Seattle Police Arrest 26 Protesters After They Challenge Police To Arrest Them

Seattle PD arrested 26 protesters including city council candidate John Grant (pictured.)

Seattle PD arrested 26 protesters including city council candidate John Grant (pictured.)

26 Seattle Protesters Arrested After They Tell Police To Arrest Them

Seattle, WA – Seattle Police Department officers arrested 26 people on Monday after protesters decided that they wanted to go to jail.

Seattle PD started receiving phone calls from multiple Chase bank branches between 11 AM and 12 PM for protesters blocking bank entrances and going inside and refusing to leave.

Officers responded and monitored the protests for around an hour before notifying the protesters that they would be arrested if they did not leave.

The protesters responded by telling Seattle PD to arrest them. Officers shrugged and started arresting people.

The police department noted, “Demonstrators were given time to evaluate their choices and, in many cases, eventually exited the sites without issue. However, several groups of demonstrators at banks in the East, North and West Precincts informed officers that they wanted to be arrested. They were then taken into custody for trespassing, pedestrian interference, or obstruction based on the circumstances and will be booked into the King County Jail.”

The group appeared to be made up of hippies who were protesting JPMorgan Chase for doing business with TransCanada, the company pushing for the Keystone XL pipeline. The group sang, and danced while chanting, “Chase bank is toxic, don’t find the KXL.”

Thirteen bank branches were affected by the peaceful protest.

Among the 26 people arrested was Seattle City Council candidate Jon Grant. The latest addition to his criminal history is sure to help him in the ultra-liberal city.

“We didn’t believe that Chase would actually stop funding these projects because we asked them to,” one of the protesters told Seattle PI, saying the goal was to make pipeline support “as toxic as the actual projects are.”