Spirit Airlines Removes Passenger For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant wore a Black Lives Matter pin and then took great offense to "All Lives Matter."

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant wore a Black Lives Matter pin and then took great offense to “All Lives Matter.”

Spirit Airlines Removes Passenger For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

A Spirit Airlines passenger was kicked off of a Largo-to-Houston flight before takeoff recently for a comment which has become ridiculously viewed by the Black Lives Matter crowd as racist.

The ordeal began when a flight attendant took her politically biased and anti-police hatred to the workplace, openly wearing on her uniform a button which read, “Black Lives Matter, White Supremacy Kills.” The message did not go over well with at least one passenger.

Robert Coyle, who was planning on visiting family in Houston before he was removed, told Fox13 News in Tampa Bay, “I said to her, ‘All lives matter’”. Apparently Coyle voicing his opinion that “all lives” have equal value didn’t go over well with the attendant.

Coyle told Fox13 News that she replied, “‘I disagree with you, I disagree with you on so many levels.’ And then she went into some sort of memorized, ‘I really can’t speak politically while I am in uniform’”. The attendant felt that she could wear a political statement on her uniform in plain view to the public instead.

Coyle decided to take a photo of the attendant and her politically incorrect message. When the attendant saw that her photo had been taken, she asked to see the photo and told Coyle that the photo had “violated airline rules”. She then ordered him to delete it, which he did.

Imagine, if you will, the outrage that would occur if a Black Lives Matter activist had been ordered by a police officer to delete a photo taken of that officer. 

As the plane proceeded to the runway and the attendant performed her safety demonstration, she apparently decided that forcing the paying customer to delete the photo wasn’t enough for her. The attendant asked the pilot to return to the gate at which point Coyle was removed from the plane.

Coyle was able to recover the photo and shared it with Fox13 News.

“No company should allow that to happen, unless they are willing to accept the consequences for that happening”, Coyle said.

Spirit Airlines told Fox13 News that it was in fact a violation of policy for the attendant to wear the button. They have not publicly passed judgement on the inflammatory, degrading message that was presented by an employee representing their company while wearing their uniform, nor removing a passenger from a plane for stating that all lives matter. The airline issued the following statement to Fox13 News:

“Spirit Airlines is proud of a diverse workplace with team members of many different backgrounds and beliefs. We are committed to providing a fun, friendly, and relaxed experience to all of our customers. While we appreciate that Spirit employees have a wide range of personal views, the expression of those views should not interfere with their ability to provide a positive customer experience when in uniform and on duty. The photo indicates the Flight Attendant was not in compliance with our uniform policy.  We have addressed this with the flight attendant and have spoken with Mr. Coyle regarding this unfortunate situation.”

Coyle was offered restitution by the airline and reported that the yet to be identified attendant, who has been employed by Spirit Airlines for 14 months, has been disciplined. Coyle said that he’s happy with their response in the matter.

“If you have something offensive on your uniform, you are going to offend customers“ Coyle said, “and customers pay the bills.”

Robert Coyle went through a lot of trouble and profound inconvenience to voice that “all lives matter”, a point of view that should be embraced, not used as race-baiting propaganda by anti-police hate groups like Black Lives Matter.

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