The Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah, Bashes Heroes

Trevor Noah routinely bashes cops

Trevor Noah, the new host of The Daily Show, routinely bashes cops

The Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah, Bashes Heroes

Trevor Noah has been the host of The Daily Show since September 28th of 2015. In this short time, he has taken numerous opportunities to fuel the flames of the anti-police narrative.

Noah took full advantage of his newly inherited media position to impart his personal anti-police agenda onto millions of Americans. Most notably back in July, after the justified shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

“Did you guys see that shooting that happened two days ago? Because don’t worry if you missed it. There was another one yesterday… Two videos in two days of police fatally shooting two black men who, when you watch the video, did nothing to warrant them losing their lives.”

“Did nothing to warrant them losing their lives.” Trevor Noath is saying that Alton Sterling, who died while trying to to murder officers, did nothing to warrant the police officers from defending their lives. The evidence is pretty damn clear.

As for the Philando Castile shooting, the facts that we have so far indicate that it was likely a justified shooting. Not enough facts that have been released to the public yet to give a definitive answer on this one yet. Knee jerk reactions to complex situations can result in a Ferguson situation. In Ferguson we didn’t have all of the details right away, and people overreacted so much, that when it became clear that Michael Brown is justifiably dead, ignorant people still point to him as an example of excessive police force.

Trevor Noah, clearly misguided as the rest of the Black Lives Matter camp, went on in his rant to say:

“some people say, ‘I don’t think there’s a problem with the police. You know, black people are surely doing something. Maybe the black guy did something wrong.’ You can’t deny the racism. At some point you have to acknowledge it,”

Facts never seem to be trusted by the anti-police people like Noah, because facts have a strong police bias.

Watch the video below that was just recently published on The Daily Show’s YouTube page where Trevor Noah again, uses his media platform to spread hate towards police. In the video you can see him taking every example so far out of context, that he manipulates the people who don’t know better.