City Councilman Blames Lt. Heath Meyer For Getting Killed

Norman City Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman blames Lt. Heath Meyer for his own death.

Norman City Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman blames Lt. Heath Meyer for his own death.

Norman Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman Says It’s Negligent When Police Try To Stop Pursuits

Norman, OK –  Norman City Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman is placing the blaming Lt. Heath Meyer for getting killed while trying to stop a pursuit in July.

Stephen Tyler Holman took to social media to express his opinion on the hero’s death, and followers sent us screenshots of the posts.

In the comments, Councilman Holman said that “putting out stop sticks to stop a car going over 100 mph is extremely negligent on the behalf of OHP.”

He also said that “the suspect and the OHP are both responsible for this death”.  He was apparently referring to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. D. Heath Meyer, who was struck by a patrol vehicle during a pursuit while he was putting out stop sticks on July 14.  He succumbed to his injuries 10 days later.

Spike strips are designed to slowly stop vehicles in high speed pursuits, ending the pursuits as safely as possible.

Councilman Holman is right about one thing, placing spike strips are dangerous. There is no safe way to get in front of a pursuit, place an object in the path of the pursuit, and stand just feet away as the vehicles hopefully pass by.

When somebody is being pursued, and is endangering the lives of other people, officers are forced to put their life in danger in order to stop the suspect before they can hurt anybody. That’s the risk that Lt. Meyer knew he was taking, because failure to do so would mean leaving a dangerous suspect on the loose.

The councilman’s statements effectively amount to saying that police officers shouldn’t enter into dangerous situations because they might be killed. I hope he’ll remember that statement if his store ever gets robbed and he wants the police to confront an armed suspect.

Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman has an obvious reason for his dislike of police, considering that he was arrested in the spring for one count of acquiring proceeds from drug activity, a felony, and six counts of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, according to NewsOK.  Holman is the general manager for The Friendly Market located at 1100 E. Constitution.

The store sells glass pipes and smoking accessories. The only practical purpose of these pipes seems to be as drug paraphernalia, but Holman’s attorney argued that the law can’t presume what someones intent is when the purchase the glass pipes.


According to Oklahoma law, the term ‘paraphernalia’ is defined as “objects used, intended for use, or fashioned specifically for use in ingesting, inhaling or otherwise introducing marijuana, cocaine, hashish or hashish oil into the human body.”

For all you know, his customers are purchasing the glass pipes to use as garden decorations and not to use drugs. The law doesn’t apply common sense. The charges were later dismissed.

Holman said the case against him was “erroneous and very likely politically motivated.”