Police Chief Confident In Motive Of UT-Austin Mass Stabbing Suspect Kendrex White

Kendex White was arrested for the mass-stabbing attack at UT-Austin.

Kendex White was arrested for the mass-stabbing attack at UT-Austin.

Details of UT-Austin Stabbing by Kendrex White

Austin, TX –  University of Texas student, Kendrex White, age 21, was taken into custody after committing a mass-stabbing on the Austin campus on Monday. The police department has said that they are confident that they know the motive for the attack.

On Monday at around 1:49 PM, Kendrex White calmly walked onto campus while armed with a large bowie knife, stabbed one student to death, and stabbed three others, seriously injuring them.

There is no evidence which suggest that there was any particular group of people targeted in the attack, besides possibly males. Kendrex White kicked a female out of the way before killing his first victim.

White is a Christian with no ties to any terrorist group. He had recently been involuntarily committed for mental health reasons prior to the attack, and the police department is confident that the attack was the result of a mental health episode.

At the time of the incident, police officers responded to a call of an individual attacking someone outside of the gym.

Upon arrival, less than two minutes after getting the call, two officers arrived and pointed out White, who was walking into a dorm toward more students. The officers tackled White and took him into custody.

Other police officers arrived and began checking the area.  Three other stabbing victims were found about a block away.

One victim was pronounced dead at the scene.  The other three victims were transported to a local hospital and were reported to be seriously injured. Two of those victims were released late Monday.  All of the victims were reported to be in their 20’s.

Witnesses reported that White was calmly walking around the Gregory Gym plaza and stabbing students.  At least 25 people, mostly students, are reported to have witnessed the attack.

White was a biology major and scheduled to graduate in 2018, according to Fox News. White is black, while three of his victims were white and the fourth victim was Asian, and there is no reason to believe that race was a factor in the attack.

White has been booked on a charge of murder.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the UT-Austin victims and their families.