WATCH: Antifa Beats CBS Journalist In Richmond For Recording Them

A CBS Photojournalist was attacked by Antifa in Richmond.

A CBS Photojournalist was attacked by Antifa in Richmond.

VIDEO: Antifa Attacks CBS Photojournalist For Recording Them

Richmond, VA – A group of marching Antifa in Richmond ordered people not to film them as they marched on Sunday night, and they beat at least one photojournalist who didn’t listen (video below.)

At around 10 PM, a group of 200 Antifa started marching in Richmond late Sunday night while screaming “Take down the monuments,” and chanting, “Don’t film us, film the cops.”

CBS 6 reports that at some point a CBS6 photojournalist was confronted by Antifa for using his cell phone to film the group as the passed by the Camel on Broad Street.

CBS 6 reports:

“Stop filming bro,” one of the protesters said.

“I can film whatever I want,” the CBS 6 staffer replies. “Get out of my face.”

At that point video shows one of the protesters hit the photojournalist with what he described as a big stick.

“This is not a peaceful protest,” he wrote.

Officers responded but it’s not reported if any arrests were made in the attack. Richmond police reported one arrest Sunday night.

The photojournalist was transported to Retreat Doctors’ Hospital where he had to receive four staples in his skull

A CBS 6 crew also reported seeing somebody with Antifa trying to conceal a baseball bat in his clothing.

Antifa has long operated as a domestic terrorist organization, claiming that preemptive violence is self defense. They view Nazis as a threat that should be met with violence, and anybody who disagrees with them is labeled to be a Nazi.

The terrorist attack in Charlottesville on Saturday appears to have re-affirmed to them that violence is an acceptable way to respond to people that they don’t agree with.

The terrorist, Alex Fields Jr., was associated with a known white supremacist group. However, Antifa has a history of assaulting people and destroying property with no links to white nationalism, white supremacy, or Nazism. The group also has a history of throwing bombs, bricks, glass bottles with nails, and more at law enforcement.

The Richmond Antifa group marched to the Lee monument where they appeared to try to vandalize it before the group marched on and broke up at around 12:30 AM.

Please help spread the word that this is what Antifa stands for, and you can’t fight terror and hate with more of the same.

You can see videos of the attack and the group at the Lee monument below: