Reporter Tom Llamas Called A ‘Snitch’ After Finding Looters By Body

Tom Llamas tweeted this photo saying that the police found a body next to looters.

Tom Llamas tweeted this photo saying that the police found a body next to looters.

Tom Llamas Criticized Tweet

Houston, TX – Reporter Tom Llamas is being flooded with an overwhelming amount of negative reactions after he tweeted that he found some looters next to a body.

Llamas, who is an anchor for ABC’s ‘World News Tonight’, was in Houston covering the effects of Hurricane Harvey. In a tweet from Tuesday, he said:

#Breaking We’re witnessing looting right now at a large supermarket in the NE part of Houston & police have just discovered a body nearby.

The criticism was pretty evenly divided, with one group slamming him for allegedly “prioritizing events,” which they claim he did when he reported about the looting first and the body being discovered next, although both were in the same tweet.

Another group slammed Llamas for reporting about the looting, and for reporting it to police, and said that “people getting food in a disaster are not looters”, according to Fox News.

Almost all responses were negative.

Llamas posted a second tweet where he tried to explain what he meant, but it has since been deleted.  In that tweet, Llamas said he had reported the looting to police and that a Coast Guard helicopter was now flying overhead to prevent further action.

He did post a final tweet with an explanation, although he didn’t need to explain himself in the first place.

Let me clear this up–we were w/police who had discovered a dead body & mentioned we saw ppl w/faces covered going into a supermarket nearby

That tweet did nothing to help and he is still being heavily criticized.



Perhaps those people were looting for food while they were starving, and perhaps not. Some of the photos and videos that are being taken and publicized by media show money being stolen from cash registers, TVs being carried down the street, and other goods being stolen for personal use.

Our police sources in Houston tell us that there’s a massive amount of food donations currently coming in and people don’t need to loot to in order eat. They also said that most of the looters aren’t just taking food, but mostly taking other things and running around vandalizing for fun.

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