joint like you?

          • TDBGM

            TL;DR… PM — “I can’t do the math so I’ll come up with a really bad, witless insult.”

            Seriously dude what the hell…. lol… “oh yeah” would have been more of a sting than that. 😂😂😂

      • Jum Boyle

        It’s called a speed limit- not a minimum speed.
        As REAL drivers say,’Back-markers are part of racing”!

        • Al Sanwick

          if you are doing 10 mph under on a 2 lane road you are the cause of great anger to those of us who have things to do and places to go to. I am 68 and people driving that slow are a danger. You probably merge onto controlled access roadways at below the speed limit too causing massive danger.

      • Stan47

        People should be periodically re-tested, without regard to age.

        • Tommy

          Agree, Stan. Everyone should retest at some interval of years. Maybe 10 years or less.

      • Interestedintruth

        How did age become important in this issue? It’s about a “journalist” (fake) claiming he was mistreated when, in fact, he was the scumbag. It was also about a turn signal and I see nothing about any driving which would have to do with age.

        • proteus

          The scumbag “journalist” is so self absorbed and lacking in common decency, that he cannot be bothered to tell others what he’s doing while driving. I see it all the time here in the south and can’t count the number of times i’ve hit the brakes to avoid rear ending some idiot who just had to make a crash turn or zip in front of me without signalling.

      • Jayna K Patriot

        WTH does his age have to do with anything !?! It’s his brain that’s defective. He’s LIBERAL. That comes in all ages

        • proteus

          yeah, but they usually self-destruct before they’re 40 …. unless they’re in politics ….

      • Vince I don’t think it’s necessarily an age thing. Everyday I witness drivers of all ages driving stupid. Most driver’s don’t know how to make proper turns from one street to another. Most drivers don’t know how much room you are to give a semi truck before pulling in front of it. They may have passed their drivers test but don’t put into use the laws and rules of the road they had to know to pass it!!


        Nah, you’ll be 65 one day. Might want to retract that statement, gina.

      • lionshooter

        Check your stats before you shoot off your mouth. We can hold our own a lot better than 20 to 50 somethings.
        Age of driver-Number of fatal accidents
        16-20; 4,211
        21-34; 13,688
        35-54; 14,912
        55-64; 5,899
        65+; 5,744

      • CJ

        Beg to differ with you, son!

      • LetsBreal

        Is that why insurance rates are higher (generally speaking) for young age groups?

      • proteus

        you have no idea what you are talking about …. sounds like you just pontificate to hear yourself talk … maybe when you turn my age, we should go one-on-one and see who comes out bloodier … you little pipsqueak

    • wildoutlaw4440

      your absolutely right dumb a** liberal hope you lose your job for your lies..

    • frappi

      If the police can interpret that as attempting to flee then they need to reevaluate the situation. I see no attempt or appearance to attempt to flee. It was not clear that there was a traffic stop occurring from the citizens point of view in their car.

  • casey377

    Liberals love to play the victim even when they have to invent it.
    I don’t think he came to a complete stop at the stop sign.
    Maybe it’s not too late to add an additional charge.

    • Diana McAllister

      He certainly didn’t meet the One Mississippi “count rule.” I think he got off lightly. The charges could have been failure to signal, failure to stop, fleeing the scene of a crime. He is also “guilty” of #morefakenews, #excessiverudeness, and #snowflakementality.

    • John Fuchs

      Unfortunately, one cannot be charged with arrogance and stupidity.

    • Not A Sheeple

      Certain people love to play the victim card, being liberal or conservative doesn’t matter. There are professional victims in both groups.

      • TDBGM

        Yeah but conservatives become ‘victimized’ by things like equal rights for others and plain red coffee cups in December. There’s definitely illogical morons everywhere, but the cons seem to have the patents on it. 😉

  • Scott Harris

    Law enforcement, as a whole, needs to start exercising any legal options they may have over stuff like this. It’s obviously intended to make these officers and their department look bad, and it’s reasonable to assume that other people will believe these lies and act out against that department. Seems like it meets all the criteria for libel.

  • Obama bumper sticker … explains it all.

  • Darrell

    Go to the newspaper’s web site and search for the “author” of the article.
    The comments are hilarious ! ! ! !

  • tonythefisher

    Ol’ Willy Clark is an effete boy lover,…who would certainly pass out cold, if yelled at by a stern looking house maid,….

    • Highest common denominator

      Are you saying he’s a pedophile or he’s gay? One’s a problem, the other isn’t.

      • disqus_9GQw44dyM0

        Not everyone would agree with you.

        • Highest common denominator

          I know. And they’re probably Christian and can’t tell me where in the entire Bible that God or Jesus called homosexuality wrong. Go ahead, give it a shot.

  • candlou

    An example of fake news by a liberal paper.

    • David McManus

      Because we don’t have a lot of that anywhere in America. What a refreshing change…

  • Mickey Davis

    Not only did he not signal, he also failed to come to a complete stop @ the stop sign.

  • Faye Whiddon

    He got off without due consequences…they should’a drug his butt out of that car and thrown him in jail.

  • Kam Miller

    Hmmm, same town where that red-headed Professor that stirred up all the trouble came from.
    The bumper stickers tell you right off the bat that this guy is an idiot. His arguing about it proves that, too.

  • Jeff Kaegel leave them a 1 star and review.

  • normtahan

    A news reporter telling lies? NO!!!

    • Vince

      Lying is normal for all news people now???

    • John Fuchs

      Wait until the St. Louis Post-Disgrace hears about this, he’ll be hired for sure!

      • bsum1

        He’ll get a pretzel prize for sure….

  • Marlene Alley-Haley

    I have been stopped (for speeding) twice in the past month by Boone County Sheriff’s Deputies. . .I just wanted to say they were professional and courtesy on both occasions and yes, I deserved the tickets, and I received the tickets. Don’t be a jerk to them, and they won’t be a jerk to you.

    • Cindi Kries Loveall

      Marlene, I was stopped (doing a safe 55 in a 35 4-lane straight road) with my top down and I was just having a little adrenalin rush. Like you, I deserved it! When the officer asked me if I knew how fast I was going, I said yes, of course, 55 in a 35. I was just having a little fun in my new Beemer. Well, he let me off without even a citation, just a smile and thanks for my honesty and “you know better.” What a nice guy!

    • wmhhnryhrrsn

      Thanks for being honest!
      But, you might want to slow down a little.

  • Paul

    Textbook traffic stop. The deputy was polite and respectful at all times and — to her credit — refused to be drawn into a roadside debate. If this idiot goers to court, he would be foolish.

  • Tony Stone

    This guy will be working at CNN in no time…. liberal douche fits right in!

    • David McManus

      I’m surprised the report of his promotion wasn’t in this article 😀

  • RoccoCapone

    All of those stupid stickers on his bumper should have been PC for a felony stop. The guy is a blithering idiot but then we all knew that based on the aforementioned stickers.

  • Burgess Krell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is why cops need to wear their body cams… to cover their asses because a lot of people will lie about their conduct. I have been pulled over for speeding and the officers were professional all the way. Why lie? They are doing their jobs.

    • Zupamum

      I agree. Odd cams are a great addition!

  • Patricia H

    It’s pretty obvious that he wrote the hit piece to get the officers in trouble. He didn’t think they would have dash cam footage to show he was lying. Typical behavior for the liberal elite who think they are above the law.

  • Terry Brooks 18+

    The whole time I watched the video, I kept trying to figure out where he got the abuse from the officers. NONE. Then it dawn on me. He was auditioning for CNN. They obviously need new liars for their staff so people will think that they’re getting honest news. Hire him, he’s perfect for you staff.

    • momsaid

      Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite…he could join that long line of truth-tellers!

  • Typical rude, entitled, anti-police liberal.


    Typical lying sack of human excrement liberal. I again say TYPICAL LIBERAL.

    • David McManus

      I could be wrong, but typical liberal is your point, yes? 😀

      • ECJBMAS

        Yes, the “journalists is a typical lying liberal. They’re all the same.

  • Rosewould

    Same people who insist on the police having bodycams. Doe!

  • Bill Van Riper He’s the buffoon pictured on the left acting as a policeman or jailer for a fundraising “arrest.” Other info I found indicated that he was 80 years old in 2012. So he’d be 85 this year. Senile dementia in full effect? DMV needs to retest him for driving skills. Dash cams and body cams will clear more officers than they convict. But false complaints will continue, because the brass do not wish to deter the rare valid complaint. — 26yr veteran MDPD.

  • Mark Johnson

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..oh sh#t I feel asleep trying to watch this five times.

  • Arnold Babar

    Bill Clark: Douchebag

  • I’m sorry, but that is a classic example of nuisance ticketing. Holding the motorist for all that time, for such a minor infraction is ridiculous.

    • Paul Mazan

      So your saying Police Officers or in this case Deputies should use their discretion on what laws to enforce? He was on a street where the Sheriff’s department has had numerous complaints that they are not there often enough and they should ignore traffic offences of a minor nature when they are. That would give you justification to question every stop and every ticket and allow you to claim you were being discriminated against when they did ticket you.You;re putting the Deputy in a no win situation,

      • David McManus

        Not there often enough would indicate speeding issues, not a number of people who didn’t signal when turning. If he were going straight or turning left, there would have been a much better reason to pull him over for his infraction, but he wasn’t crossing lanes, and he didn’t pull out in front of anybody.

        How many times have you not used your turn signal when you should have? Should you have been pulled over for those times? Do you approve of having your time wasted over something so remarkably trivial as forgetting to use your turn signal?

        Should law enforcement officers use their discretion to determine which infractions are worth pursuing and which aren’t due to the seriousness of the infraction? Definitely yes.

        Don’t try to argue the point. This was a useless pursuit. And you know it as well as I do. In this instance, the law enforcement officers themselves are guilty of wasting police time…which by the way, is an actual offense. (In more ways than one.)

        • Richy from Mayfair

          you are kidding right…you opinion is sad.

          • Paul Mazan

            Yes, it was meant as sarcasm.

          • David McManus

            Really? And why is that? I believe people should use common sense. That’s a bad thing? This is really something that you oppose? If my opinion is sad, what does yours say about you?

            My opinion is sad because I expect people to THINK!


            Your way of thinking is why children are being suspended from school because they made their hand to look like a gun.

            BANG! You’re dead!

            Fucking moron.


          • Richy from Mayfair

            WOW Dude, go back to school, I guess you are on the low educated intelligence level. obviously you don’t know how to discuss an issue. Put that language back where you found it…in the TRASH.

          • David McManus

            I just love how people with “greater opinions” of themselves on the internet can’t help but tell everyone else how stupid they are. For me to value your opinion, I’d have to respect you first. No chance of that, unfortunately.

            But do keep trying to impress everyone with your intellectual banter. I’m sure someone will respect you eventually.

            Or not…as the case may be…

        • Paul Mazan

          That’s great! Now they can start profiling again. Rather than use up valuable time enforcing any law they don’t think is important they can go back to looking for people that look like they may have gang affiliations due to their color or how they look or what stickers they have on their car.That would be using their discretion and not be wasting police time. We all break traffic laws. Yes I have made turns without using my turn signal and I’ve sped and not been caught too. That doesn’t mean that the day I am I need to attack the Police department and the officers in print. .And don’t tell me not to argue the point I won’t listen to you any more than Ol’ Bill listened to the officers.

      • I am saying that this is a classic example of nuisance ticketing. Worse, it’s just an attempt to maintain quotas. If this officer all of the sudden wasn’t writing enough income-producing tickets, say for two months straight, she’d likely be reprimanded, or punished in some way, and if she continued, probably fired. So much for ‘safety’. It’s about the revenues.

        • Fire_and_Steel

          Uh huh, “quotas” and :”nuisance ticketing” Yeah, right, sure, whatever you say. Another well-thought out reply from one of the thousands of Internet Experts, or maybe someone who can’t figure out why he has all those penalty/demerit points on his license.
          “Yup, just three more of these tickets, and my wife gets a toaster oven. Oh, boy..”

          • Anonymous troll’s opinions don’t count here. Thanks for playing anyway.

  • David McManus

    I’m curious to know whether the police officers used their turn signal when they turned right to pull this guy over. Could that honestly have been any greater a waste of time?.

    “Can we waste your time and ask for license, registration, and insurance because you didn’t use your turn signal, despite the fact that you came to a full stop, and even the angle of your vehicle clearly indicated the direction you were going to go in?”

    Honestly, time wasters. You can see that red truck that he cut in front of changed lanes on the dash-cam after he was pulled over, and guess what? No turn signal. What does that mean? That driver is guilty too. And what does that mean? It means that it’s something that most people do from time to time regardless of what type of driver you are, and to be pulled over for something so ridiculously trivial is, in fact, a complete waste of time.

    Give him points for not wanting to sit on the intersection turn lane, and for at least, using his turn signal later on when pulling over after getting through the intersection, despite appearing to be flustered and confused as to why he’s being pulled over.

    Did he pull the Liberal Victim Bullshit out of his ass and should he be ridiculed for it? Most definitely yes and yes.

    But really, all that trouble for not using a turn signal? I see cop cars making turns and changing lanes all the time not using their signals. I’ve even seen cop cars turns their lights on just so they can get through a busy intersection and then turn them off once they get through.

    Either way you look at it, it’s one set of rules for them, and one set of rules for the rest of us. Is there really any wonder why there is so much disrespect and disregard for law enforcement? Abuse of power is absolute. And no, I’m no fucking Jedi.

    • ♠Reverand Invidia Absit

      I think you missed the point…

      • David McManus

        If the point was how lame this guy is for throwing such a big stink on his local newspaper column, then yes, I do agree to that degree, but the idea that he was pulled over at all for something so trivial as that.

        There are always two sides to every coin. It’s good to see both sides from different angles.

        • ♠Reverand Invidia Absit

          Yeah, you missed the point of the traffic stop. They have had a lot of complaints from residents in that area. Apparently, people like to misbehave in that area. So, if the patrol is stepped up in order to create a noticeable area of enforcement – in order to get people to comply with laws there to ensure everyone’s safety, stopping people for infractions like not signaling are perfectly legit ways to let drivers know their being observed. They get a minor ticket or a warning and the word spreads that enforcement is strict in a given area. If it weren’t a problem there wouldn’t have been any mention of it in the story.

          The reporter made an ass out of himself by making a mountain out of a molehill. You did the same by complaining about unfair enforcement in an area with an infraction problem.

          • David McManus

            I don’t recall reading any part of that about the complaints from the residents. Is that in the article? I’ll have to re-read it. Thanks for the explanation though. Cheers.

          • ♠Reverand Invidia Absit


            You’re Welcome.

    • Fire_and_Steel

      “And no, I’m no fucking Jedi.” Apparently not, although there was probably at least one member if the Jedi Order who was from a planet where the native language would sound to us Earthlings much like your rant did when i read it.
      “Better you feel after your thoughts unloading, young padawan?”

      • David McManus

        Are you sure you’re a fan? I feel you missed that whole pun about absolutes, which was what the whole reference was about.

        And feeling better? No, not really. I know my opinion doesn’t matter, therefore whatever I may think won’t change a thing. Crawling back under my rock now.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Uncle Ted

    Just more democrats that in the fake news industry!!

  • David Douglass

    Typical Liberal democrat….creating a crisis, becoming the star victim in their created crisis, and attacking the real victims of their created crisis.

  • The Todd

    Nice bumper stickers, Douchebag.

  • J. Fannin

    Just another lying liberal news writer……………………. He should be fired for writing false articles and his editor is an idiot for approving the article.

  • Richy from Mayfair

    he thinks he is special because he writes a column, then tells a different story publicly, he is an embarrassment to journalism. Yet, to many opinion news shows has brought the profession to an all time low,

  • Russ Foster

    more lieing media

  • Stormrider45

    The deputies did a by the book stop; good officer safey, courteous but officious. I have nomidea what the County Shieriff’s policies on issuing citations is, but this was about as low key a citizen violation as happens. The violator should have attempted to make hos case before the deputy left the initial contact. Once pen goes to paper, it is done. The failure to signal was proba le cause for a stop. I was about as aggressive a street officer as there was and I used such PC stops as the opportunity to heck for wants and warrents and check the vehicle for evidence of actual criminal activity. Situations like this are more effectively handled with a C&R (Counsel and Release). Excellent opportunity to interact positively with a citizen and still get a traffic safety message out. Research demonstrates more compliance with this approach than by the infliction of economic injury on the violator. Unless of course, the countynpolicy is to write citations as a rvenue generator. This guy was an old hippie super liberal that would piss off any traditional value American, but the deputy did what she could, not what she had to do and the jerk she stopped sure as hell does not have a better view of police than he did before. “Failure to signal”? Not my idea of good policing.

    See to your weapons and stand to your horses,
    Storm Rider

    • Popotrainers

      Storm Rider, I disagree with the last 2 couple of lines of your comment. I was also very active on patrol and made quite a few stops for “minor” offenses, and most resulted in a warning. But in my experience, just giving a courtesy warning to an argumentative motorist like the guy in this video just increased the likelihood that the driver would make in a complaint against me. Oddly (to me) I rarely received any after writing out a cite. Just my $.02, for whatever it’s worth.

    • Fire_and_Steel

      “The failure to signal was proba le [sic] cause for a stop.” Er, no, it is “reasonable suspicion” for a temporary detention like a traffic stop. “Probable cause” is only needed to make an arrest.
      Some cops, some lawyers and even some judges may misuse the terms, but to me, it calls into question your qualifications to comment on police procedures.

  • Rev. Bob Celeste

    Columbia Daily Tribune = FAKE NEWS! boycott their advertisers, the First amendment does not protect lies.

  • redleg

    The reporter knows racism exists but it didn’t happen to him conveniently so he HAD to make it up. Stop being so hard on him.

  • Marianna Mansfeldova

    what a piece of white liberal trash. Arrest him, for accusing police officers that he almost got shot!

  • NostalgiaJim

    It amazes me that all of the comments here are in support of these violent, gun-drawing, confederate-sympathizing, fascist, racist, xenophobic, misanthropic, sexist, mysogynistic, homophobic, jingoistic, umm..racist, (oops wrote that one already) cops. Anybody who watched this video objectively knows that the driver was 100% innocent and had every right to fear his life. The man had a revolver, a shotgun, an AR-15 assault rifle, an Uzi, and a knife pointed at him. How many of you actually watched the video? These cops were truly out for blood and this guy is lucky he made it out alive.

  • Timothy Nite

    Seems like the female officer was very cordial and polite.. The guy is a DICK

  • Rion Johnson

    What the hell did he get pulled over for though? There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground here where people can admit that really wasn’t worth pulling someone over but he also misrepresented his treatment.

  • dittoheadadt

    If it weren’t for fake news Liberals would have no news to report.

  • lobsterbait

    Another example of a cowardly sensationalist with some personal issue who would lie to bolster his mania about the police. He attempt to chastise the police for doing what they are paid and obligated to do should not be allowed. Writing an article that lies, what does that say about his integrity? Another opportunist for personal reasons and NOT even close to reporting the truth.

  • JanaDew

    Another liberal “journalist” exposed as a liar. Imagine my surprise. NOT!

  • Lynn Anderson

    I think the driver had a point. No cars in any direction…north, south, east or west. If there had been a lot of traffic, a different story. He failed to signal. Cops should be out looking for the bad guys. instead of hassling some guy like this just for revenue or to prove to their Sgt that they are actually doing something.

    • Towncar07

      Yes, that may be correct…but the the seeming “intent to flee” destroys any reason for not using his turn signal. I’m sure you meant well, but the whole story makes the point that if one just simply complies, things go smoothly…any deviation from this, and in this current political climate, is definitely worthy of a higher degree of vigilance and investigation.

    • Dave Mace

      Traffic Enforcement has been found to have a huge impact on crime in general. Not only that but minor violations are often an indicator of other unsafe driving problems.. like DUI. As a cop I made a huge number of felony arrests as a result of “minor” traffic offences. The last thing on my mind, or any cops mind is collecting revenue for the city.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Why? Because he’s some old liberal with “coexist” bumper stickers, he should just be allowed to do whatever he wants? I hate “speed traps” as much as the next guy, but I cannot stand it when people refuse to signal. Signals are there for a reason, and being in a habit to not use them will cause a problem when there is traffic.

    • Fire_and_Steel

      Lynn, did you know Timothy McVeigh was arrested as the result of a traffic stop for a “minor” infraction. an offense that really has no effect on other traffic?
      You probably think differently, but I think catching him that soon after the bombing kept him from blowing up anything else, killing any more children and other innocent people.

  • Donald Jo

    I truly hope both deputies sue him and the newspaper civilly for defamation of character since he publicized it in the newspaper

  • Paul Hue

    Notice that there is no way for the officers to know the race of the drive when they decide to engage.

  • Will Parker

    Rolled through the initial STOP sign also.

    • bsum1

      Book him Dano….

  • RH

    If you knew the guy and his newspaper, you’d understand why he wrote the garbage he wrote.
    That newspaper is one of the biggest leftist newspapers. The city of Columbia is a haven for the nutjob leftist thanks to MU.

  • Car Car Jinx

    liberals just have a deep-seated hatred of authority, and it always shows up the worst in their interactions with cops.

  • Morris

    He probably learned at the feet of the liberals in D.C. “The laws don’t apply to me” school of thought. Naturally he changed the issue to, “I didn’t endanger anybody, I stopped, so what if I didn’t signal. Two out of three ain’t bad”. Meatloaf mentality of the left.

    • Fire_and_Steel

      “Meatloaf mentality.” Meathead mentality.
      Fixed it for you. 😎

  • handsoffmytea

    youtube middleield ohio police shootout and you will see why police have their hands near their weapons. the cops may have been rude, but his hands were certainly closer to the turn signal than their hands near their piece. its very rude to not signal. lives are in jeopardy when you dont signal. there isnt a rule in the book that says a cop has to be kid gloved when confronting a law breaker.

  • Mike Keyes

    In his defense, he was in close proximity to a firearm, so he almost got shot. And they had nightsticks, so he almost got a beating. They probably have Tasers, so he almost got tased. They were wearing shoes, so he almost got kicked…

  • n5ifi

    He works for CNN?

  • antilib

    They wonder why they are considered fake news. This is just more evidence. They happen to be my local “news”paper here in the Leftist bastion of Columbia, Missouri and are very fake news with a very heavy liberal agenda. This is also home to the very liberal University of Missouri and that fine(?) institution is a Statewide embarrassment that this paper is constantly making excuses for.

  • John Barker

    Liberal Stickers ?. This stop had nothing to do with his bumper stckers, the dent in his old car and nothing to do with his age, this is all about Liberal arrogance and total disregard for the law, even with a cruiser looming large in his rear view mirrors. Not to mention their willingness to lie. Guess the Daily Tribune will be dispensing with his services, if not they better fact check every piece he submitts for publishing because his word is not to be trusted.

  • Kary

    Reporters are at the low end of the IQ scale.

  • Tod Pierce

    the department ought to sue him great evidence against him

  • John Stevens

    lucky he didn’t go to jail for resisting arrest.

  • Dannie McKay

    Just a senile old man, embarresed for getting caught not driving safely. He showed his temper, and that did no good. It’s not something you want to do to an Officer. I was surprised the Officer didn’t check his turn signals and safety lights during the stop. As far as his accusations that he felt threatened, why did he temper up to the Officer? That second Officer is the 1st Officers back up, and looks from the story line the TO for this Officer. She was very good, no arguements. I guess it falls back to what the Reporters are today, a bunch of lying , bitchy little girls. Kudo’s to LEO’s in the field.

  • John Degel
  • WOOT! Fake news by columnist and his editor? Why I can’t believe it I tell you! I am shocked!

  • L O U

    The Dump is a Journalist, his Editors thought he was telling the truth, until they find out he was lying. And as a reporter, he’ll argue a point to have his view override the truth. Thus, “Media: Whatever sells” !!

  • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

    Typical lying libertard pushing a lie. Because he lied he should be brought up on charges. These azz napkins lie and further the divide between Police and the public. This idiot did not use a turn signal at the turn. He didn’t come to a complete stop either. Very easy to see on the video. The stop was handled professionally. Just think if there wasn’t video this liars story would be out there instead of now proving what a moronic lying libertard he is and always will be. Pathetic.

  • Carlos.Danger

    Get a lawyer and sue this bastard.

  • David Neff

    Not sure when this happened but I do hope the reporter was relieved of his duties immediately for fabrication and willful negligence.

  • Stormrider45

    That is a a sound rebuttal. I would rjoin that the violator did not become argumentstive until she returned and it was obvious he was being cited. I did the same as you if my radar indicated the violator moght become a problem, but I advised them before I returned to my unit that I was going tomissue a warning only, and I wrote the warning so I had paper in the event of any issues. Differences in style my man. We did not have the dash or body cams on my day, but the administration tnded to back the officers more than they seem to today in the event of a complaint.

  • billjcanada

    The idiots initial stop was in a traffic lane. He apparently can’t remember to use signals which is a problem with many drivers. Using them is the law. What we have here is a idiot reporter thinking he or she is above the law and dumber than a box of rocks. What is funny is that they want respect. Smile dummies you are on camera most of the time.

  • jim NY

    Failure to signal. Lucky for us she’s on patrol. Do the job you’re hired to do…go after criminals, not law abiding citizens. She won’t shut up and is escalating the entire situation. If all you do is pull over someone because they didn’t signal…get a job.

    • Paul Mazan

      She was doing the job she was hired to do. She was assigned to show a police presence in an area that has had complaints about not enough traffic enforcement. She was to look for people violating traffic laws and did. Now if there had been a call for a serious crime she wouldn’t have stopped him but at that time and place she was doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing.

      • jim NY

        SC is much safer now that one of it citizens has paid $70+ for not using his turn signal in a right only turn lane. She must love the power.

        • Paul Mazan

          Jim NY I’m not sure how a traffic stop in Columbia Missouri has made South Carolina safer but If you think so I’m fine with it.I’m sure she would be happy to be out catching criminals but when there are no calls and you are told to enforce traffic laws you enforce traffic laws. Patrol Officers don’t get to do anything they please, you have to be at least a patrol sergeant to sit at Dunkin Donuts and talk on your cell phone.

        • Paul Mazan

          Since this happened in Columbia MO I’m not sure how this makes SC safer but if you say so it must be true.

  • Kerry Rawlins

    Perfect stop, Good job! He has sour grapes over getting a ticket.

  • DS11T

    There WAS a good dose of arrogance…from CLARK !!!!!

  • Chris Stratford

    That was the most horrifyingly mundane thing i have ever seen !!!!! you should have put a trigger warning on it for mundanity!!!!! what were you thinking!!!!!!!! can i use even more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

  • Serena Vann

    What an ass using the excuse my color! The video shows him clearly btreaking the law! Jerk!!

  • Jane

    Leftists lie lie lie to promote their agenda.

  • Steven Davis

    So, being that he has demonstrated a propensity to lie about the most mundane situations, should he really be employed as a journalist?! What will stop him from fabricating details of other stories. His integrity has been compromised, and as such, he should be fired.

  • John Debus

    she should have arrested him for the violation and impounded the car, if we stop being coureous to those that dont want curtisy and let them understand the full impact , maybe they can understand that the officer was actually cutting him a break, Outstanding job by the deputies

  • Thomas Bryan

    They should have never tried to stop him in the first place. First intersection, you could not drive straight, you had to turn left or right and he had followed the car in front of him, which did not use a turn signal either and the road turned slightly to the right, like a merge lane. Bad stop from the start, stupid driver after.

  • rtgrandma

    I would hope his newspaper would fire him since he out and out lied and tried to be slant the article against the police. Could this guy be trusted to write anything accurately? I think not. What if there had not been cameras to record what really happened? Trouble would have really been stirred up and that’s the last thing law enforcement needs.

    • john_koenig

      They’ll give him a raise. He did what the left wants…continued incitement of cop-hate. The losers who agree with ‘Ol Clark will never even attempt to view the video, figuring in their deranged minds that it was edited.

  • Jlgwn

    Just another lying democrat.

  • Heartland Patriot

    Just another arrogant liberal trying to cause problems and get some “fame” out of it…too bad it backfired on him, ha ha.

  • Johnny Rico

    ‘Ol Clark is a lyin’ POS.

  • Johnny Rico

    I wish I was able to read the beta-male pajama-boy bumper stickers on the back of his car…

  • Tonyntn

    more examples of the modern day fake media that reporters are putting out.

  • Scott Chenoweth I chose to use the letters to the editor link to let the paper know how I felt about his endangering the lives of LEO’s by having lied about his encounter. You can also leave direct comments under his column which is linked in the article above.


    Fuktardicus Jackassicus

  • Allan

    Bald face liar. Can anyone EVER believe ANYTHING he writes again?

    • grape soda

      The police could not have been more polite.

  • grape soda

    Obama bumper sticker = Liar.

    Case closed.

  • Roger Buck

    This gentleman getting stopped was a jerk. According to the pretty basic laws, he indeed broke the law. His attitude certainly reflects on his refusal to accept responsibility for his actions, which in my experience, is pretty indicative of most liberal. Now having said that, I personally believe this was a pretty crappy stop on the part of the officers. I understand she was with a “training officer” and was pretty much obligated to make the stop. In my humble opinion, a warning would have sufficed, but since there was a “training officer” there, she just had to write the ticket. (Perhaps had the jerk in the Toyota had been a bit more humble, that might have been the case). Also, apparently this is the go to spot for law enforcement to write tickets. There actually was a lot of information here with the Chief’s little letter, other than the jerk in the Toyota. Overall, the jerk in the Toyota has been proven to be a damn liar, and needs to loose his job.

  • Tomz

    Another example of the MSM liberal bias (the liberal bumper stickers) and their creativity/provocation in making “fake” news stories.

  • justdumpyme

    Just another arrogant white man.

  • Thebabydoc

    The sheriff is correct in that the entirety of the “reporter’s” article is horsehit. However perhaps the sheriff’s office might want to reconsider the bullshit stop itself- “failure to signal.” If you get shot pulling someone over the sole purpose of generating revenue for whatever particular jurisdiction you’re in, I really have no sympathy for you.

    • Scott Snoopy

      in many states failure to signal is a moving violation that will cost you points and increase insurance. Failure to signal is not BS, its a serious safety violation…and it should be more strictly enforced. Sorry you feel its BS, turn signals let other drivers know what you are doing and prepares them to react.

      • Thebabydoc

        Not in the context of this stop. He came to a full stop at a stop sign and it was pretty clear that he was turning right. This was not a lane change at high speed. And the Sheriff said it was essentially for “practice.”

        • Scott Snoopy

          failure to signal is a moving violation,,,,period. You are editing; the FSO was along with the deputy to get her back in the swing of civilian law enforcement from her AD tour. Nice try, but try to keep up, The unirnslist, err columnist had an axe to grind, he was proven to be an ass..

          You have a nice day now, buh bye

  • ArmyHouah95

    Whooooa! Was that a whole SWAT team deployed behind the car? I think I saw a tank or two also. He was DAMN Lucky to survive that….Whew! Barely catching my breath here.

  • For clarity Clark could just replace all those bumper stickers with one that says: “Ass Hole.”

  • RightinGeorgia

    Typical left wing nut. Laws are for other people and not them. I am actually amazed he didn’t claim immunity because he is in the media. If I was his editor I would fire him for violating ethics rules. But then again, the editor probably said it wasn’t the facts that are important, it’s the message. I got stopped in Houston for making an illegal u-turn (never saw the sign) and it was obvious it was a common event because the police were hiding there. Was pleasant to the officer and even joked that he probably wrote a lot of these tickets there. Paid my fine because I was in the wrong. No wonder many of us think liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Scott Snoopy

    Ol Clark there was out to be confrontational from the start of that interaction; from his “pulling forward for safety” to his general interaction with the deputy. He acted like he was special and like he was in the right. How dare that mere female question a grumpy ole douche like him.

    Truth be told he is lucky not to have been assisted out of the auto after his “pulling forward for safety”…generally that’s how chases start. What a douche, God bless the deputy for her patience, she was the consummate professional.

  • AlvinAmbers

    That’s the typical dishonesty of a Liberal. Not only was the officer perfectly civil and professional, this guy was the one who was arrogant. Offended because he thinks if no one’s coming you don’t have to give a turn-signal? Elitism at it’s best. I’m going to email the paper he published in and complain to them too.

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??


  • smitty195

    Thank goodness for PD cameras and microphones. They have saved us SO MUCH unnecessary grief! Citizens don’t understand this, but people lie to us every day. EVERY DAY. People also lie about what happened at the scene of an incident, but these videos always save the day. I’m so happy almost all departments have them now.

  • ArchStanton

    Nice rebuttal by the Sheriff. I hope there are repercussions for Ol’ Bob. He should be fired for lying and impugning the reputations of those Deputies, and also for pretending he now has some insight into minority experience.

  • DuckManson

    Damn that was close. They almost filled that asshole with led.

  • Kelly Ragan

    How petty is this officer to pull someone over for not signaling. 90-95% of drivers don’t signal when making a turn. The police don’t even do it.

  • Joey Beckner

    Should have shot him just for being in the media… I cant wait til we let natural selection take over again. This piece of shit more than likely would not be around today.

  • patrick quinn

    I wish this video went a little longer, I wonder if he used his left turn signal when pulling out into traffic?

  • Has the Columbia Daily Tribune fired columnist Bill Clark for lying on a deputy sheriff yet?…Sounds like he should be working at CNN?…

  • Millstone

    I don’t think he deserved a ticket but he wasn’t harassed by the officer. Warning would have sufficed. Why do people lie like that? What advantage did he gain? He should be fired from his job for writing an article he knew was false. Was he disciplined at work? Again I don’t think he deserved a ticket but I wouldn’t want him writing for my organization…unless it was CNN.

  • Two-Thousand One-Hundred

    What an asshole…

  • Steve Dodge

    He was the rude POS, Deputies did an outstanding job of professionalism. He should be fired and his editor also for printing trash.

  • Eldon Taylor

    You could tell by all of the Liberal bumper stickers he was going to be a butt head.

  • CJ

    What BS so-called journalists are trying to pass off as news. 👎👎

  • Rusty

    Let alone that fact traffic stops of private conveyance being unconstitutional to begin with. free travel and all that. But these Corporations masquerading as Government and the strong arm of the banking cartels enforcing their revenue generation at the barrel of a gun. Obey or die and be thankful when you don’t and instead were just robbed at gun point. these cops are going to execute us and drop us in mass graves when the order comes down … just doing their job…

  • 4qbud

    Sir , have you been drinking? I smell alcohol on you. Please step out of the car. Is there anything in you car that shouldn’t be in there? No, you aren’t under arrest, I am placing you in handcuffs as a safety precaution for both of us. Do you mind if I search your car? Sure, I can get a warrant. You are acting VERY suspiciously.


    Hello sir, I pulled you over because you neglected to signal a turn back there. “I’m so very sorry Officer, I thought that was a one way street. I will definitely be more careful in the future. Thank you for pulling me over and letting me know. I thought that turning from a one way to a one way was… I see now i was wrong”. That’s ok sir. Please be more careful in the future and have a nice day (No ticket and the stop would have been over in a minute…
    Just a guess, but I’ve been in similar situations…

  • Kevin Tucker

    True to their color, they are big fat liars and the Obama bumper sticker says it all…. you can always spot a liberal on the road because they always have lots of leftist bumper stickers on their car, and they are very aggressive, rude and dangerous drivers.

  • Fire_and_Steel

    “I had a good dose of arrogance on.” Let’s punctuate that properly; the period goes right there.
    He displayed his arrogance prominently. Maybe his doctor should lower his dose, or discontinue it entirely.
    What a jackass.

  • Dennis Roach

    Schools of Journalism are are more notorious hot spots of liberal indoctrination than even Schools of Education, Law, and Social Sciences if that’s possible. You can no longer expect a journalist to be evenhanded or accurate in their reporting.

  • Don Lynch

    This somehow turned into the danger of infirm driving. My concern isn’t this one guy lying to his editors and readers. I guess everything he has written is now going under scrutiny. My thing is how many other in the media have done, and are doing the same thing for a story? He did that not thinking about whose job he might destroy. He clearly knew nothing about the camera. There have been a few of the big media caught (and they really don’t care) but how many of this type of media manipulation are taking place daily? Can any of them be trusted?

  • Tara1

    Has Bill Clark ever worked for CNN before, sounds like he’s a lie-ability as well.

  • Eric

    Clark should be fired for filing a false story in the paper.

  • Tim Andrew

    wow, a lousy turn signal…how about all the cops I see on cell phones? …what a freckin joke

  • Bill

    Too bad they didn’t shoot the arrogant SOB.

  • Karen Langlois

    What an ass. He wants to be excused for a ticket for refusing to signal his turn. Cops know how to make a traffic stop. He needed to stop being an arrogant jackass know it all, apologize and politely accept his ticket. He can always argue it out with the judge, although the judge will probably laugh at him.

  • aunun ally

    ok this liberal pice of garbage not only hates police officers. he hates women. he hates veterans. and has a problem with athourty. which makes him one step away from being racist bag of criminal Behavior. sorry i am tired of the lying crap fake news gets away with

  • Etickets

    Typical exaggeration of a situation to make themselves into a victim. It was a BS ticket though.

  • The guy is just another liberal jerk…inventing things in his own mind and making himself out to be a victim of some sort. Good job, deputies!

  • fas933

    This is a post about Bill Clark being a lying a$$#013 , its not about aged drivers or texting millennials

  • And THIS is why we need dashcams and body cams for our police. It protects THEM against spurious claims of misconduct. If there isn’t an easily-accessible record of what went down, then people can just claim whatever they want. Unless you’re very specifically dealing with someone who needs privacy, like a crime victim who doesn’t want to be public, or an informant, the camera should be on all the time an officer is on duty. It protects the public, sure, but it protects the police even more.

  • บุญยืน สุขเสน่ห์

    I about fell asleep watching this video!

  • jabwocky

    Too bad that’s it’s not a crime for being an asshole, and reporting fake news…
    He should spend a few days in jail… AND I think he owes that cop an apology…..

  • Wayne Gadow

    Looks like ‘Ol Clark won’t be needed at the Columbia Tribune….but he will fit in nicely at the Fake News Network!

  • proteus

    ahhhh ,,,, the privileged few …. he was so arrogant, he couldn’t admit wrong doing …. however slight. I guess that’s because his ancestors .. were …. you pick the reason.

  • Sharon Beers

    Sorta like the time Hillary experienced sniper fire in Bosnia 12 years ago.

  • mlynn

    He should know every police cars are equipped with cameras. Did he need a story badly that day? Moron!


    Just another example of the far left wing main stream media making up a story.. lying.

  • Mathew Espinoza

    OMG…. He’ll be claiming white privilege next

  • godzillafeet

    He was rude. They were polite.

    I hate it when people are mean to cops. They have a horrible job dealing mostly with horrible people and the least decent people could do is show them some respect and appreciation.

    Getting stopped (and I have been) means despite you were an adult, you did something stupid that potentially endangers yourself or others. We should be saying to the cops, “Sorry for being stupid / spacing that out. Thanks.” Not acting like we’re children and they are Mean Mommies.

    Then rewriting that entire experience into an entire bucket of combined LIES, in order to make the police look bad, and playing on RACIAL division issues as part of it, is inexcusable. He should be fired.

  • jesb1949

    Many are getting off base here. No one was recklessly endangered by the right turn. That was his point. The officers point was it is now illegal to avoid signaling. The country wants its money for the violation. There was a difference between the ‘letter’ of the law, and the ‘spirit’ of the law, when I was starting to drive. That’s what kept the balance of respect and integrity between the citizen and the peace officers. Now, they are ‘law enforcement’ officers, and seen as revenue collectors by many drivers. All lives matter….so long as you’re not trying to take someone else’s. These simple situations have a way of escalating at times. Yes, the camera was rolling, but many times they aren’t. Be careful out there. If you have a genuine concern, most every department I know of, has a procedure in place that can evaluate and arbitrate things that are questionable. Clark should have perused that avenue. Sheriff Carey did the correct thing by investigating the allegations. However, all concerned should keep in mind that the Lavoy Finicum tragedy is still fresh in the minds of many concerned citizens, who are wondering what has happened to the integrity of justice. That didn’t turn out well at all for a man and his family, who were trying to get to a meeting with legal officials in Oregon about 18 months ago. So, I’m not saying to live in fear, but to be aware, responsible, and logical. Things definitely escalate when bruised egos are involved. And remember….driving is a privilege….not a right. Try going on a few ‘ride along’ programs sometime. These days its not easy on either side. Mostly because the media has made it difficult to discern truthful reporting. Ut Veritas Praevaleat. (May truth prevail.)

    • Pat

      He said he felt like he would get shot. He is a lying sack of garbage.
      The columnist put other people in danger (twice int his video) and then whined.

  • Mike Gilmer

    This so-called journalist is just another left wing cop hating moron who tells lies. That describes most of the MSM these days.

  • Tommy Breazeale

    Typical news reporter. Can rarely believe what they report on. Most of the time it is a half truth or totally false, much like CNN. I guess it would be asking to much for the news agency to reprimand this liar!

  • Philbert McNutt

    Billy Clark is a pathetic tool, is that what I’m seeing? Fake news, to fit his fake narrative. Progs ignore every reality except the one that fits the narrative……that they write, of course.

  • mrychr

    This columnist has lost all credibility. The police officer did her job professionally and pleasantly; the driver was rude and argumentative. The newspaper should never print another column he writes.

  • Michele

    There was a time when a journalist would have been fired for publishing blatant lies such as this man did. Yes, I’m considered a liberal. Yes, I’m a registered Democrat. No, I’m not stupid, as apparently so many are who blame “the liberal agenda” for anything they don’t approve of.

  • altos

    Clark is an arrogant idiot. He attempts to use his bully pulpit to take revenge on the cop for CLARK’s screw-up. So…what happens next? Does the paper have the integrity required to fire him? If not, why not?

  • Rocky D

    Crappy reporter. Crappy car. Crappy attitude. Crappy bumper stickers all over the crappy car. This guy deserves his crappy world of crappyness.

  • Emma Brown

    What an a-hole! The officers were polite and calm, he was mouthing off just like a smart-ass liberal.

  • bob jester

    The deputy was polite and professional but I believe he was right in pulling up to a safer area, I witnessed a stop in Florida where both cars were struck by another motorist. You’re not going to believe this,a second patrol car stopped to help and someone rear ended him, another patrol car stopped on opposite side of road and damned if he did’nt get hit too. The cops even joked about it. I think this all happened around Green Cove Springs 1987/1989

  • 143040

    The police just might be a little harder on dumbasses regardless of color or occupations. In this case the defendant only qualified because of his skill as a reporter. He is obviously a purveyor of fake news that Mr. Trump loves to expose. Good job by the police and Sheriff Carey.

  • American_Proud

    Poor Mr Clark. He must of been Oh So Terrified, that those Police Officers did their job and pulled him over. *Sarc The only attitude during the entire stop, came from his own mouth. Must be nice to be able to LIE to your readership and make up your own events of what happened. Sadly, the paper won’t make him write a retraction for his bogus story.

  • Mourning Warbler

    Why do you need to signal you’re turning right when there is no oncoming traffic? No wonder he felt predated upon. I agree: they seemed to be upon a mission. They’re not doing the reputation of policemen any help. A warning would have been MORE than enough.

  • Steve Ski

    Kind of a petty reason to stop someone. There is no safety issue with not signaling a right turn from a stop. Turn signals are for communicating your intentions to fellow drivers. A right turn from a stop affects no one. The deputies acted professional and courteous from what I can see. If I could write tickets to cops every time they fail to signal, I’d be writing tickets full time.

  • Vicki Wettig

    Actually, this is very informative. I often don’t signal when I’m in a turn lane because it seems to me that it should be obvious I’m turning. In the future, I will be more careful.

  • John Hinman

    The car driver was lucky that’s all he got, he sounded like one of those people with road rage, if you have ever driven with one. The Officer did not do anything wrong, there sure as Hell was no official arrogance. This reporter should be arrested for falsifying information. And typical Liberal, trying to claim racist, he wanted to be a minority so bad, but it goes to show you white people do get harassed by the police just like minorities, some are real and some lie just like this guy did!

  • Monty Simmons

    Anytime one is around a cop one’s life is in danger – to a point – but not necessarily the cop’s fault.

  • Jim Hasak

    No respect for the law. I’m “sure” it’s not related to the driver’s politics (note the Obama bumper sticker and others).

  • Robert Schell

    Actually, not only did he not use his signal, but he rolled the stop sign.

  • Chris .

    So do you think this is the first time Bill has played the racecard pndering to his Liberal base? First time he has used his postion to divide and spread his politcal intolerance? I think not. I think this was the first time he was caught red handed. The only reason he will print a retraction is because he was busted. We all know those who read his lies and agreed, will say, “No big deal” Bills hate filled rant has already done it’s damage, slandering the professional Police and further divide a nation. A lesson learned for the hate filled Left.

  • Brett Ray

    Glad to see the cops keeping the public safe and getting the hard ass criminals off the streets. Wow, he could have killed a dozen people or more by not flashing that little light on the back of his car. Good thing that cop was there to save the day and the people from his wanton, reckless and criminal behavior. How can a cop take themselves or their job serious doing stupid stuff like this? Notice Johnny tuff cop acting all suspicious and putting his grubby little paw prints on the back of the car? He’s acting like the little neighbor kids out playing army man, slowly back away just in case he’s a super villain. Such heroes out to save the world from the deadly non-use of turn signals. I can’t believe they posted this to try to make themselves look good.

    • צדקיה עמיחי

      I know that logic is lost on people like you, but I will try to make it as simple as possible so that you can understand – A law was broken. Police enforce laws.

  • Patrick Rice


  • 13thGenPatriot

    They should have charged him with felony evasion.

  • Robert Johnson

    Wow! That WAS mundane!! More proof that liberals are dain-bramaged! I hereby publicly charge the Boone County Sheriffs Department with excess professionalism and politeness! If we are going to promote the liberal anti-police agenda, we need cops that will be meaner, more violent, and a LOT more discriminatory!! Come on, officers…shoot more, bang more heads, and violate more civil rights. If you don’t, you run the very real risk of earning respect, increasing public safety, AND reducing crime!!

  • Chuck Brauer

    OMG!!!!!! This guy was in so much danger. Those cops were completely out of control. How dare they walk up to his car and ask to see his license and registration. That cop even called him sir 5 or 6 times. This is the worst case of misconduct I have ever seen.

  • Theresa Jensen

    If only it was mundane; more like completely maddening to hear his assholery unleashed on this poor woman (not to disrespect her.) Just as Bill Whittle explained yesterday on his NRA show HotMic( ) here we get to witness the Streisand Effect in all its wonderful glory. None of us would have a clue what complete jerk this guy is but we sure do now.

  • Really_Old_Guy

    I’m glad the video was posted. Guy’s pants MUST be on fire (because he’s certainly a liar)!

  • Tim Roof

    ‘Ol Clark kept using that word “arrogance” to describe the officers. I do not think it means what he thinks it means. Just an aging hippie. “He was part of the free speech movement at Berkeley in the ’60s. I think he did a little too much LDS.”

    • SD

      Nice references 🙂

  • Brandy

    Newspaper Columnist Writes He Almost Got Shot On Traffic Stop, Then Sheriff Releases Video…..He should be put in jail for trying to start a race war. Can bet he is an insane liberal !

  • Carrie Barton

    That is such BULL SHIT pulling someone over for not using their turn signal. Just another reason to stop and harass. Our police officers here in Scotts Valley have better things to do. Love our Scots Valley PD. No BULL SHIT!

    • DeplorableVietnamVet

      Ignorant comment.

      • Carrie Barton

        Tell what part of what I said is ignorant.

  • bobalouski

    Just another liberal douche in the media. Make mountains out of molehills they say.

  • timothyf7

    Too bad for him… there is a video of the entire stop… and it is more “FAKE NEWS” from a “FAKE Snowflake Journalist”!

  • Mike Franklin

    If I were that Deputy, I’d sue the driver and the rag newspaper.

  • I hear CNN is hiring

  • dan

    Most citizens do not know what to PROPERLY react to a traffic stop. I think there should be more training in Drivers Ed and more testing on exams. This is also the reason I think ALL CCH/ CCW should have classes and testing. When I have been stopped and treat the officer with respect and properly light my car and show my hands I get a warning & a thanks

  • M4Defense

    Being a jerk to the police officer will win you a prize every time. lol Don’t be a jerk, if you feel you need to plead your case, take a hearing. That’s the judges job. Learn to accept responsibility for your actions or inactions.

  • Terry Sh

    He didn’t stop at the sign even though she said he did. He rolled it plus he was over the stop line by half a car as he rolled it. He could have gotten more than one ticket.

  • jbf16falcon

    She was very professional and he was an ass to her! The only victim was her having to listen to his whinnying comments and him talking down to her. Guess that was just the start to his lying and slandering ways.

  • LOL, can we call clark’s article “Fake News?”

  • Dean Reeves

    Time to retire from the Fake News business Mr. Clark. Too much weed usage in your day!

  • Dean Reeves

    Excellent professionalism by the deputies! Nice police work!

  • Thomas James

    Without question, he’s a jerk. On the other hand, it’s ridiculous that we pay government billions of dollars to put people through such nonsense. I live in a large city where 95% of the drivers NEVER use a turn signal. So what? Big deal? Who cares? GO CATCH A REAL CRIMINAL, YOU GOVERNMENT WASTE-O-CRATS !!!

  • Pete L Nicks

    This person was pulled over for not using his turn signal, right? If you watch the entire video please count how many vehicles are coming from the side road/ ramp to the left and are not pulling into the lane closest to them. The rule is to pull into the lane closest and then move to the desired lane using your turn signals. Count how many cars, who do not use their turn signals, when they pass the police car and move into the right lane. All of those people broke the same law that the guy did that they pulled over yet they continued on.

    It does not matter to me that the officers were indeed nice to this gentleman, what matters to me is how many other vehicles did not use their turn signals or they moved into the far lane when turning, they all were not stopped. I see police allowing bicycles to ride on the wrong side of the road ever so often, not a one has pulled the bike rider over and tell them they must follow the same rules of the road as a vehicle. To me, these police officers pulled this guy over because he had a lot of bumper stickers on his vehicle and they just wanted to see what he was all about period.

  • 5litrecat

    The Reporter should have been fired!

  • Mark Steele

    A fine for failing to signal at the end of a road? Come on! The cop was just as much a jerk as the reporter.

  • Dana Valentine

    Well considering Jan-May 2016 36 police were killed in the line of duty. stats shows 3 9/11 related illness deaths. 51 killed by May 2017 . We can add few more for June and July an increase of over 40%. Mindless libs just massaging the B.S. and they still don’t understand that is what brought us to this point. the ball is in your court, how do you want to play?

  • Curtis

    I am wondering when people are going to get the idea of video cameras. That would be a reason to fire this man

  • Knights Hawk

    If he’s still employed by the Columbia Daily Tribune they’re openly exhibiting that facts don’t matter, only the narrative matters.

  • willie k

    IMO, the author is trying to establish some form of solidarity with minorities, or wash away his “white guilt” and gain some kind of liberal “street cred”. (See! I’m just like you people!) I hope this video is rubbed in his face and he is publicly outed as an idiot.

  • Jim Southerland

    When he ran, he is lucky that he didn’t get to eat gravel while being arrested.

  • Brainless lefty…. Selling FAKE NEWS.

  • laserblast92

    More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder!

  • Nicki Nelson

    driver is 85 years old and I think I’ll cut him some slack after
    reading his bio. Sound like a little dementia-related paranoia, and his
    family might consider taking his keys away, but I don’t think public
    shaming is in order in this case.

  • Michael Johnson

    well she shouldnt have pulled him over at the light causing blockage but followed and pulled him over at a safer space. second on a road that ended at a stop you are not turning but following the road. and why except that she had a trainer with her would you even pull over anyone. there was zero danger plus the road ended so driver must follow road either left or right. so a waste of time to impress your trainer. again filling a required amount of tickets?? now it was completely stupid for the guy to say he was going to get shot or fear of that. to achieve better relations dont write stupid tickets be a real officer not just a revenue stream for your county, actually talk by name, the sir thing means to me you dont care even to know my name while looking at it and most people respect authority but be honest about those who put on the badge because of ego or power because they give police a bad name and it hurts that respect

  • andweav

    This guy was disgruntled about his ticket, which was nitpicking but a valid reason for a traffic stop. The driver, however, appeared to have a need to become a black lives matter white martyr, but he failed miserably…and was rude, to boot! Cops won this battle, hands down!

  • Bob b

    The police officers can and should sue him. As a professional journalist, he has an obligation to print the truth. His story was based on lies and the need for vengeance which means he can be sued for liable.

    • Highest common denominator


      And not if he’s printing an opinion piece.

      • Bob b

        Not if he lies on purpose about the facts in an effort to cause harm. There is no immunity for journalist when they lie. Better check case law on the matter.

        • Highest common denominator

          The statement was “I could have been shot.” That’s conjecture, and wrong, but he wasn’t stating fact. There’s no case here.

  • Nonna98

    What a horse’s arse! LOL

  • Audrey Thomas

    That was a ridiculous stop. The officer was just using him for practice. It was more than obvious that he had to turn right at that intersection. This is a clear case of the officer unnecessarily endangering lives.

  • Highest common denominator

    They’re not my statistics, they come from police themselves. Did you not read the article?

  • Kathleen Browne

    Okay, Columbia Daily Tribune, what are you going to do about one of your columnists lying and then your paper putting that lie in print? This was a deliberate attend to continue to incite the racial divide in this County. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Guest

    What I expect the Columbia Daily Tribune to tell their readers about their columnist being contradicted by this video: crickets…

  • Mor Rahl

    A “no turn signal” at a stop sign IS harassment. I didn’t hear the cop use her turn signal either AND she rolled through the stop sign without coming to a full stop. Is THAT public safety? Do as we say, not as we do? With over 1,500 citizens killed by police each year and perhaps 30 cops killed at traffic stops, the public has every right to fear death being pulled over by a cop. Cops are in fear for their lives from a sandwich, cell phones, a toy train, wallets, empty hands, etc etc etc as ALL of those are used by police as an excuse to kill someone because they “feared for their lives”. This guy has two pistol packing officers on each side of his car with one of them fresh back from the middle east. Do you know what the majority of domestic terrorists have in common? Former military service. Do you know what most of the mass shooters in America have in common? Former military service. Do you know what three of the police ambush assailants had in common? Former military service. You guys even said yourselves that you had to send a training officer with her because she was fresh back from the middle east and you didn’t even trust her being out there by herself. So, until your profession stops using a close call with a sandwich or a cell phone as an excuse to murder someone, this guy gets to use a close call with two armed officers with one fresh from the battle field as a legitimate reason to be in fear for his life, especially when being pulled over for a turn signal infraction.

  • CrusadaB

    Uuuuuuu….that was so scary Mr Reporter. Clean your bumper too…that could cause a wreck trying to read all the stickers,…oh yeah, I saw only the Obama sticker. Cops loved Obama….NOT! You’re just tryin to get pulled over so you can cry. ROFLMBO!

  • Jim Southerland

    More fake news from a typical lying libturd posing as a journalist.

  • Jon Wilson

    Honestly people, how many of you “always” use a turn signal when at a full stop? or for that matter every time you make a turn. It was a waste of time by this officer. I am no liberal and I don’t agree with them. But this was a BS stop by the Police.

  • William Land

    Kinda looks like they were killing ’em with kindness

  • Gambler7

    Fake News!!!! Crap, I was scared there for a moment thinking I was accidentally watching cnn on purpose.

  • Evan Seelye

    Actually.. it’s more like “media ignorance”! He is lucky… as such a dumb shit – he deserved to be shot!

  • GigiAnn

    Police doing their job and polite.Apparently this man is a martyr.I can’t stand liars.

  • Highest common denominator

    a few of those things he accomplished, but where to start? The whole first half of your list dues not help any American that makes under 6 figures. Feel free to let me know how the DOW puts money in the majority of Americans pockets.

    Any job getting our job losing takes a few fiscal quarters to analyze. First quarter jobs belong to the outgoing president.

    Trump has not yet grown the military, he hasn’t been in long enough to effect that. If you disagree, please tell me where Trump grew the military.

    He did go into Syria after campaigning that he wouldn’t.

    Defeating ISIS? LOL.

    Funding is not cut from sanctuary cities. Where do you get your news?

    In your own words, what does ‘regulatoey reform’ mean?

    Dismantling climate change initiatives. That’s a good thing until white people read that sunscreen becomes less effective the older they get. Say hello to melanoma.

    Housing sales are cyclical. Presidents don’t directly influence that. The market does.

    Please show me where Obama said “jobs aren’t coming back.” Are you referring to coal jobs? Because those are doomed by technology.

  • Scott T Woods

    Snowflake alert. Driving while libtarded. Good job on the dash cam and audio, you got everything. Now shame this moron!

  • Wahului

    This was a stupid situation, initiated by the police. The driver was being responsible and cautious; he merely didn’t use his signal in an obvious “turning right” situation. I don’t understand his location change, except to make the officer’s approach more safe. The police were ok in their conduct during the stop, but it was vastly unnecessary in the first place.

  • Michael C Brannick

    would any reasonable person know if your in the right turn lane only you would be making a right turn? some cops are just jerks …………. SORRY

  • Amnuay Srisroi

    We have to wonder how many phony stories about police misconduct have, and will, be written by today’s phony ‘journalists’. Liberal newspapers are failing because of stories like this so they have to invent and sensationalize their stories. Sad.

    • Mor Rahl

      I am sure it only represents a FRACTION of the amount of “phony” stories that LEO’s have told about people they arrested to falsely charge them with crimes.

  • frappi

    I see that at no time was there undue risk of being shot by the officers. The driver clearly exaggerated this. “I do see” the drivers claim that they may not have been sure they were being pulled over. Lights on not withstanding. They were at an intersection with red light and the driver does appear to me that he may have in fact yielded a little room to allow the officer to pass safely. And the red light meant the car had to wait till it turned green The driver never surrendered the driving lane right tires were only on the line with no further room to give way. 99% of the vehicle was still in the driving lane. The truck should not have taken occupancy in that lane. And in fact the intersection was a very dangerous place for a traffic stop to take place. As soon as the siren with lights is applied the driver pulled off in an area safe for the Officers with greatly improved room for a traffic stop to take place. The siren only went through one cycle before it was shut off by the officer as the driver was pulling off into a good place for a stop for ALL. Officers are being killed and injured at traffic stops on a daily basis across the country. I can understand the Sheriffs office having to go defensive at a greatly exaggerated accusation from a citizen of being concerned that they were nearly shot. And I do agree their decision to display the video of the traffic stop. But there was also no need to interpret the way it went down as the citizen appearing to attempting to flee. The driver was at a red light with no right to proceed until it was green. No room to give further to give the officer a safe place to operate. There driver was in the wrong giving probable cause for the stop and a justifiable citation.The officers had not yet opened the doors of the patrol car. And the driver was overly defensive.

  • Jake Arr

    After fleeing, they should have dragged him out through the window by his nose. 🙂

  • Jake Arr

    Hahaha that old jackass could have gotten away with just a warning until he popped an attitude, even with the driveoff.

  • RebeccaSusanWright

    Literally NOTHING. This guy just really wanted a reason to be a victim.

  • johnnyboomboombuck

    I’m what many would call “liberal”. I don’t consider myself that, but I wanted to be clear (combat vet, lisc. & registered singular firearm owner). Having said that, this ‘reporter’ (I’m a BIG fan of the First Amendment, btw) should answer for this. Suspension. Termination. Whatever. If we cannot trust each other not to be sensationalist or to not do our jobs, then we are headed for darker times. Left, center, right. To falsify will lead to greater mistrust. Period.

  • coloradosprings

    Not everything has to do with who’s President, in fact very little in our personal lives does. This reporter needed a story and was on a deadline. Moron.

  • Granny Jan

    You’ll be happy to know that the Tribune suspended him, he has written an apology column, and we’re waiting to see if he is reinstated. Usually he writes about things concerning local history or sports history or birding.

  • Florence Morocco-Romanowski

    He’s a typical media liar…….she even thanked him when he handed her his license……

  • Michael Nance

    The original infraction was a cheap one to be pulled over for and I’m guessing if he handled himself correctly he would have just been given a warning. He deserves 10x what he actually got for his sensationalism of the event and the paper needs to write a story on things are not always what they seem so check the facts.

  • DavidLHagen
  • SeaGoblin

    they should have shot him lmao guy was a complete douche to the cop and she was so freaking nice to him. its insane how nice she was to him when he was being rude, he was salty as frick. he broke the law and kept telling the cops he didnt do anything wrong. get real LMAOOO what a noob. his parents must have raised him to be very trashy. such a shame.

    he should have been nice about it. admited to his mistake and took the ticket like a champ. instead he got pig headed

  • Kathy

    What an ornery old liar who used the bully pulpit of the news to spread hate. He was obviously angry that he was pulled over by the police. The existence of this video is proof of the biblical principle from Numbers 32:23 “and be sure your sin will find you out.” And, there sure has been a lot of sin out there with the press.

  • Wayne Heath

    OK, now, I’m not OK with the columnist’s piece about the traffic stop, and I’m glad the snowflake was suspended indefinitely.

    But I’m not OK with your “spin”, either.

    He did NOT write that he “almost got shot”, as you erroneously claim; he wrote “I’m lucky I didn’t get shot”.

    When attacking his credibility…first protect your own.

  • TonyInMO
  • Mary Kelly Henderson

    i can see why hes pissed that was petty and they must be needing money but he should have went to court and told the judge not lied in his article hes lucky it wasnt worse. he did stop so she was just being picky.

  • Deplorable 345

    The guy is a moron. He should be fired from the paper for fake news. CNN would love to have him as a fake news correspondent.

  • Scott H

    wow- I’m positively underwhelmed. Yawwwnnn… I guess this driver doesn’t get out much. I do see he’s a bumper sticker activist, so I guess that makes him “in touch” with the “community. I mean really. How many of these cases go down similarly and we read about it later as “police brutality”. All it does is make the cops look better, as they should, when they are in the right, which is the vast majority of the time! Thanks to our courageous officers doing the “dirty” work making us safer on the road and off!

  • JoyceMarshall

    This whole piece is about a dumbass old man, who happens to write for a paper, stirring the shit pot, and getting called out with proof his crap didn`t hold up. All this Trump/Obama jabber adds up to the same. Here`s your spoons(social media) stir away.

  • IQ encodoc

    Bill Clark, 100% virtue signaling.

  • Jim Rohl

    He came to an intersection- stopped -no traffic coming turned right- no signal – maybe he should have got a warning-but NO ticket . I think she was just showing off to her trainee


    The one thing that most Americans did not realize is that we had the first same sex couple in the White House for the last 8 years. That bitch looks like a dude I used to play football with.

  • James Chandler

    Typical left wing jerk newspaper fool. The incident was handled very professionally by the officers involved. This old fool just wanted to be a rectal orifice.

  • Jim Pelzel

    real piece of work thats the news paper for ya tv is no better

  • Peyton Youmans

    The funniest thing is he never actually stopped at the light either and they cut him a break on that.

  • Ken & Carolyn Huebner

    Belligerent driver. Extremely polite cop. He feared for his life? Hope his employer censures him for writing an article of lies.

  • Rich Pearson

    Purely professional by a well-trained officer. He should be ahsamed of himself, but I’m sure he’s not!

  • censorshipatwork

    What a pathetic little liar! He should have also been charged with resisting arrest and reckless driving!

  • Mark Finch

    It’s more than conclusive by watching this video that if anyone was being an asshat during this stop it was Bill Clark. The Columbia Daily Tribune should insist he write a formal apology for his heavily fabricated column to its readers or just simply fire him for same, or both.

  • Kevin Ronin

    Expose all these POS. They contribute to race hatred in America. -Special place in hell…

  • CVA61

    So now that the “reporter” for the bird cage liner paper he works for has established himself as a lying, biased and bigoted stooge for the left, what do you think will happen to him? If you said fired you are probably very wrong. If you said he was probably promoted and made a hero of the local left wing goon squad, you are most likely correct. Add to his above listed attributes the power to read minds as he stated that it was likely that he was pulled over for his liberal bumper stickers. This, ladies and gentlemen is the type of individual Bernie Sanders and his ilk want us to pay for to get their “free” degrees. For those of you who just want to work in a trade and provide the goods and services we all need just remember that to people like this you are not worth the effort beyond providing votes and cash. You do not typically get the political indoctrination and hate messages you would receive at a university while attending a trade school.

  • LAJames

    I watched the video all the way through. I’d have done the same thing the driver did. When the driving officer initially turned on the beacons should also have activated the siren or indicated to the civilian that he was being stopped. When she activated the beacons he wisely drove to the safest spot to pull over without blocking traffic.

  • Steve Farnsworth

    What constitutes a full stop is a full cessation of forward or back ward movement for a period of 3 seconds. First thing was the vehicle did not come to a full stop at the traffic signal, second, he did not signal a right hand turn, then he stopped in an active egress pattern cutting off other traffic, then without proper release from traffic control agent , moved his vehicle causing the agent in question to have to react to a possible flight risk. That is about where you begin this vehicle stop.