Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen Shot

Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen was shot early Saturday morning.

Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen was shot early Saturday morning.

Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen Shot

UPDATE: Officer Brackeen has died after a courageous fight for survival.

Shelby, North Carolina – Shelby Police Department Officer Tim Brackeen was found by other officers after he was shot on Saturday night.

At this time, very few details about the shooting have been released. The officer’s stepmother, Phyllis Brackeen released the following updates on Facebook:

First, i want to say that i am so thankful that we serve an powerful God who never makes a mistake. I’m also thankful for many prayer warriors.
Specific prayer request for Tim, our son who was shot early this am: 1) that he makes it through this. 2) that there will not be brain damage (he was without oxygen for a good while), and 3) that he will not loose his right arm (they had to clamp the artery to stop the bleeding). He is currently on life support and they are having to keep his chest open.

Your prayers mean more than we can express.

The doctor said his brain shows no activity, etc. If he pulls thru this, it will only be because God steps in and does the impossible. But God can. This is a deep valley for us, but even in the valley, God is g [d.

They thought Tim would never make it to the first hospital. They thought he would never stabilize enough to transport. They thought he would never make it to the hospital in Charlotte. They thought he wouldn’t make it through the night. Then we were told he wouldn’t be able to make it through surgery. They are all amazed. Our God has shown Himself so strong and so merciful on our behalf. But… the prognosis is not good (but God is!)

Every hour is critical. His brain is still not functioning. That is our main request at this point.

He has several serious hurdles ahead, but right now, we are praying that God would do the miraculous again and restore his brain function.

Shelby Police Department released the following statement:

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, the Shelby Police Department had an officer shot in the line of duty. At approximately 12:21am Officer Tim Brackeen was in the area of Parkview Street looking for a subject who was wanted on outstanding warrants. Shortly after arriving on scene officers in the area heard shots fired. When officers went to Officer Bracken’s location they found he had been injured.

At this point the investigation is still in its infancy stage, so details of the incident are not complete. A release will be given out later as more details emerge. The State Bureau of Investigation is assisting with the investigation.

Officer Brackeen was taken to Cleveland Regional Medical Center and then taken to Carolinas Medical Center for treatment. His condition at this time is stable but critical.

Officer Brackeen has been with the Shelby Police Department since July, 2004 and is currently assigned as a K9 Officer for the department. Officer Brackeen is 38 years old, married and has one daughter.

At this time our department asks for everyone to keep Officer Brackeen, his family and the entire department in their thoughts and prayers.

If anyone has any information concerning this case they are asked to contact the Shelby Police Department at (704) 484-6845 or CrimeStoppers at (704) 481-TIPS (8477).

Officer Backeen is married and has one daughter. Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Tim Brackeen and his family.