WATCH: Suspect Gets Gunned Down By Schenectady Police On Facebook Live

Police in Schenectady shot a man on Facebook Live.

Police in Schenectady shot a man on Facebook Live.

Schenectady Police Shoot Man On Facebook Live

Schenectady, NY – Anthony Logan, 24, was shot during a confrontation with Schenectady police was captured on Facebook Live (see video below).

According to the TimesUnion, the incident occurred on Monday morning about 10 AM at 535 Mumford Street. Officers responded to the residence for a report of a family fight.

Upon arrival, police were standing on the sidewalk and were talking to Logan, who was on the second floor balcony.  He appeared to be reaching under the balcony when he suddenly “jutted his hand over the edge of the balcony’s railing.” It’s not clear from the video if he had a gun in his hand.

Logan collapsed on the balcony after several shots were fired.

It took officers almost two hours to move in to extricate Logan while he was either unwilling, or unable to show his hands.

He was later taken to Albany Medical Center Hospital. Relatives said that he was alert and conscious when he was transported from the scene to the hospital.  His sister, Mahoghany DeGroff said that he can behave ‘impulsively’ when he is off of his ADHD medication.

No police officers were injured.

You can see the short version of the video next, and the full-length version afterwards.