Sheriff David Clarke Uninvited to Speak at University For Not Supporting Black Lives Matter

Sheriff David Clarke was uninvited to speak at the University of New Haven

Sheriff David Clarke was uninvited to speak at the University of New Haven

Sheriff David Clarke Uninvited to Speak at University For Not Supporting Black Lives Matter

West Haven, CT – The University of New Haven had initially invited Sheriff David Clarke to speak at their 25 th Annual Markle Symposium for the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences. Little did Sheriff Clarke know, his stance on Black Lives Matter would soon lead him to be uninvited to speak. 

Sheriff Clarke had recently impressed a Senior Lecturer, Patrick Malloy, who saw him speak at the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators-Connecticut Chapter, Spotlight on Fraud IV Training Conference. As a result, on June 24, 2016, Sheriff David Clarke was invited to be the keynote speaker. 

Sheriff Clarke would soon learn that he was no longer invited to be apart of the Symposium. He would go on to write this in his blog:

On August 3, my assistant had a conversation with Mr. Malloy, who was extremely apologetic and embarrassed to have to rescind the offer. Apparently, the higher-ups did not want me to speak on campus due to my remarks about #BlackLivesMatter.

What did I say that was so controversial?  I’m not sure what specific remarks drove them to uninvite me, but anyone who listens to me for five seconds knows I prefer to drop the “v” and call them #BlackLIESMatter.  They terrorize the police, lie about their true mission, promote anarchy like the old Black Liberation Army, and released a list of “demands” that included releasing known cop killers.

So, yeah — I’m going to keep speaking out against #BlackLIESMatter — but apparently that means I’m not going to be speaking about forensics at the University of New Haven anytime soon.

This is just the latest example of the assault on different points of view by these fascist, liberal indoctrination factories we call colleges.

Sheriff Clarke would go on to say that he had no intentions of speaking on social issues but would stick to the topic at hand, forensics. The University of New Haven then issued the following response on their Facebook page:

Sheriff Clarke would then go on to give this response:

Did you catch that?  “Circumstances did not permit” me to come.  That’s the kind of shadowy language guilty people use…  and believe me, I’ve seen many guilty people over the course of my 38 years of law enforcement.

When the University disinvited me — telling my assistant the reason was because of my stance against #BlackLIESMatter, I was okay with it.  I was working this event into an already full schedule.  But the cowardly official response from the school is just too much.

“Circumstances did not permit” me to attend?

President Steven H. Kaplan, I understand why you don’t want people to know that a predominantly white college won’t let a black man speak on campus because of your incredible support for minorities.  That doesn’t even pass the “straight face test.”  If you think my beliefs should prohibit me from speaking about collecting, preserving, and analyzing evidence, that’s your decision as a private school.

The University of New Haven has posted multiple statements in an attempt to cover their tracks. In their most recent statement issued yesterday they “decided not to finalize his arrangements to visit campus when it was determined his appearance could potentially become politically polarizing in light of the imminent presidential election. My colleagues and I in the Lee College determined that this talk would be more appropriate for another time.”

Its clear this “tolerant” University is scared to allow someone with actual insight to speak at their school. It appears that the University of New Haven doesn’t want the students and future potential leaders of our county to actually appreciate listening to somebody who doesn’t support the Black Lives Matter political agenda.

Sheriff David Clarke is about to release his new book, Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America

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Sign the petition started by UNH students to bring Sheriff Clarke back to speak and demand an apology from the university.