Popular Black YouTuber Called Out by Black Lives Matter, Separates Himself From The Group’s Rhetoric

Black Lives Matter attacks Sky Williams.

Black Lives Matter attacks Sky Williams.

YouTube Star Sky Williams Called Out By Black Lives Matter

Popular YouTuber, Sky Williams, who is black, has publicly called out the Black Lives Matter group.

According to news sources, the contention between Sky Williams and Black Lives Matter started when he made a YouTube video criticizing MTV’s video “2017 New Years’ Resolutions for White Guys.”  His video went viral and he was attacked verbally by social activists and Black Lives Matter supporters and members.  Williams was accused of being “naive about sexism and racism” , which is an irony in and of itself because he is a gay, black man. It would seem that Williams would be most knowledgeable about such social issues.

Some of the responses against him told him he was irresponsible for speaking out as he did, while others called him a “tool of white supremacy.”  On Saturday, December 24, 2016, Williams replied in a video, which stated “black lives matter, except for mine apparently.”  The 26-year-old is highly respected in the gaming community for his ongoing commentary on video games and their surrounding culture.  He previously was a comedian.

In the Christmas Eve video, Williams made valid points of why these social activists and Black Lives Matter supporters/members, “who claim to support social justice”, called him out instead of engaging in positive dialogue when he was more than willing to do so.  Williams believes he this happened because he was the wrong kind of black:  one who spoke out against the popular social rhetoric and against Black Lives Matter.  He said “If being a part of Black Lives Matter means to burn people at the stake for ignorance, instead of welcoming them and trying to help—especially when they’re your own kind—then I don’t want to have anything to do with the movement,”

Williams said that the social activists and Black Lives Matter supporters have redefined what being a racist is.  He said that it is the worse kind of racism that he has ever received by people who are black and reiterated that he does not want to be a part of anything like that.  In the video, he also said that he doesn’t know what he is as far as being right or being left  but that he knows that he doesn’t believe in the current mindset of Black Lives Matter.  He also said that if someone believed that his thoughts make him a traitor to his race, then that person can f*** off.  Williams’ final thoughts in the video were “I love my skin. I love being black. And I don’t have to hate anyone to love my skin color. I don’t have to hate.”

This is just another example of the Black Lives Matter rhetoric of hate and dissension.  If you’re not totally in agreement with what they say and believe, they vilify you regardless of your race.  We thank Mr. Williams for his thoughts, openness, and support what he says about not supporting Black Lives Matter because of their hate and the way they treat people who do not support their agenda.

You can see the whole video below (Warning: It’s over 22 minutes long)

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