Two Motorcycle Cops Are Run Over While Escorting Orlando Funeral Procession

Two Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Motor deputies were helping to escort a funeral procession for one of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub victims Saturday morning. An impatient, inconsiderate, and quite frankly, extremely disrespectful motorist, refused to wait for the procession to pass. The heedless motorist cut through the procession, wrecking into the two motor officers throwing them from their motorcycles.

Orlando motors police officers ht during funeral procession Orlando motors police officers ht during funeral procession Orlando motors police officers ht during funeral procession

Both officers were transported to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries. In a press conference, Sheriff Bob Hansel state, “right now, our focus is on the health of our two motor deputies who are being treated at a local hospital.”

Our condolences to the family of the victim of the Orlando massacre. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers along with these two heroes. If you see a funeral procession, and it is blocking your route, find another way or be patient, it could always be you or one of your own loved ones inside that hearse.

  • Heal quickly officers we need not add
    to the body count of the Irlando Mass
    Murderer . Nor the injuried . Blue Lives
    Matter and this is just the worst of
    circumstances for their duty assignment
    today ! Prayers for both officers , their
    Families and colleagues in BLUE !
    And condolences to the family of the
    Deceased and the berivement of those
    attending a sacred and sad funeral and burial . God Bless all those involved
    Or effected ! ????????????????????????????????????????

  • Arlene

    So disrespectful for everyone involved….some people just do not care about anyone or anything but themselves. Just sad.

  • Sandy

    Blue Lives Matter… God bless and a quick recovery.

  • This really hurts my heart. I can not imagine the pain this family is going through from the loss of a loved one plus the horrific attack on so many others, and now to add the upset and pain from what has happened to these two officers that were doing an act of kindness and respect while assisting with the funeral procession for them.
    As a wife of an officer that has served for 40 years, and a step-mother to a Patrol Sergant and who serves as a Sergant Major in the Army Ntl. Guard, I have great respect for these men in blue. May they recover fully and return to the career they have chosen.
    Please always remember, “Blue Lives Matter!”

  • Steve

    So who is the asshole who did this?

  • Lupe

    My prayers for the two officers that were hurt because the fucktard was impatient . I hope they throw the book at him. Total lack of respect and common sense.

  • Lina

    I hope the two officers will be okay.
    As for this jerk, is he being charged?
    No respect at all.
    Rip all the Orlando victims.
    God bless.

  • Ann Turner

    Prayers going out to the motocycleaning police offers and again, my sincere condolences to all family and friends from the horrific massacre. God bless you all!!!

  • Ann Turner

    Sorry please forgive my typos

    Corrrections, motorcycle, not motor cycleaning. I should slow down typing!

  • Gordon

    As a retired motor officer, my heart goes out to these two officers. Escort details, funeral, presidential, etc., are one of the most dangerous details a motor officer undertakes.
    High speed, close quarters, and so many variables you can’t control. Hope they recover fully and can return to their duties and their families.

  • Shane

    She should be arrested for attempted murder of two officers, careless driving, aggravated assault, and causing bodily injuries. And what ever else she can be charged with disrespectful idoit throw the book at her your honor

  • VoiceOfReason

    The vitriol towards the driver is justified. Their impatience hurt two humans. But can we all agree that funeral processions are archaic and unnecessary. Have a funeral, or a family rememberance. But the whole parade to the grave is just unnecessary. They’re dead. It’s not like they’ll complain. Secondly, can we just do away with graves. They’re a waste of space and further fetishizing of the dead. Most grave sites are not visited ever again within 10 years of they’re creation. I don’t want my loved ones wasting time to look at a peice of cement with my name on it, go love your families and do fun things with them. Let’s just cremate the bodies, put the ashes somewhere nice, and be done with it. We get on life and there is no second chance. This isn’t some dress rehearsal for something else so let’s not waste time and space fetishizing the dead.

  • l collom

    This is such traditiyt one man went into a bar and killed 49 people plus injured 53 others thank goodness my bril was not there!! God bless all the moms,dads,brothers,sisters,grandmas&grandppas

  • Bert Mc

    I hope the driver will be behind bars forever!