Terry Lemons Set Up Fake Law Enforcement Memorial To Collect Donations, Now Being Sued By Missouri Attorney General

Terry Lemons took money to build out his police "memorial" car while falsely claiming non-profit status, according to AG.

Terry Lemons took money to build out his police “memorial” car while falsely claiming non-profit status, according to AG.

Blue Line Tahoe Owner, Terry Lemons, Sued By Missouri Attorney General

St. Louis County, MO –  Terry Lemons is being sued by the Missouri Attorney General because he set up a fake law enforcement memorial to collect donations to spend on himself.

Terry Lemons mislead donors about his so-called charity’s non-profit status.  After a review, no evidence has been found of a non-profit status for Thin Blue Line Tahoe.

According to KFVS12, Lemons told donors that he was raising money for a memorial to honor fallen law enforcement officers.  He is reported to have used a “portable memorial” to solicit donations from business owners throughout southeast Missouri.

Terry Lemons used the donations that he received to make his personal Chevrolet Tahoe look like a police patrol cruiser, complete with radar equipment, emergency lights, and a computer.  He even bought himself a shotgun. The Attorney General says that he then spent extra donation money on on bars, restaurants and the online dating site, match.com.

He set up a website, ThinBlueLineTahoe.com, that shows the police-like SUV in the background. On the web site page, Lemons describes the vehicle as “a custom built 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV (Patrol Pursuit Vehicle) Memorial Vehicle.”  If he actually drove the vehicle that I see on the web site page, perhaps he qualifies for an impersonating an officer charge as well.

He even has a German Shepherd named Oliver as his ride-along.

Attorney General Josh Hawley said “We will aggressively pursue those who take advantage of Missourians generosity, especially when they dishonor law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities.”

AG Hawley said that the web site had photos of Lemons with injured Ballwin Police Officer Mike Flamion, and St. Louis County police officers.

Apparently Lemons has now removed any comments about non-profit status from his web site, because none were found during a review on Thursday, May 25.  The Attorney General’s office said that he has not registered non-profit with them.

If you donated to Lemons, you’re asked to call the Missouri Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 888-392-8222.