Hilarious Video of Arsonist Setting Himself on Fire

Hilarious Video of Arsonist Setting Himself on Fire

Madisonville, Kentucky – We don’t normally laugh at people’s pain, but we’ll make an exception for this arsonist. Madisonville Police Department released a video of a suspect setting a building, and himself, on fire.

In the video, the arsonist can be seen throwing a Molotov cocktail at the side of a barber shop, while he was standing next to it. The flammable liquid splashed back onto the suspect, setting him on fire. The suspect apparently never heard of “Stop, Drop, and Roll,” and he tries to put out the fire by running around very fast.

The arsonist then fell down and kicked off his flaming shoe before finally putting out the flames on his body.

Amazingly, as soon as the fire was off of him, the arsonist went right back to the building and threw more fuel onto the fire.

Arson is a much more serious crime than a simple vandalism because it endangers the lives and property of everybody in the area. These suspects also used an explosive device to start the fire and would be facing additional charges for that.

Anybody with information on these suspects is urged to call the Madisonville Police Department.