Stevensville Police Officer Reeni Jessop Severely Injured In Collision

Stevensville Officer Reeni Jessop was seriously injured in an off-duty collision.

Stevensville Officer Reeni Jessop was seriously injured in an off-duty collision.

Officer Reeni Jessop Injured

Hamilton, MT –  Stevensville Police Officer Reeni Jessop was hospitalized for severe injuries from a motorcycle crash that occurred on Sunday evening.

According to KPAX, the incident occurred just after 8:00 PM on Fairgrounds Road when Officer Jessop was riding her motorcycle while off-duty.

Officer Jessop has been hospitalized with a broken spine, broken face, hematomas on her brain, among other severe injuries.

The Montana Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

On Sunday night Cindy Mae Jessop posted to Facebook:

I simply am asking for prayers for our sister, Reeni. She was in a motorcycle accident this evening, she was wearing a helmet, but there is significant head trauma, broken face ,collapsed lung. She is being assisted with breathing, and will be in surgery soon. For those of you who know this sister, you know her incredible strength and value, please pray for my parents, her doctors, and for her body to fight through this. May God bless and keep her.

In a Facebook post, the Stevensville Police Department said:

SPD would like to ask our Community and Friends to keep Officer Reeni Jessop in your thoughts as she recovers from injuries sustained in an off-duty accident Sunday night. We are grateful that Officer Jessop’s family can be with her as she heals.

Officer Jessop joined the agency in 2016.  In a 2016 interview, she said that she has wanted to be a cop since she was a kid, according to NBC Montana.  Her father was a police officer, and four of her brothers are in law enforcement.

She said in that interview, “I believe that I’m cut out for this, and that I’m destined for it, because I have the upbringing that’s necessary, and I feel like it’s a calling.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Reeni Jessop.

The Jessop family is asking for all of the prayers that they can get for Reeni, please let others know that prayers are still needed.

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