VIDEO: Man Pulls Prank By Pouring Gas On Himself At Pizza Place – But He Was In Detroit So…

A shirtless and walked into a pizza place and pretended to pour gas on himself in a prank. But another man pulled a gun on him.

A shirtless and walked into a pizza place and pretended to pour gas on himself in a suicide prank. But another man pulled a gun on him.

Suicide Prank Goes Sideways When Someone Pulls A Gun

Detroit, Michigan – A man walked into a Little Caesars pizza restaurant and pretended to pour gas on himself in a suicide prank video that apparently went bad when another man in the business pulled a gun on him.

In the prank that took place in July, the shirtless man walked into the pizza restaurant and raised his voice while he talked to the workers behind a counter.

The shirtless man was carrying a plastic gas container and tried to get into the back work area but the door was locked. So the man walked up to the counter and said, “Alright” several times before he shook the open gas container over his head as what appeared to be gas covered him.

While the shirtless man shook the gas can over his head, another man approached from behind with a gun pointed at the shirtless man. At that point, customers in the store fled in panic.

The man posted another prank video of a man who entered a Target store and pulled the same suicide prank of pouring liquid on himself out of a plastic gas container.

The two videos were posted on a Detroit \comedian’s Facebook page. That comedian, Eastside Ivo, has 1.18 million followers on Facebook.

He later posted July 25 on his Facebook account, “To everyone who is offended by me posting these videos. I apologize! Pranks like this is done all the time never meant to scare anyone. Some find it entertaining some find it disgusting so to each its on. I’ll watch what I post from now on. I guess maybe y’all should react from positivity instead of negativity more. Cause I been doing videos for 4 years, community work, non profit events, and never had news attention.”

Watch the suicide prank video here:

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  • A Fucking LEAF

    That quote is fucking cancerous. I’ve literally met exchange students from foreign countries who speak better English than about 20% of North American Europeans.

    • Rick

      Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us your opinion. Looking forward to your next correction. Again, THANKS…

  • Patriot Baker

    When did suicide become ‘a funny prank’? Sick.

  • chuck334

    Where is a hand grenade when you need one ? Pull the pin and improve the gene pool.

  • Dale McNamee

    Since when is the threat of injuring or killing people by fire a laughing matter ?

    On the other hand, somebody should have lit a match…

    He’s not a comedian, only a “commodian”…

  • Gobby

    What a fucking Idiot, people like him need a good tasering.

  • Goober

    He claims they’re not meant to scare anyone, but that’s exactly their intended purpose!

  • Nicole Turner

    That was prank? That was really stupid no wonder he pulled a gun on him!

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  • Peekin-In

    He did this in front of little kids! Then, when it’s all over they laugh. What kind of a community is this. Sick, self serving idiots.

  • WY – Love it or Leave

    I don’t know which is more shocking – the freak with the gasoline can or the employees behind shatter resistant glass. Have our cities deteriorated so much that minimum wage employee risk their lives at work? I live 2 hours from Denver and rarely go there because its such a dangerous thug and sanctuary city since the Demoncrappers took Control.