Massive Gunfight Leave Six People Shot At Youth Football Game At Shawnee Park

A video shows some of the carnage from the shooting at a youth football game.

A video shows some of the carnage from the shooting at a youth football game.

Shooting At Shawnee Park Youth Football Game

Louisville, KY- A massive gunfight broke out during a Thanksgiving day youth football game at Shawnee Park.

Metrosafe dispatchers received reports of multiple shootings at Shawnee Park on Thanksgiving at about 2:00 PM.  When Louisville Metro Police officers arrived, they found multiple victims.  Two people have been confirmed dead and four others were also shot.  There were hundreds of people present at the park for the “Juice Bowl,” an annual Thanksgiving tradition of youth football games.

The shooting is believed to have been started when a man bumped into another man’s motorcycle, prompting the rider to start shooting. Other people in the area saw the gunshots, and they took out their own guns and started shooting. Other people saw those people shooting, and… You get the idea.

The Shawnee Park shootings occurred about 200 yards from where Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer was standing.  He was surrounded by security and not harmed. According to news sources, Mayor Fischer posted on Twitter this Thanksgiving afternoon asking for anyone with information about the shooters to contact Louisville Metro PD.

According to news sources, Mayor Fischer offered his “well thoughts and prayers to the families impacted by the Thanksgiving Day shooting.”  The Mayor said that “to have people with guns so disrespect life, Shawnee Park, and neighborhood tradition is sad and has no place in our city”.

A witness posted a Facebook video shortly after the incident and multiple shots can be heard. Shawnee Park was shut down to traffic and people were asked to avoid the area.  There is no information on suspects yet and no arrests have been made at the timeof this writing.  There have now been 112 total homicides in Louisville this year, which is a citywide record.  LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell said that “it is a day to be thankful, and we’re thankful more people weren’t hurt in this situation.”

It has not been confirmed whether an incident in front of 601 W. Broadway in Louisville was related. Shortly after the Shawnee Park shootings, officers responded to that location, found a man shot in a vehicle, and put up crime tape around the vehicle.  According to news reports, it is not known if this shooting is connected to the Shawnee Park shootings.

After the shooting, many people have concluded that too many people are armed, and they are calling for strict gun control.

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