WATCH: Tucker Carlson Dumbfounded By Black Lives Matter Speaker Promoting Racism

Tucker Carlson was dumbfounded by Black Lives Matter hate speech.

Tucker Carlson was dumbfounded by Black Lives Matter hate speech.

Video: Black Lives Matter Speaker Spouts Hate Speech To Tucker Carlson

New York City, NY –  On Memorial Day, the New York City chapter of Black Lives Matter held a for “blacks only,” declaring the day as a black holiday.

According to FoxNewsInsider political commentator Tucker Carlson hosted one of the Black Lives Matter speakers on his show and asked why having such an event is acceptable, in light of their political statements.

In an informal debate, Carlson asked the Black Lives Matter supporter and alleged political commentator Lisa Durden, “I thought the whole point of Black Lives Matter was to speak out against singling out people based on race?”

In response, she went on a rant and starts out by saying “Boo-hoo, you white people are angry because you couldn’t use your ‘white privilege’ card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter all-black Memorial Day celebration.”

He again asked her the initial question, about why Black Lives Matter would exclude other people based solely on their race while protesting against such beliefs.  Durden’s response was that “Caucasians have “been [celebrating] ‘White Day’ forever”.

Carlson said that Black Lives Matter promoting segregation appears to be the very opposite of what they claim to believe. Durden said that the “Bachelorette” reality show ran 11 seasons before a non-white woman was cast.

In response, Carlson said that Durden and Black Lives Matter were being “hostile, separatist and crazy.”  She said that black people have been excluded from events for centuries.

Carlson then told her that she was “sick”, and that what she was saying was “disgusting.”

Many Black Lives Matter groups have more recently been transforming their message to push more of a black separatist ideology which includes segregating people based on their race on the basis that they are giving people of color a “safe space” from white people.

The SPLC monitors Black Separatist hate groups, and have noted a 58% increase in the number of black separatist groups between 2014 and 2016.

You can see the video interview below: