Seinfeld’s Tweet About Black Lives Matter Triggers Social Justice Warriors

Jerry Seinfeld Tweeted a Joke Which Offended Black Lives Matter

Jerry Seinfeld Tweeted a Joke Which Offended Black Lives Matter

Jerry Seinfeld Feeling The Black Lives Matter Rage After Tweet

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is getting bad reviews for his recent tweet referencing Black Lives Matter.

According to US Weekly, the comedian tweeted on Thursday January 26, 2017:    “New! Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Lewis Black. Black’s life matters.”The post remained active despite numerous negative comments.

The tweet was meant to be taken in context about his new Crackle series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  It actually follows the format used for his tweets about all of his guests.  For example, the previous week’s tweet “New! Comedians. Cars Getting Coffee! Cedric The Entertainer. No affiliation with Cedric The Regular Person.”

Seinfeld received several replies that called him out on his “thoughtless blunder.”  One follower asked if his jokes were written by Breitbart humor staff, a jab at the online news site that is specifically designed for “the new generation of independent and conservative thinkers”, according to Breibart.  Another tweet referred to BLM as “the new civil rights movement,” which is probably as far from the truth as you can get.

Over the years, Seinfeld has had numerous black comedians on his show and once did a show with former President Obama.  He has also been an advocate of less censorship on comedians.  In June, 2015, he told ESPN that he no longer does shows on college campuses because “students were too hypersensitive to perceived sensitive material.”

His daughter Sascha said in the past that her mother Jessica was “sexist” because of a comment that she would be wanting to hang around the city more on the weekends in the next few years so she can see boys.  Seinfeld said that “they just want to use these words — ‘that’s racist,’ ‘that’s sexist,’ ‘that’s prejudice,’ they don’t even know what the f–k they’re talking about.”

Former Republican presidential candidate and entrepreneur Herman Cain slammed Seinfeld’s critics, according to Fox News Insider.  Cain, who is black, said “lighten up, America, some of these people going berserk over this need to get a life.”  He also said that these same people always want to find something to ‘freak’ out over and ‘have nothing else to do but go on Twitter.’

The comedian has not responded to the backlash at this time.

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