WATCH: Anti-War Protest In Jacksonville Turns Violent When They Attack Police, Get Ass-Whooping

Anti-war protesters attacked police, got ass-whooping for it.

Anti-war protesters attacked police, got ass-whooping for it.

VIDEO: Anti-War Protesters Attack Police, Resist Arrest, Police Fight Back

Jacksonville, FL – An anti-war protest in Jacksonville turned violent Friday evening when pro-Trump counter-protesters showed up. When police tried to intervene, they were attacked. The police fought back, and it was captured on video (below.)

Our sources tell us that it started with a anti-war protesters, “No War With Syria” in Jacksonville who were protesting the military action in Syria. A group of pro-Trump counter-protesters arrived, which infuriated many in the anti-war crowd.

Scuffles broke out between the two groups when a pro-Trump counter-protester got onto the stage. The police moved in to separate the them. As the officers were separating the groups, the anti-war protesters started attacking the police.

The law enforcement officers on scene started arresting the aggressors in the anti-war group, and all hell broke loose.

The video was edited to cut out the start of the attacks on police, but the video still shows people shoving the police and actively resisting arrest.

PSA: If you shove a police officer, they are allowed to punch you.

The Law Offices of John M Phillips posted the video to their Facebook page with the caption:

A protest turned violent in Jacksonville. JSO will undoubtedly charge the individuals depicted here with “Resisting Arrest with violence.” Save all videos. We will have a lawyer available for court appearances tomorrow, if necessary.

I personally wouldn’t want an attorney who posted that video online, which is evidence that the anti-trump crowd was actually “resisting arrest with violence.”

Officers reportedly made at least 5 arrests.

Good job to these officers for taking out the aggressors who were causing the issues. The majority of the anti-war crowd remained non-violent and the violent troublemakers were removed.

You can see the video below: