Civilian Hero Vickie Williams-Tillman Saves Life Of Baton Rouge Officer

Vickie Williams-Tillman is a hero after saving a Baton Rouge Police Officer.

Vickie Williams-Tillman is a hero after saving a Baton Rouge Police Officer.

When a Baton Rouge Officer’s Life Was In Jeopardy, Civilian Hero Vickie Williams-Tillman Stepped In

When Vickie Williams-Tillman saw a Baton Rouge police officer being viciously beaten over the head with his own baton by a crazed drug suspect, this hero took action.

According to The Advocate, the incident began on Sunday morning around 8 AM when the unidentified officer had conducted a traffic stop in the 8400 block of Harry Drive. Subsequent to the stop, the officer found drugs in the vehicle driven by 28 year old Thomas Bennett. BRPD spokesperson L’Jean McKneely told The Advocate that Bennett had gained possession of the officer’s baton and was beating the officer repeatedly over the head when our hero stepping in.

Vickie Williams-Tillman was on her way to shop when she spotted the officer in trouble. Instead of passing by as many people reportedly did, Mrs. Williams-Tillman stopped her vehicle, rolled down her window and asked the officer if he needed help. He didn’t respond but she could see that he was in a battle for his life.

“I could see in his eyes he needed help,” she told The Advocate. “You don’t have time to think about it. I did what God needed me to do.”

Mrs. Williams-Tillman called 911 for police assistance and then went into action. This hero exited her vehicle at the risk her own life and went to the aid of the injured officer. She jumped on the back of the violent criminal who was at that point attempting to take the officers firearm. Mrs. Williams-Tillman was able to help the officer hold the suspect down until backup arrived and Bennett was taken into custody.

Mrs. Williams-Tillman was transported to an area hospital with an injury to her wrist. The 44 year old officer with 21 total years of service was transported as well with head wounds. Both were treated and thankfully released.

Mrs. Williams-Tillman spoke with the grateful officer after the incident who told her that no one offered assistance until she came along. “A lot of people passed him up,” Mrs. Williams-Tillman said. “I was listening to some gospel music, minding my business, just driving along. It was something that went through my soul. You don’t think about the risk.”

McKneely said that the fight might have gone very differently had Mrs. Williams-Tillman not stopped. “She made a big difference in the fight,” he said.

We agree. Instead of possibly mourning the loss of yet another law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty, we’re celebrating the courageous actions of a true hero. Vickie Williams-Tillman, we thank you.

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