Teen Hits Cop with Rock at Trump “Protest,” Gets Charged with Felony

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Image Source: donaldjtrump.com

A 14 year-old boy that was involved in an anti-Trump riot threw a rock at an Albuquerque Police Department Sergeant. The rock hit the Sergeant, and this assault was witnessed by an APD Commander. When apprehended by police, the boy laughed it off and pretended that it wasn’t a big deal. The DA charged the boy with two counts of aggravated battery, and will be charging him as an adult. Even after that, the boy continued to lie to his parents, and denied that he threw the rock.

The most surprising part about this whole story is actually APD’s reaction. The boy’s defense attorney accused the DA of overreacting by charging the boy with the actual crimes that he had committed, and when asked, an APD spokesman agreed with the defense attorney.

In a world where prosecutors commonly drop charges for assaulting officers because, “it’s part of their job,” here’s a DA that actually has the integrity to prosecute people for their crimes. APD’s response to the charging decision is slap in the face to every officer who works in that department.

Source: abc13.com