Secret Service Reveals Disciplinary Actions Being Taken Against Agent Kerry O’Grady

The Secret Service has responded to Kerry O'Grady's social media posts.

The Secret Service has responded to Kerry O’Grady’s social media posts.

Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady Facing Discipline

Denver, CO – The Secret Service has responded to the Facebook post made by 23-year veteran Agent Kerry O’Grady which said she wouldn’t take a bullet for President Trump, and “I’m with her.”

The Secret Service has suspended Special Agent Kerry O’Grady and she will no longer be in charge of the Denver field office while she is being investigated.

A Facebook post made by Kerry O’Grady surfaced in which she said she would rather face jail time than take a bullet for our incoming President.  She went on to say that the ‘Hatch Act,’ which bars federal employees from engaging in any political advocacy, could ‘be damned.’ O’Grady said that despite her position, she ‘was with her.’ Upon release of the article by the Washington Examiner, demands quickly poured in that O’Grady be terminated.

Special Agent Kerry O’Grady is in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver District.  She is responsible for overseeing and coordinating with Washington-based advance teams for all presidential candidates and presidential visits to the area.  This would include all visits from the President, Vice-President or Trump administration officials.

Special Agent O’Grady appears to have violated the federal law that she took an oath to abide by.  In doing so, she has forsaken the bipartisan oath that she swore to maintain as a public servant of the United States.  Her post in October appears to acknowledge that she knew she was breaking the law and she no longer cared.

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Suspension is the first-step in disciplining Special Agent O’Grady, and could lead to her termination or reassignment.

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