BREAKING: Killer On The Loose In Tulsa, Driving Over People On Sidewalk

Tulsa Police Department says that the attacks were intentional.

Tulsa Police Department says that the attacks were intentional.

Hit-And-Run Killer In Tulsa

Tulsa, OK – Four people have been run over and one killed in two separate hit and run incidents where a white pickup drove over people on the sidewalk in Tulsa.

The driver of that pickup fled the scenes and is still on the loose.

The first incident started Monday morning when a white truck was seen circling a block several times before intentionally driving up on the sidewalk to run over three people.

“This guy never braked, never stopped, then gunned it and took off,” said Sergeant Steven Florea, according to News On 6.

One of those victims, a 46-year-old male, died of his injuries.

“He had to deliberately drive up over the curb and maneuver his vehicle through a telephone pole and the retaining wall and then accelerate to hit these guys,” said Florea. “And he intentionally stayed on the sidewalk the entire time. I cannot fathom how that could accidentally happen.”

A vehicle matching the same description then ran over somebody else at around 5 PM.

A woman was sitting on the sidewalk behind the QuikTrip at 15th and Denver when the pickup drove off of the roadway, running over her leg. That person survived the attack.

All area police officers are currently looking for a boxy white 1980s-1990s pickup truck with possible passenger-side damage, driven by a middle-aged white male who was wearing a ball cap at the time of the attacks.

Anybody who sees the vehicle should call 911 immediately.

Please help spread the word and help get this killer off of the streets before he kills again.

You can see video from the Tulsa Police Department press conference below: