Tim Tebow Pays Respect to NYPD

Tim Tebow shows his respect for NYPD.

Tim Tebow shows his respect for NYPD.

Tim Tebow Thanks Police in New York

Queens, NY – Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow paid his respect to New York city police officers at the 105th precinct in Queens on Tuesday.

Tebow, accompanied by New York Mets co-owner Jeff Wilpon, stopped by the department to offer their support for New York’s finest, particularly, Brian Moore, who was executed in the line of duty in May of 2015.

The Heisman Trophy winner was in the area to promote his new book ‘Shaken’, a memoir detailing his struggles to build confidence in his identity in God, not the world.

ESPN reports, “It’s very meaningful to be able to give back, but honestly just to say thank you and try to encourage all of them that what they do really matters,” Tebow said. “It matters to me, and they’re making a difference. What they’re doing is significant. Sometimes it can be a thankless job. We just wanted to take this time to say thank you. … It’s great to be able to come in here and try to encourage them. But, at the same time, they’re such an encouragement to me with just what they do every single day.”

Tebow signed with the New York Mets in September.

The Mets have developed a strong respectful relationship with the New York Police Department since the murder of Officer Moore. In a special pre-game-ceremony just days after Moore’s death the New York Mets donned NYPD hats, lowered their flags to half-staff and requested a moment of silence for the fallen officer.

NYPD Lt. Robert Maguire reportedly said, of the visit, “It’s really nice to see people come down that really appreciate us, that care about what we do every day. You see that all the time. … When we’re out on patrol, we hear it all day long, we see it all day long from a lot of people. There’s a lot of support in New York. With Tim Tebow coming down and the Mets coming down — the Mets are great supporters of us — it gives us a good feeling.”

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