Two Armed Suspects Rob Bar Across From Police Station During Officer’s Retirement Party

Tyree McCoy and Joseph McInnis were arrested for robbing a bar during a police retirement party.

Tyree McCoy and Joseph McInnis were arrested for robbing a bar during a police retirement party.

Pair Arrested For Robbing Police Bar

Woodlawn, MD – Two armed suspects held up a bar on Tuesday evening, August 29.  They apparently didn’t realize that a retirement party for an officer was happening at the time, and that the bar is across the street from a police precinct station.

The incident occurred about 5:30 PM at Monaghan’s Pub on Gwynn Oak Avenue, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Several police officers were inside the bar celebrating the retirement of veteran Baltimore County Police Sergeant David Neral.

Two masked men, later identified as Joseph McInnis III, age 21, and Tyree McCoy, age 22, came into the bar and went to the carryout counter.

Monaghan’s owner Jack Milani said that both suspects demanded money and fled.  Some of the off-duty officers who were present celebrating Sergeant Neral’s retirement initiated foot pursuit and caught up with both men after a short distance.

No officers were reported to have been injured in the incident.

Both McInnis and McCoy were arrested and have been charged with armed robbery, theft, and other offenses.

Based on their booking photos, it appears that the pair may have been slightly injured during the arrest.

Milani said that he was surprised that someone would try to rob his business, because off-duty officers are usually present, and officers and cruisers are coming and going during shift change at the precinct across the street.

Sergeant Neral has been with the Baltimore County Police Department since 1988.

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