Seattle Seahawk Jeremy Lane Posted ‘Kill Cops’ Emoji

Seattle Seahawk Jeremy Lane Posted ‘Kill Cops’ Emoji

Earlier this week, Seattle Seahawk Jeremy Lane shamed his team and disrespected our country by joining Colin Kaepernick and refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Conservative Youtube political commentator Mark Dice, discovered that Lane had previously tweeted a “kill cops emoji.”

Seattle Seahawk Jeremy Lane's "kill cops" emoji.

Seattle Seahawk Jeremy Lane’s “kill cops” emoji.

You can see Dice’s Youtube commentary on the incident here:

It should be noted that Lane’s tweet is almost five years old, and preceded the current Black Lives Matter nonsense. Lane was 21-years-old at the time and made the tweet just prior to being drafted. Nobody seemed to notice the tweet back then, but now that Lane is bringing attention to himself by disrespecting our country, people are starting to notice that his punk attitude is just part of an ongoing issue.

Do you think that the Seattle Seahawks and the NFL should take notice, or is this a non-issue?