Just Three Days After Being Shot Multiple Times In The Face, Sergeant Tom Lake Opens Charity Event

Sergeant Tom Lake just three days after being shot in the face.

Sergeant Tom Lake just three days after being shot in the face.

Sergeant Tom Lake Wasn’t Going To Let A Couple Bullets To The Face Stop Him

St. Louis, MO – Sergeant Tom Lake was ambushed on Sunday, November 21st as he sat in his cruiser. He was shot twice in the face by a coward who was later killed by police at a different location. The horrific ambush left Sgt. Lake hospitalized, but very lucky. He was invited to open the 30th annual Guns-N-Hoses charity event in the St. Louis Area.

This year’s event was especially heart-breaking as the widow of murdered Officer Blake Snyder rang the bell to signify the opening of the event. The charitable event raises money for foundations that support first responders in various areas across the country. Before the fights started, pictures of first responders who had been killed in the line of duty were displayed in the fighting ring. The somber tone had a silver lining when Sergeant Tom Lake made his first public appearance since a coward tried to murder him on the streets of St. Louis three days prior.

When Sgt. Lake took the stage, he was moved to tears as he received a standing ovation from the 18,000 in attendance at the Scottrade Center. He motioned toward his heart during the round of applause. Sgt. Lake had only been out of the hospital a few days when he attended the event.

The charity has given more than 5.5 million dollars to foundations supporting first responders all over the nation. When one officer was asked why he chose to participate in this year’s fights, Granite City Police Officer Brandon Shellenberg, said, “To be able to come out and know that I am fighting for a cause to help support these families that have made the ultimate sacrifice,”

Sgt. Lake sent a powerful message by atending this year’s function. He showed his community and the world the resilience of law enforcement officers and our refusal to bow down to tyranny and scare tactics. Kudos to you Sergeant Lake. Blue Lives Matter hopes for a speedy recovery for you.

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