South San Francisco Officer Brutally Beaten With Skateboard

south san francisco officer beat with skateboard

South San Francisco Officer Brutally Beaten With Skateboard

A South San Francisco Officer was brutally beaten in the head by a skateboard wielding suspect today. The officer was conducting a traffic stop near a Starbucks in South San Francisco at approximately 2:30 pm when he observed a man on a skateboard acting erratically in the parking lot.

The officer approached the suspect to see if he could offer assistance, but the subject immediately became combative. The suspect struck the officer in the head with his skateboard and then fled the location. The officer fell to the ground bleeding from a serious head injury.

Thankfully, the officer called for backup prior to his approach and responding officers were able to apprehend the skateboarder without further incident.

“He took off running after they tried to detain him, they tried to apprehend him when he turned around and hit him in the head with the skate board. His injuries are unknown at this time,” stated Cpl. Jason Pfarr of the South San Francisco Police Department during an interview about the incident.

The South San Francisco police department has yet to identify the suspect or the injured officer. It is unknown if the suspect was under the influence of narcotics, had mental health issues, or was acting out of pure malice towards the officer.

The officer was rushed to a nearby hospital and is reportedly in stable condition. Supposed images of the injured hero are circulating social media sites however, the image is not pleasant. Out of respect for the officer, we opted not to show it.

This past week has been unsettling for the law enforcement community with multiple targeted shootings of officers. Most recently, Wayne State University K9 Officer Collin Rose was killed when he stepped out with a suspicious person on a bicycle. We are not sure of the details that led to the suspect being detained, but as Officer Rose was trying to get the suspect’s hands behind his back, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the officer 3 times. The suspect then stole the officer’s gun and escaped.