Bill Filed In St. Louis To Restrict Police Officers’ Ability To Stop Rioting

St. Louis Alderman Megan Green wants to restrict officers' ability to stop rioting.

St. Louis Alderman Megan Green wants to restrict officers’ ability to stop rioting.

Alderman Megan Green Fights To Protect Criminals Over Property And Safety

St. Louis, MO – A new plan has been introduced to restrict St. Louis police officers’ use of pepper spray for crowd control in addition to other restrictions on law enforcement.

This plan comes just after the city of Berkeley reversed their ban on police use of pepper spray after the city was unable to control violent rioting in their city.

The new St. Louis plan was filed by 15th Ward Alderman Megan Green, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

She said that putting the restrictions on police officers would help protect the First Amendment rights of demonstrators.

The plan would also repeal the city of St. Louis’ existing ordinance on unlawful assemblies, which Green said is “too vague” and gives officers a large amount of discretion on when to declare a demonstration unlawful.

The issue of officers’ use of chemical agents and dispersal orders has been at the forefront in the past few weeks, since former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in the 2011 fatal shooting of the violent drug dealer Anthony Lamar Smith.

After the verdict was handed down, protesters marched through the city’s downtown streets for hours, chanting “No justice no peace!” They threw rocks at the mayor’s house, smashed a police cruiser’s windows, and threw objects at officers.

In that incident, numerous officers were injured, and 23 activists were arrested.

In her bill, Green said, “people and groups in the city have the right to participate in assemblies on the streets, sidewalks, and other public ways, and in the parks in the city, and to engage in assemblies near the object of their protest so they may be seen and heard, subject to reasonable restrictions designed to protect public safety, persons, and property, and to accommodate the interest of persons not participating in the assemblies to use the streets, sidewalks, and other public ways.”

She said that she drafted the language of the bill with the ACLU of Missouri, which has filed a lawsuit against the city over police response to demonstrations after Stockley’s verdict.

Executive director of the ACLU Sara Baker said, “the voices of the people must be heard.”

The bill would require officers “to the extent reasonably possible” arrest specific individuals who are responding with violence, rather than issuing a general order to disperse.

It states that officers can issue orders to disperse only if “a significant number or percentage of the assembly participants fail to adhere to certain restrictions, engage in violence or destroy property, or if the mayor declares a public safety emergency.”

The bill does not account for a smaller number of violent actors who use a large crowd as cover, leaving officers incapable of arresting them.

Police are also required to issue at least one order to disperse, and multiple orders if possible, using an amplification system that can be heard at least 40 feet away, which would give demonstrators time to disperse, and a safe way to do so.

The ACLU has heavily criticized the use of police sound amplification devices, claiming that they may cause “hearing loss and prolonged ear pain.”

At least one order would be required before chemical agents could be used, and they could not be used on crowds but only on individuals who have “caused or attempted to cause serious physical injury to another person.”

If this were implemented, there would be no practical way for officers to arrest violent actors who are taking cover in a large crowd.

Officers would also be required to have their name tags visible at all times, and the police department would be required to “promptly process and release anyone who was arrested during an event,” because people who commit crimes shouldn’t have to go to jail.

Green said that the plan is necessary to hold police accountable if demonstrators’ constitutional rights were violated.  She said, “Once we get these laws in place, it would make it easier for a lawsuit to be waged against the city if they’re broken.”

She also said that additional criminal justice reforms would be needed even if her bill was passed.

  • Tom

    Yet these same fucking idiots were cowering in the corners and spaces between life and death in Las Vegas.

    The only time cops took a knee was for cover. Or, to kneel beside an injured American who needed immediate medical assistance. Yet the so called “progressive Left” will still worship the fucking IDIOTS in the NFL, or any other sport, that hates America. The VERY Country that divided, fought itself and then, gave rise to equal
    rights for all men and women. They will STILL complain even though they’ve been given a leg up and over. They will STILL demand more of everyone who doesn’t look or think EXACTLY like them. What a (sarcasm
    begins) way to solidify your just cause in this world.(end sarcasm).

    Racism is an ugly, horrible creature and anyone who believes for ONE SECOND that only a single race can be racist is the biggest racists of them all. Period. Truth.

    So you keep on keeping on. And yes, I’m separating us because YOU so very DEMAND it to be that way. I’m American Indian, but I mark down “other” as race. You want to know why? Because it shouldn’t fucking matter in THIS great country. You fucking idiots.

    • Angry American

      We share your pain! These pricks and their ACLU communists are as much a threat to the USA as Kim Jung Un or ISIS!

  • tiredofit

    Then these idiots wonder why people will NOT give up their guns,.

  • Harry Mitchell

    Let me guess, a Democrat made this proposal

    • Betts700

      How did you guess!

  • Betts700

    Socialist Megan Green and the ACLU have just made it possible for these “protesters and thugs” to have a green light on doing whatever they please! She sounds like a “cop hater”! The police officers have no authority to do their job. I think they should just stand down and let these thugs do what they want and when the damage is done, tell the store owners and home owners to see Megan Green, she will be responsible for all damages incurred.

  • Ray Fred

    If the law passes they can celebrate by burning down St. Louis Alderman Megan Green house first as the Police stand by and say “Halt what you’re doing is illegal!”

  • Der Marm

    ………What St’ louis needs are massive cases of BLUE FLU brought on by demonstrators and cured by crowd avoidance and unfettered,well armed federal troops……

  • Anthony D Hurst

    Who cares, safer for the police to just sit back and wait for the Mayor and this dumb politician to start screaming, “OK, state of emergency, state of emergency, hahahaha!

  • Gobby Cow

    Its a start, we will eventually take our streets back from the gunslinging cops.

    • Hay NonnyMoose

      When the thugs are in control, instead of the police, it will be a Liberal paradise, right? Be careful what you wish for. Street videos of Venezuela show your future.

      • M.

        Indeed. The riots will never stop because “The people” will never be happy. First it’s the police holding you down, then it’s white people, then it’s straight people, then it’s anyone who is able bodied… It’ll never stop until you have everyone running around blind.

    • David E Brown

      what will you do about the murder rate between black men? 93% of Black men are killed by other black men. That is some serious gun slinging.

    • Pushed to the limit

      And what? Give it to the ni66ers?

  • jennifer 0.2

    Seems to me Megan Green gave sound & cogent guidelines to the police,

    why do police treat white supremacist rallies with kid gloves, even when firearms are discharged & 0 action is taken?

    • Betts700

      BS! Your probably one of these protesters who love to block people from walking down the streets and lay down in the streets blocking traffic. Next time you need help call your local gang banger!

    • M.

      Funny, Richard Spencer is utilizing the same guilt trip arguments BLM and Antifa use.

    • Steven Smith

      “Waaah, I’m mad because a group of people purchased a permit and said things that offend me (to be fair, they offend me, as well), and who damaged absolutely nothing and hurt absolutely nobody (until they were, themselves, attacked) so I want to falsely equate that to mobs several times that size intentionally destroys, pillages, burns, and intentionally harms people!”

      “Sound and cogent guidelines” that removes any REALISTIC prospect for the crowds to be dispersed, or for anyone to ACTUALLY be arrested. Think I’m making that up? You go and try to arrest that 1 masked person who just threw a brick in the mass of 500 people, when the majority of those 500 people will happily beat you to death if you force your way into their ranks.

    • gunslinger97

      Because we hate you

  • Jim Bob

    Another psycho liberal!

  • John Ramirez

    Actually,the banning of pepper spray may be a very good thing.
    Bullets are INFINITELY more effective.
    By all means,ban the pepper spray>

  • David E Brown

    and soros’ aclu is behind this”bill”. There is no restriction to any of the rights this idiot cited. except their right , Guaranteed by the SOCIALIST constitution to smash everything in sight. OH! I guess She forgot the Oath of office she took in which she swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

  • SkivMarine

    When does this flake figure that one person’s rights can overpower the rights of others?

  • just wondering

    It’s better to burn down peopleles property than obey the rule of law. Another leftist looney!

  • Jeffrey Burley

    A call for anarchy, simple as that. She wants anarchy, that is how the democrats think and work, anything to RESIST which is their new platform name. I didn’t read who will pay for the broken windows, looted stores, damaged vehicles, pain and suffering of individuals victimized. We already know most of the protesters are on welfare already. What else do they have to do in the evenings. So the tax payer takes care of their medical bills plus pays them to protest.

  • Lynda

    I’d be moving out of that city and let the looters and rioters take it. See how the mayor likes the city then.

    • lobsterbait

      Wonder what surrounding communities are doing to prepare to confront the hood.

  • ProUSAProGOD

    I imagine the next roll call will be something like this (if the Democrats get their way): Sgt: Okay, folks – 1/3 of you will be carrying foam batons, 1/3 armed with marshmallows, and the last third will be armed with cotton balls. Is that clear? Let’s go!

    • jubeldum

      Cotton balls!? That’s racist!

      • ProUSAProGOD

        Oops! How about popped popcorn?

    • M.

      Foam doesn’t sound very eco-friendly! You’re part of the problem!!!!!

      • ProUSAProGOD

        Oops! How about biodegradable styrofoam?

  • bobwalton

    The news is… (1) if the bill is passed and (2) if Alderman Green is re-elected or recalled.

  • jan

    Anyone have her address to post… let them know she welcomes all protesters at her house…because she’s a NASTY girl like Ashley Judd…..

  • Rich

    So I guess these protesters (even though they are not protesters) who are really rioters will have free reign to destroy the city. Well, I say good for them b/c when they have nothing left, perhaps then they’ll be happy!

  • lobsterbait

    The first to abandon the city will be insurance companies. How will business like that move?

  • Pushed to the limit

    Ban the pepper spray, and bring back cocobolos and saps. The feral pavement apes understand force.

  • Ulf Sark

    I’m sorry, but i’m pretty sure the 1A doesn’t protect rioting.

  • Peekin-In

    And furthermore, police must adhere to the provisions of subsection 7 v’s 8-15 unless at least 6 police officers have observed and then done rock, paper, scissors and a definite suspect has been seen at least 7 times turning towards the police and deemed a threat. If all agree, then that person has the opportunity to leave the area after asked by a Sargent of at least 4 years in that capacity by respectfully asking him or her to “leave the area now, pretty please” 3 times. Oh hell………………..why call out the police? Their hands are tied. Let them go nuts, this law is so stupid. I think that the author must be present, in front of the police giving orders and let her try to enforce it.

  • Terry in GA

    Does anyone in St. Louis have any common sense? You spread comments that only a complete idiot would believe to be lawful. Your 1st Amendment right to peacefully protest does not give you a right to interfere with other citizens, and it surely does not give you the powers of rioting, inciting violence or chaos,

    • gunslinger97

      These idiots just can’t understand the difference between a protest and a riot.

  • Jim Cash

    Easy solution. Just call in FD and use fire hoses. That should cool them off.

  • Kathleen Browne

    And these same people don’t want us to have guns to protect ourselves, family and property. SMH!

  • Daniel Jackson

    Every time I think the St. Louis Board of Alderdouches has gone as stupid as they can, and can’t possibly get any more stupid, they prove me wrong.

  • Wl Avendano

    Why are we getting so stupid? is there something in the water?? Since when is destruction of property and violence part of the 1st amendment??