Sinksar Solomon Rams A Fire Truck Out Of Rage Against Police

Sinksar Solomon didn't like the police, so she rammed her vehicle into a fire truck.

Sinksar Solomon didn’t like the police, so she rammed her vehicle into a fire truck.

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Conway, SC – Sinksar Solomon was arrested for reckless driving after intentionally ramming her vehicle into a fire truck and blaming it on her anti-police frustrations.

The offense occurred on Highway 544 and Founders Drive on Tuesday around 3:00 P.M. News sources are reporting that the Horry County dispatch received a call from a Coastal Carolina University Police Officer requesting Conway Police Department respond to the location “as soon as possible” due to 57-year-old Sinksar Solomon of Charlotte, becoming “irate and combative.”

According to WBTW 13 News, Sinksar Solomon was stopped close to the Horry County fire truck before the crash occurred. Solomon reportedly got out of her vehicle to have words with a female fire fighter next to the fire truck and said, “I’m sick of police harassing me.” One of the fire fighters replied, “I’m a fire fighter, ma’am.” This apparently sent Sinksar Solomon over the edge because she got back in her vehicle, reversed into the the middle of the intersection and stopped.

Sources say Solomon began yelling profanities before she put her car in drive and drove towards the fire fighters that were standing by the truck. Sinksar Solomon missed the fire fighters, but rammed the front of the fire truck causing damage to both vehicles.

Lt. Brian VanAernem with Horry County Fire Rescue said no firefighters were injured in the crash. Conway Police Department Sergeant Darren Alston reported that a fire fighter had to jump out of the way to avoid being run over by Sinksar Solomon. Sergeant Alston also reported that when Solomon exited her vehicle after the crash she continued screaming profanities.  WPDE ABC15 sent out the following tweet:

Road Rage combined with an anti-police sentiment can be a very dangerous combination. There is no excuse that warrants behavior that places the lives of first responders, or any citizen, in this type of life-threatening danger. Hopefully Sinksar Solomon will receive a firm punishment for her reckless, and selfish behavior.

If you have some ideas for a proper punishment for incidents that endanger the lives of citizens and first responders, by all means let us hear about it on Facebook or in the comments.

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