Detroit Man ‘Remorseful’ After Shooting Officer In The Face With A Shotgun

There were two Detroit officers shot overnight.

There were two Detroit officers shot overnight.

Two Detroit Officers Shot By Shotgun Blast

Detroit, MI –  Two Detroit Police Officers were shot late Sunday night as they responded to a burglary call.

According to Fox2Detroit, the incident occurred about 11:45 PM in the 20200 block Lesure Street, near 8 Mile and Schaefer Highway.  The Detroit officers responded to the home to investigate the reported burglary. While officers were shining their flashlights out front, a 19-year-old inside the residence fired one blast from a shotgun, which struck both officers.

Both officers were transported to Sinai Grace Hospital for treatment.  One officer, who was shot in the face, remains hospitalized in critical condition.  The second officer was struck in the arm and has been treated and released..

Neither officer was identified. Police Chief Craig said that both officers are fairly new to the job. The officer who is in critical condition has two years of experience and the second Officer has 18 months on the job.

Detroit PD said that the family had called 911 at least three times before the shooting. Three people were taken into custody after the shooting, a mother, her 19-year-old son/shooter,  and a 14-year-old male sibling. Despite having called for the police, Chief Craig says that the family may not have known that it was the police that they shot at.

“The facts tend to suggest that the shot was fired because the subject believed that they were going to be burglarized,” Chief Craig told reporters. “That young man who fired that shot is extremely remorseful. The mother’s remorseful. They just want to make sure the officers are going to be OK.”

If you are going to shoot your gun at another human, you better know who you’re shooting at, especially after you just called the police to your house.

At this point, the shooter may not be charged due to the shooting being an “accident.” Although it wasn’t an accident; it was reckless, at the very least. Prosecutors are reviewing the case to determine if they are going to charge the shooter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with both injured Detroit Police Officers.