Two More Baltimore Officers Filed Lawsuits Against Mosby


Two more Baltimore Officers have filed lawsuits against State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. This brings the total to five of the Baltimore Six having known lawsuits against Mosby.

Justin Fenton with The Baltimore Sun reports:

A Maryland U.S. District Court judge has unsealed another lawsuit filed against State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby by police officers charged in the Freddie Gray case.

Court records show Officers Edward Nero, who was acquitted of all charges last month, and Garrett Miller filed a joint suit against Mosby and Sheriff’s Office Maj. Samuel Cogen on April 29. The case was unsealed Tuesday.

The suit alleges false arrest and false imprisonment, defamation, and violation of constitutional rights, and claims Mosby and Cogen knowingly filed false charges against the officers “in furtherance of [their] own personal interests and political agenda.”

“Their illegal arrests were made without probable cause and demonstrated ill will, improper motivation and/or evil purpose,” attorney Joseph Thomas Mallon Jr. wrote.

The cases bring to five the number of known lawsuits filed against Mosby and Cogen by officers charged in the arrest and death of Gray.

It’s possible that Officer Caesar Goodson, who doesn’t have a known lawsuit against Mosby, may have also filed a lawsuit against Mosby, but it may be sealed. Officer Goodson faces the most serious charge of depraved heart murder. Goodson opted for a bench trial which begins tomorrow.

Hopefully these lawsuits hit Mosby so hard, other prosecutors will think twice before filing charges against innocent officers for political reasons.