Shots Fired at San Antonio PD Headquarters

San Antonio PD Headquarters

San Antonio PD Headquarters (San Antonio)

At around 10 PM last night, shots were fired at the San Antonio PD Headquarters. The building was struck by multiple bullets, but nobody was injured. One possible suspect has been detained, but there is at least one more suspect who is still on the loose. This appears to be another attack on police officers that was motivated by the false narrative of Black Lives Matter. It’s alarming that at least one suspect was able to get away and still has the potential to harm officers.

MySanAntonio reports:

“We are not going to be targets; we are not going to allow officers to be targets,” SAPD Chief William McManus said. “This is not open season on police officers here in San Antonio or anywhere else. We’re not going to allow that to happen.”

McManus said the shots were fired just before 10 p.m. at the headquarters at 315 S. Santa Rosa St.

“We put up a quadrant around the building did a canvas for any evidence or witnesses,” he said.

Police apprehended one person who was seen running from the headquarters after the shooting but are currently only questioning him.

Police are still searching for a man seen in an orange shirt and blue pants.

Officers are especially vigilant this weekend due to the ongoing attacks against police officers around the nation. The situation is continuing to escalate with social justice warriors demanding fixes to a non-existent problem.

Police officers across the nation know that the sensationalized deadly force incidents are not motivated by any suspect’s race. Black Lives Matter is so committed to their false narrative, they will not consider the truth, because the truth has a well-known police bias. Each side will never be able to agree, so it’s unlikely that there will be progress any time soon in calming the masses of misinformed “activists.”

As the tensions continue to rise, say a prayer for our warriors who go out each day to protect our society.