School Resource Officer Hospitalized After Surrounded

School resource officer assaulted

A School Resource Officer was surrounded and assaulted by students.

School Resource Officer Hospitalized After Surrounded

Conway, SC – A school resource officer has been hospitalized after the officer was surrounded and then viciously assaulted by a large group of students on Friday afternoon.

WBTW reported that a school resource officer was attempting to protect the students by breaking up an altercation when a crowd of students surrounded the officer. Witnesses told police that the officer was holding a student by the wrist after breaking up the altercation.

A large group of students had gathered and were yelling and cursing at the officer. The officer ordered the students to get back, but the crowd continued to converge on him. The officer was forced to use pepper spray in an attempt to protect himself.

A student then jumped on the officer’s back and repeatedly hit him in the back of his head and neck.

Witnesses were able to grab the student and hold him until another officer was able to arrive and arrest the suspect. The 17-year-old student was arrested for assault and battery.

Anti-police culture and irresponsible parents are believed to be contributing factors in this assault.

A school resource officer is put into a school to keep the peace and ensure that students are safe. They make sure that school shootings don’t happen, or stop them if they do. They make sure Sandy Hook incidents don’t take place. Sometimes resource officers have to deal with students whose parents are too incompetent to discipline them.

This officer simply tried to protect students by breaking up a fight and he was assaulted for it.

I hate playing the “what if” game, but how many school shootings do you think have been curbed because the shooter thought “there’s a cop in that school”?

When school resource officers aren’t confronting violence, they act as a mentor and educator for children.  Until all parents start being responsible adults, school resource officers will be there to control the out out of control delinquents that the parents failed.

Be thankful that a police officer is in your child’s school to protect them every day. That is, until the presidential administration makes changes to remove them from schools.

  • John Baker

    I’m guessing a mostly “Diverse” school….

  • Gentlemanandscholar

    I live in Charleston South Carolina and have volunteered at the schools with the troops to teachers program while I was in the Air Force. I did it for about a month before I couldn’t handle going there and seeing the disrespect from the students towards the teachers and everyone else. Thankfully this officer will probably be ok but with the current political situation he may very well lose his job just like the officer at Spring Valley High School…. at least he was acquitted of any criminal charges. Hopefully it will be the same for this officer at least.

  • mullylin33

    this is beyond outrages!!! The parents must be held accountable and the students expelled!!