Three Officers Injured In Oakland As Rioters Throw Bombs At Police

Oakland riots after Donald Trump is elected.

Oakland riots after Donald Trump is elected.

Three Officers Injured In Oakland As Rioters Throw Bombs At Police

Oakland, California – Three officers were injured overnight as rioters attacked police and destroyed property at an election protest in Oakland.

UPDATE: Thursday night update.

About 6,000 people were estimated to be at the anti-Trump election protest in Oakland, when smaller groups started breaking off from the marchers to start rioting. Officers had fireworks, molotov cocktails, rocks, and bottles thrown at them throughout the night. Three officers were injured in the rioting. The extent of the officers’ injuries are not known at this time.

Multiple police agencies were on scene to assist with the rioting, including Pleasanton Police Department. Three Pleasanton police cars were heavily damaged in the rioting.

And estimated 16 businesses were damaged, along with around 40 fires started. KTVU reports that one resident was nearly burned when a “protester” set the man’s car on fire. “‘A couple of people with bottles of gas, throwing them on the street, and then lighting his car on fire,’ said a man who only gave his first name, ‘Nick.'”

Police officers on scene arrested 30 people and issued 11 citations. Charges included assaulting an officer, vandalism, unlawful assembly, and possession of a firearm.

Election protests broke out throughout the country when it became clear the Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election. People have been protesting and rioting ever since, in a valiant attempt to accomplish nothing.

Their nonsense had already resulted in at least one person getting run over along with last night’s injured heroes.

Black Lives Matter supporters have been calling for people to go to white areas and destroy their neighborhoods, because they blame white people for inflicting Donald Trump upon them. Now rioters are taking up the call to action by destroying people’s property and attacking the police officers who are trying to keep their community safe.

We hope for the speedy recovery of all of the injured officers.

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