Chicago’s Christmas Bloodbath Leaves 49 Shot, Superintendent Eddie Johnson Fights To Keep Offenders Locked Up

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson

Chicago’s Courts And Government Continue To Ignore Superintendent Eddie Johnson

Chicago – In the wake of a Christmas weekend bloodbath, which left 49 people shot, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson spoke up about Chicago’s tough gun laws.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson explains that more gun laws don’t mean less gun violence because criminals are “not going to play by society’s rules.” All of the gun control laws mean nothing when the courts fail to incarcerate firearm offenders for any significant amount of time.

In 2016, and in one of the most gun restrictive cities in the nation, more than 4,300 people have been shot in Chicago as a result of gun violence. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual, a former chief of staff to President Barack Obama, reported the number of gun related killings have doubled over this year’s Christmas weekend compared to that of 2015. News sources are reporting that 49 people were shot, 12 fatally, over the Christmas weekend of 2016. For the first time in more than twenty years Chicago has had more people die as a result of gun violence than in any other single year during that time.

During a news conference on Monday, Superintendent Eddie Johnson told WLS-TV,

“These gun offenders have repeatedly shown us that they’re not going to play by society’s rules.”

Superintendent Eddie Johnson followed that admission by calling for repeat offenders to face stiffer penalties for any of the crimes they commit. Superintendent Eddie Johnson described the shootings that occurred over the Christmas weekend to have been “targeted attacks” by gang members attacking rival gang members who were gathered for Christmas parties. News sources are reporting a high percentage of all those fatally shot were involved gang related criminal activity, or were gang affiliated actors that were already known to police.

Police officers have a front row seat into the causes of gun-related violence. Chicago’s seemingly draconian gun laws have no teeth and only seem to empower ruthless thugs to prey on defenseless, law-abiding citizens. I applaud Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s courage to stand up and call a spade a spade in light of the political fallout that may follow. It is, however, unfortunate that this revelation comes after so many people have been gunned down in the streets by criminals that pay no attention to any laws, much-less Chicago’s “stiff” gun laws.

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