Mass Shooting Targets Whites As Revenge for Alton Sterling

Mass Shooting Targets Whites As Revenge for Alton Sterling

Lakeem Keon Scott – Mass Shooting Targets Whites As Revenge for Alton Sterling

Mass Shooting Targets Whites As Revenge for Alton Sterling

Bristol, Tennessee – A black man by the name of Lakeem Keon Scott, 37, perched in a window of a Days Inn overlooking Volunteer Parkway. Scott was armed with a rifle, pistol and a large amount of ammunition. Scott opened fire on vehicles passing by and responding Police Officers. He killed a women and injured three others, one of whom was a police officer. This racially motivated terrorist act of violence has seemed to slip through the cracks, although being reported on several news media sites, it hasn’t gained any national attention. It happened on July 7th, the same day as the Dallas terrorist attack.

WVLT In Tennessee reports:

Investigators found that Lakeem Keon Scott, 37, was armed with at least two weapons, including a semi-automatic-style rifle and a pistol, and a large amount of ammunition when he started firing through the window of the Days Inn on that highway early Thursday morning. One of the shots hit the hotel clerk. Agents say Scott then began firing at several vehicles driving along Volunteer Parkway. When Bristol Police officers arrived on the scene, investigators say he fired at three of them, injuring one. Officers returned fire, striking Scott as well.

Newspaper carrier Jennifer Rooney, 44, was on her way way to pick up papers for her morning delivery when she was struck by one of the bullets. Rooney died from her injuries.

Tuesday morning, the Sullivan County Grand Jury indicted Scott on one count of first degree murder, seven counts of attempted first degree murder, and seven counts of employing a firearm in the commission of a dangerous felony. When he is released from Bristol Regional Medical Center, Scott will be booked into the Sullivan County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation investigators say Scott cited anger over recent police killings of black men. Scott is black; all of the victims are white.


This act of racial hatred was motivated by the same lies that motivated the terrorist in Dallas, but didn’t get much attention because it happened the same day as the Dallas shooting.

Even after violent incidents like these have been triggered by spreading the false narrative of Black Lives Matter, a group of celebrities just doubled-down on this message of hate. It’s time to call out this hate speech for what it is and not remain silent as these people divide our nation.