United States Navy SEALs Go Out Of Their Way To Help Law Enforcement

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United States Navy SEALs Go Out Of Their Way To Help Law Enforcement

Blue Lives Matter is honored to be working with over thirty Veteran-owned and -operated businesses to achieve our goal of supplying law enforcement throughout the country with necessary life-saving equipment. Two of these businesses in particular are owned and operated by United Sates Navy SEALs. Strike Force Energy and Green Devil Garage are two companies located out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, a huge Navy town. Both of these companies have dedicated themselves to supporting the veteran community but now, with all of the political and media backlash that the Law Enforcement community is facing, they have made giving back to America’s blue heroes a primary focus of their companies.

Strike Force Energy is a company that was formed when Navy SEALs saw an issue with the drinks supplied to military personnel overseas. The military, like most of the country, runs on caffeine and water. Much of the water overseas can be less than desirable and the average soldier doesn’t always have time to brew a cup of coffee. With a focus on nutrition, energy, and flavor, Strike Force Energy was born, giving military personnel a much needed alternative to foul water and horrible canned energy drinks.

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Sean Matson, US Navy SEAL and President of Strike Force Energy

Sean Matson is the President and Co-founder of Strike Force Energy.  Sean spent 10 years (2005 – 2015) as a Navy SEAL Officer, with multiple deployments in strategic locations.  He continues serving his country in the SEAL Active Reserves. He has been instrumental in the success of Strike Force and leveraging the leadership skills from his time on active duty and as the CEO of MATBOCK, LLC.  Additionally, he worked for VeteranCrowd, LLC in Virginia, which is a regulated equity crowdfunding portal that connects accredited investors to these veteran-led companies on a national scale. Sean has worked closely with members of Blue Lives Matter. He and Strike Force Energy have dedicated 10% of their sales to our cause of supplying police officers with necessary life-saving equipment. Sean will also be appearing on the Tomi Lahren show with our national spokesman Randy Sutton this Wednesday, 2-15-2017, so be sure to check it out. Also, if you go to their page and use the discount code: Bluematters20, you can get 20% off of your entire order.

Patrick Tozzi, also a US Navy SEAL, is the owner of Green Devil Garage, a custom motorcycle shop. Patrick and Sean are great friends and both share the same passion for giving back to American heroes. I had the honor of having a conversation with Patrick about why he is so dedicated to law enforcement.  Here is what he said:

“I’ve been in the military going on 13 years. I’m not sure where my passion came from for building but it’s something I enjoy doing and have been able to use my talent to help others via our charity donations and raffle bikes. As for my support for the police, I was raised by a police officer. He was a cop and detective in NYC from around 1946-1969. After that he moved to Tx and continued his career in the police force until around the year 2000. Though he was a police officer I was NOT a good kid. I spent a lot of time in trouble and I have spent my fair time behind bars for being a dumbass. This day and age police can’t do their jobs anymore. People don’t understand the mindset they have to leave their homes with when on duty. Where they used to go out on the offensive they are now always on the defense and having to second guess every move they make. I’m not saying every decision is right but a vast majority are and if they were able to go out and do their job without being in fear of being fired for saying the wrong thing to the person with their phone out we would be in a much better state.”

Patrick and his crew will be holding a motorcycle and car show on March 25th this year. It is a huge show that always has a fantastic turn out. Patrick will be donating a portion of all the money raised from the show to our cause.

CALLING ALL CARS; CALLING ALL CARS AND BIKES!!! Alright everyone it’s that time! We are having our anniversary party a little later for better weather… This year a portion of all proceeds will go to Blue lives matter! We need to support the men and women that us safe every day! Each entry will get 2 drink tickets (either 1 mixed drink or 2 beers) It will be located at 615 bar and grill. Where they will have food and booze! With drink specials all day! There will also be a food truck @thecoopva ! Their food is outstanding! Come show your support…!! There are plenty of vendor spots available, please like and share! Let’s make this HUGE! @bluelivesmatter @mitch_aguiar @anchorallies @oceanacycles @the_things_men_like @motorcycleshows @hotbikemag @theamericanbrew @americanironmag @gdg_alex @gdg_justin @gdg_pat @gdg_peanut @docholliday908 @thecoopva @blackhousemma @brookelinbfinley @barefoot_hrbe @butcher_chop_rhett @bradbrown07 @33kustomkolor @jboyce113 @oceanacycles @camyt @croft.leather @yocumsrodshop @disownedcustoms @domraso @4mula_s_valiant @igorscustom @erin_crooks_ @elises2pieces @enwfitness @parker_physique @indianlarrymotorcycles @hpi_vb @kaytayvb @luke_bezzmo @warpaint513 @northendbagco @porterbuilt @popeofwelding @porkchop_garage #bluelivesmatter #showyoursupport #beer #food #carshow #motorcycleshow #godblessamerica #fuckyoujustin #prizes

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Blue Lives Matter could not be more proud to know men like these. Navy SEALs are the top of the line when it comes to American heroes. With their help, we will be able to supply officers in need with life saving equipment. If you want to help us in our mission, please join our membership where you will gain access to dozens of discounts from veteran and law enforcement companies just like Sean’s and Patrick’s.