Seahawks Richard Sherman Calls Out Police

Seahawks Richard sherman

Seahawks Richard Sherman may be anti-police

Seahawks Richard Sherman Calls Out Police

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman is the latest athlete to weigh-in on recent police shootings.  His comments add to the continued rhetoric of the uninformed, unimportant, but yet somehow influential in America’s youth.

Sherman said yesterday in a press conference, which should have been about football, that “the last couple of days a couple more guys have gotten shot and killed in the middle of the street and more videos have come out of guys getting killed, and I think people are still missing the point.”

Sherman continued, “When you’re dealing with police, put your hands up and comply with everything.’ And, there’s still a chance of [kids] getting shot and no repercussions for anyone — that’s an unfortunate time to be living.”

What’s unfortunate is that the American public is subjected to this kind of useless garbage.  Richard Sherman’s rant is not surprising in today’s society.  Gone by are the days when it was commonplace to see an athlete, such as famed Red Sox hall of famer Ted Williams, serving in the military during their prime playing years.  Williams put his career on hold and served as a pilot in World War II, later returning to baseball to resume his playing days.

The sad time we are living in, Richard Sherman, is a time in which players champion their status as athletes and role models to further lies and misinformation, aligning with the Black Lives Matter messages.

Sherman continued that, “[black men are] getting killed in the street for nothing”.  I’m not sure if he was referring to the countless criminal and gang related black on black homicides each year, or the relatively few by the police (not to mention police justification for using deadly force).

Richard Sherman is missing it when it comes a few statistics on this subject he’s weighing in on.  According to the most recent FBI Supplementary Homicide Report, an average of 4,472 black men and killed by other black men each year;  whereas the average of black men killed by police is 112 per year.  That means that 97.5 percent of black men killed on average each year, are not killed by the police in the streets “for nothing”.

But according to Sherman, we’re the ones missing it.  “I think people are still missing the point,” he said. “The reason these guys are kneeling, the reason we’re locking arms is to bring people together, make people aware that this is not right. It’s not right for people to get to killed in the street.”

Rich, I agree it’s not right for people to be getting killed in the street.  But I think we disagree on who the criminal is, and who’s doing the killing.  I’m sure Black Lives Matter will buy it though.

  • NewWest 123

    Um Richard, who is it that pays your salary? You have every right to express your thoughts. HOWEVER, it is NOT your first amendment right to use the NFL and the Seahawks to push your Opinion! Most American people Disagree with your Opinion. Do you really think this is setting a positive example to young people? Don’t you think your time would be better served using some of the money we pay you to get your sorry a– into these neighborhoods where you all claimed the people are so Opressed? How about teaching these kids that America offers everybody in the country the opportunity to succeed just as you have! I don’t know what’s in it for you but whatever it is, keep,it the hell away from the football field!!

  • M.j. Swanson

    No one cares what a pampered overpaid entertainer has to say about the real world. ‘Specially when the rest of the world knows the stats of black on black crime. The socialist welfare state creates these dependants, who need to blame someone else for their own bad choices.
    Pansies of the Mexican mafia, they kill each other over drugs, and blame law for the inevitable repurcussions of their crappy choices.

  • John Baker

    If people read what he said the other day, their opinions would be different. He highlighted that he was able to rise above adversity in the inner city to make something of himself because he decided to do it for himself.
    He is right that people should not be shot for no reason. Sadly what is so often overlooked is that those who are shot by LEOs are doing stupid things and not complying with officers orders. I had an officer draw a gun on me once and I know for sure that had I done something stupid that I’d have been shot. Hence, I didn’t do anything stupid.