Show Your Support For Law Enforcement: Blue Line Flag

When you display a thin blue line flag in front of your house, you’re making a statement that Blue Lives Matter, and you support law enforcement. You are sending a message that you believe in personal accountability and that you won’t stand silent as criminals victimize our communities. On this flag, one black bar below represents the criminal element in society. One black bar above represents the innocent citizens. What stands in the middle is a thin blue line of committed Police. Display this flag to support the brave men and women that serve and protect.

You can now own a thin blue line flag for under six dollars. If you have Amazon prime, shipping is free. This is the best deal that we’ve seen on this flag, and it’s not likely to get better than this. For the cost of what most places charge for a sticker, you get a full 3 foot by 5 foot flag. The flag has 4.5 out of 5 stars in over one hundred reviews, so you should be happy with the way it looks.

flag-adThin Blue Line Flag – $5.99 w/ Free Prime Shipping on Amazon





If you want a heavy duty flag that you can keep up year-round, those are available as well in a heavy-duty model. This durable flag can is not a printed image, but an a durable high-quality embroidered model.


Heavy-Duty Thin Blue Line Flag





Thank you for having the courage to tell the world that you support law enforcement and that blue lives matter.