Sheriff Clarke: The DNC Theme Tonight Is ‘Compassion For Criminals’

Sheriff Clarke: The DNC theme tonight is ‘compassion for criminals’

In an interview with Fox News, Sheriff David Clarke concisely stated what message the DNC is sending, “The DNC theme tonight is ‘compassion for criminals.”

Sheriff Clarke of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office has gained the majority of his popularity from his no nonsense approach to the issues in our country. Particularly, his very vocal stance against Black Lives Matter, which he has referred to as Black Lies Matter on multiple occasions. Sheriff Clarke is also known for his stance on ISIS, and most recently, his stance on the Presidential race for the White House.

Sheriff Clarke doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the issues. He goes out of his way to break through the wall that is political correctness. Considering this, it’s no surprise that after the Democratic National Convention (DNC) announced that they would be inviting the mothers of black people killed by police to speak at the DNC, in support of Hillary Clinton, Sheriff Clarke made his voice heard stating, “The DNC theme tonight is Compassion For Criminals,” also stating in reference to the DNC, “Holding up people who were involved in criminal behavior, assaulting law enforcement officers.”

Many have expressed outrage that the Democratic Party invited the mothers of people killed by officers, but did not extend the same invitation to the families of the slain police officers in Dallas or Baton Rouge. One of the mothers present was the mother of Michael Brown, a case that most Americans are familiar with, at least in passing. A case that fanned the flames of the Black Lives Matter movement and spawned nationwide rioting and looting. A case which after three separate criminal investigations, found that Officer Darren Wilson was clearly defending his life when he shot Michael Brown, and that the shooting was not racially motivated.

Another mother that spoke was the mother of Sandra Bland, who provided an impassioned speech urging people to vote for Hilary Clinton. If you don’t remember who Sandra Bland is, she was a 28 year old black woman who committed suicide in a Waller County jail cell. Again, an investigation was conducted and no foul play was revealed. The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, and Jordan Davis were also present. The mother of Jordan Davis stated that Hilary Clinton isn’t afraid to say Black Lives Matter and that she hopes for a day where police and African-American communities can work together in mutual respect.

The only problem is, Jordan Davis wasn’t killed by a police officer, neither was Sandra Bland, nor Trayvon Martin. It begs the question of who the intended target audience was.

Sheriff Clarke’s motivation appears to be about speaking the truth, not pandering to people, and to not allowing the mainstream media or politicians to get away with only showing one-sided rhetoric that attacks law enforcement. We hope that more leaders like Sheriff Clarke will come forward, and speak out against these groups who try to hold up law enforcement as an example of what is wrong in America.