Journalist Reports That Police Arresting Looters Is White Supremacy

Liberal writer Sarah Jaffe compared police arresting looters to white supremacy.

Liberal writer Sarah Jaffe compared police arresting looters to white supremacy.

Sarah Jaffe Then Complained About ‘Nazis’ Criticizing Her Tweet

Reporter Sarah Jaffe posted on Twitter that police arresting looters was akin to white supremacy.

Jaffe was responding to the Miami Police Department posting a photo of looters they caught in a jail cell. The Miami police wrote, “Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out?”

“good morning, the carceral state exists to protect private property and is inseparable from white supremacy” Jaffe posted Sept. 11 on Twitter with a link to the Miami Police Department’s post.

Jaffe is a fellow with the Nation Institute, a liberal non-profit “dedicated to a free & independent press.” She has written for Salon and The Washington Post and the Atlantic. She also wrote a book titled “Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt.”

Jaffe’s post caught the attention of the Twitchy website, which highlights social media posts from liberals.

“Apparently arresting people for stealing is inseparable from white supremacy – who knew?” Twitchy posted.

“Hey girl!” Plutonium Blonde responded on Twitter. “My kids need shoes … what size are you?”

Others were more serious in their criticism of Jaffe’s tweet.

“If you want to make a point about disproportionate Black incarceration, then make it. But a statement like this makes you look ridiculous,” said a John Woodin on Twitter.

“They have prisons, crime, and private property in Nigeria too. And Egypt. And India,” said a Simon Green on Twitter. “Nothing to do with white supremacy. Poverty/inequality.”

After her post, Jaffe tweeted about the response she has received.

“every now and then I check replies on my tweets and confirm why I have the quality filter on: that s—‘s full of Nazis”

Looters who are swooping in on properties with evacuated owners have captured the attention of the public in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

In Florida, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said at a news conference that, “We will be very aggressive with anybody who we find looting.”

  • Russell Wade Schell

    Be very aggressive with looters via the Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Shotgun 🙂

    • Robert Madley

      Anyone low enough to loot in a situation like that should be shot like the animals they are . “Looters lives don’t matter “

      • Jimmy Johnson

        Black Looter Lives Matter

    • Steve Misenheimer

      3 inch magnum 000 buck

    • rusticman


      • teekay51

        a pre 70s, all machined, hardened steel, plated parts, the old 870 is a sweet gun!! no poly choke BS, buy a different barrel like a real man-gun!!!

    • teekay51

      The Texas Tattoo!!

  • Steffy93

    The ignorance of these people barely surprises me anymore.

  • ianleech

    Another useful idiot.

  • Idawg67

    We need to teach these ‘libterds’ a lesson in actual reporting… SIGH

    • teekay51

      Simple, give them no publicity or response. Silence kills the average liberal loon.

  • Penny Prothero


  • Larry Darling

    Dose any one have her address the police could send the lotters to her house and let take all of her stuff

    • Michelle Polk

      Yes, please!

    • Jimmy Johnson

      Or we could send the next busload of Muslim “families” (that is all young males of course) refugees to her house so she can virtue signal how superior she is to the rest of us by taking all the young men into her house. Or just taking all the men.

  • Patricia

    It’s only White Supremacy because so far, the ratio of Blacks to other races having been arrested for looting in both Texas and Florida have been 99.9% Black. Perhaps she believes they are just ignoring the other races that are looting and only arresting Blacks? Highly doubtful considering Blacks only make up 17% of our population but according FBI statistics, they commit 53% of ALL crimes in this country. That’s not White Supremacy, that’s an indication of a terrible sickness in our Black communities that ONLY BLACK community member can change.

    • Russell Wade Schell

      Patricia.. I though I was the only one who argued using actual facts.. good for you.. Those numbers are accurate.. Per capita, they are the world champions of crime. Here is some more facts for you to use in the future.. its a cut and copy from something that I posted that sent a liberal over the edge: I know this is going to be painful for some to read, but In response to all the people that are screaming because they showed the black looters in south florida and we haven’t seen video footage of white looters yet, here is something for you to chew on. Im going to give you some links to the City of Atlanta Uniform Crime Report. You can pick any year, and any month and open the pdf doc. It breaks down crimes, usually between pages 11 and 16. Read it and see just who is committing what crimes. The results are the same in virtually every large city in the United States. These statistics are provided to the F.B.I. I pick Atlanta for example because certainly someone will insist that these figures are racist. BUT… The city of Atlanta has a black mayor and had a black chief of police from 2010 to 2016 and has a police force that is close to 50% black..Police Chief Turner (black man) signed each of these reports So unless these are all just uncle toms, I think these facts are something that you just can’t ignore.. I’m betting you will simply not read it and instead call me a racist or try to deflect or distract to some other topic. That is usually what happens when a liberal is confronted with facts. here are your links. I picked November 2013 just at random. Feel free to pick any year and any month you would like. The second link goes right to the pdf to save you time: Remember, scroll down to page 11, usually that is where it starts. . Not making this up.. it didn’t come from Fox News or Brietbart.. but from the City of Atlanta, black mayor, black chief of police and large percentage of police force is black.
      Atlanta Police Department : Uniform Crime Reports

      • Cornville

        Now you know why there is so much antisemitism in the USA. This Jewish reporter should willingly give up all of her possessions to these turds.

        • robert owen

          No sir, Sarah’s opinion in no way justifies or generates anti-semitism. Hatred of Jews comes from a profound disbelief in the God of Israel who IS the God of Christianity also.
          Sarah is simply stupid and godless, as are Hillary and many others. We have to look deeper at why Americans feel so free to deny God and make their own rules.

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        • mcd1948

          No, she would much rather give up YOUR personal possessions. lol

    • Jimmy Johnson

      99.9% arrested for looting because 99.9% of looters are always black. You never see gangs of white people out there looting. I never have seen that personally. That’s a black thing. Take advantage of any situation you can, no matter how despicable.
      They’re entitled to this free stuff because of slavery, something they were never a part of and neither was any white person.

      • teekay51

        they call it “Free TV and Air Jordan Time” and know that no one will arrest them for fear of being called racists, ,,, or excuse me,,, the new term is White Supremacist.

        • Bob McCann

          Were they`re any work boots stolen?

          • Katrina


          • Peekin-In

            pfffffffffftttt No….

          • Beetlebailey

            And bookstores only sustained wind/water damage. Which I find shameful in and of itself—even though anyone looting doesn’t care what people think (obviously), it would just be peripherally NICE to see them sneaking into a bookstore and looting copies of required reading for school, or humbly taking bread and peanut butter off of shelves. I’ve never once seen anyone looting do anything that even came close to being for survival purposes.

          • Renee Davis

            LOL. I think we all know the answer to that one

    • teekay51

      The white looters stayed home because they thought they might be called racist by idiots like Sarah Jaffe.

    • dasher

      Something like two-thirds of black babies born in the USA today will have no father present. This percentage has skyrocketed during the same time frame as when the government instituted massive welfare, cities starting choosing black mayors, black Congresspeople proliferated, and the nation elected and then re-elected a semi-black President. Gee, what a coincidence!

      • william

        ‘Bama would deny that.

      • Shinigami

        To be fair, this started with LBJ’s “great society” initiative. THAT is the root of the fatherless black phenomenon.

    • Bob McCann

      The only question I have is “Are they ever going to evolve” and be part of society?

  • duder1897

    Stupid cow.

    • Jimmy Johnson

      She’s just another bought and paid for media whore.

  • ProUSAProGOD

    Do the crime, do the time. The police do not have a black only detector that would allow them to ignore a white person committing a crime.

  • Russell Wade Schell

    Its hard to believe that the human race can go on when there are so many people as completely dumb, ignorant and just plain naive as this woman. I mean really. How can people this stupid maintain a functioning society? It’s got to break down sooner or later with her type of thought process, or lack thereof, being so prevalent.

    • Ann Melton Johnson

      I totally agree and afraid it might break down as there is an age group out there that actually believes all of this garbage!! Makes you wonder who is teaching this. We have a generation of “me” people and they only want to feel good and get their way on all things.

      • usaok59

        I agree that our society cannot survive if we continually plunge into the depths of ignorance and stupidity. Too many have lost all common sense. Of course there is always the possibility that there were always this many clueless people, but it wasn’t posted on the internet and on social media, so we didn’t know about it.

  • Ann Melton Johnson

    This idiot needs to go back to little room of safety!!! I am more than tired of this kind of talk as it is stupid and makes absolutely no sense. Because we love America and our flag and Constitution we are now Nazis and not Patriotic?? Lady, get a life, open your eyes and try writing something intelligent as this makes me more angry than I care to be!!! If you don’t like it here, then get out and don’t let the door hit you in the butt!! I am sure there is no other place on earth as good as the U.S.A.!!!

  • Janet R Carlini

    Just goes to show, intellect doesn’t equal thinking ability or common sense. She’s an idiot. Seriously is it the fault of the police that the majority of the looters in that picture are black? I don’t think so. They just arrested the folks they caught. If they were black, they were black. If they were white, they were white, etc. And anyone vile enough to loot in this situation or any natural disaster situation, should be thrown into the depths of prison be they white, black, pink, purple, brown, plaid or what have you.

  • Mister_Adams

    These guys had white supremacy, too.

    • Jimmy Johnson

      Is this from the LA riots? I was in LA back then. Korean store owners sat on top of their businesses with rifles to protect their businesses against the Dindu Nuffins who thought free was better than paying. Guess what. One or two worthless dead thugs and they thought better of it.

      • Mister_Adams

        Yes, sir, it is. The only parts of South Central that didn’t burn(?) IIRC. You’d know more about that.

        People like these gentlemen understand better what being an American means than cupcakes like this author.

        I’m from Milwaukee, WI, where David Clarke once was my sheriff. He splashed on the scene by telling us to take gun ownership classes, practice at targets, get permitted to own, arm yourself, and use it if needed. All because “we can not respond fast enough”. Words of truth from a cop. A cop who’s skin color is other than white. That doesn’t work well for this cupcake’s narrative, either. Clarke better check his privilege, too.

        • Jimmy Johnson

          Man I love Sheriff Clark. Too bad so many police act like we don’t have the right to arm ourselves and they treat us like criminals just for owning a gun.

  • Scott T Woods

    Putting the pigmentation of a bodily organ to the side. This means that looting, pillaging, causing mayhem should be allowed? Just allow others to run amok throughout the cities and the surrounding suburbs and countryside is perfectly fine? The reasoning for this is what? This is insanity! i don’t give a dead hoodrat’s arse what skin pigmentation they have. You are endangering life, property and happiness of others? You are doing so with force? Suffer the consequences, period!

  • Bert Mc

    Sarah Jaffe is a racist shit with a deficiency in understanding what is a reality! Go for medical check-up and ask for some cure for your stupidity and bringing in divisiveness in the human race! What you need is to be purged in giving FALSE report!

  • Rick Burris

    does she have any proof of white lotters not being arrested, being ignored by the police.

  • Kenneth W. Bangs

    If the looters are stealing from minority owned businesses or private property belonging to minorities is that still white supremacy ?

  • Craven Morehead

    Apparatchiks like this one will be the death of us all!!!

  • Anthony Stiga

    You belong in the same jail cell, I agree with Robert Madley, “Looters lives don’t matter, protect your property and possessions – shot first…………….

  • Jonas Blane ll

    It figures that Blue Lives Matter would get this from a equally racist website like twitchy. Twitchy like Blue Lives Matter overemphasizes black crime and downplay white crime.

    • Ogi Gojkovic

      Let me guess Jonas Blaine II…you dont have any *actual* statistics to back up your claim, but you are more than willing to call anyone who disproves it a “racis/bigot/fascist/nazi” etc? The fact is: Black criminality is disproportionate over the White/Asian/insert-a-race. Over any time lapse, over any country, over any continent. So stop making excuses and perhaps volunteer as a Big Brother to all those black kids…but that would require you to stop playing the victim/race card.

    • Steffy93

      Are you claiming that the woman did not say that?
      Or are you just mad because the truth is out?

      • Jonas Blane ll


        • Steffy93

          So you are making false claims…got it!

    • dasher

      Go sell that crap up the street. Totally lame.

  • The Orion:Hunter-A Freeman

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Amir Sahimi

    An Asian police officer pulled me over and ticketed me, can I call it yellow supremacy?

    • carole henrichs

      No, you might chop of his head.

  • C.d. Gibson

    This ranks right up there with Katy Tur saying that ” My eyes widen. My body freezes. My heart stops” when Trump kissed her on the cheek during the campaign. I wonder if anyone saw that kiss?

  • bws001

    Just wait until she has to evactuate and they steal everything she owns… Bet she won’t be able to get a police report to give to her insurance company..

  • Ralph Holiman

    At exactly what point did the world go completely crazy?

    • Mark Ciagne

      This comment has been deleted

  • Jimmy Johnson

    Once upon a time it was legal for police to shoot looters. We should do that again. Curious how black people feel about the fact that 100% of looters are always black.

  • An American Patriot

    Lady, it is called the rule of law. Get you head out of your you know where.

  • Proud Southerner

    Where are all the White looters? You see entire flocks of other races looting, but where are the White ones? It’s easy to say that arrests are biased, but where is the news footage of the White looters? MSM has never shown me an equal amount of white looters to go along with the lack of Whites in handcuffs. Biased reporting can make anything seem real. The only thing we’re not seeing is the TRUTH.

    • dasher

      But you see, they need essentials…like BASKETBALL sneakers!

      • carole henrichs

        They all wear $200 shoes. On welfare.

      • Proud Southerner

        Love the fact that the MSM pointed out that work boots were safe from looters. Every news clip had Black people with Nike boxes running like hell. Bet they never moved that fast on the way to the job fair. Like that woman who’s suing because her teenage son was shot and killed inside the home during a burglary. She said that he just needed money for school clothes and shouldn’t have been shot. Roll that logic around in your head for a while.

  • cclesue

    I hate to be a jerk but the image of this woman is in sore need of a good photoshop artist.

    • dasher

      She looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. She looks she could be Lena Dunham’s retarded sister. What a frigging douchebag!

  • Caprock

    This old gal , who has no concern for private property, should walk the streets wearing a sign offering free carnal knowledge to any and all cummers. Otherwise, she is a hypocrite.

  • Ferd Matula

    They showed have been shot then you’d go nuts writing about Whitey !!!!!!!

  • Cuda

    What a toad Jaffee is, she won’t know what a real NAzi is until they have managed to rid earth of all the good people. The irrational, illogical ideology this “thinker” has is akin to what most step i at the city park when pet owners don’t follow rules of cleaning up, Jaffee get out of you safe place and live in the real world, no not here in the US where you have rights, go live in Russia or China hell try Iran you think it is so bad here with the bullshit narritive of Nazi’s and white supremecy! Hell the left has likely done more to bolster their number in the last 12 months than they have done on their own in the last 20……..


    why are you promoting her and her book BLM get you head on strait

  • Bob Trower

    Those looters in the jail cage had been white folks, would you call that BLACK SUPREMACY?

  • She’s just admitted that the looters are “people of color”.

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • teekay51

    Before she made that Tweet, no one really knew who she was, or what she did in the world. The loonie-left feel that they are actually accomplishing something by making inflammatory statements, no matter how bizarre. This is how they earn credibility with the “blame the white man for everything” crowd. Best to pay no attention to their moronic statements and just blow them off. Most of their anger is fake and most of their racist, tyrant-blaming, nazi comparisons are only dog whistles to their feel-good crowd – who are all miserable failures.

  • IToldYouSo

    I’m reminded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, after the looting began, the singer Celine Dion sobbed for the looters lamenting how they probably never got the chance to have these nice things before, and we should, therefore, let the looters just have these nice things for once in their lives. Liberals will support the looters as long as it is not their own property being looted. Their liberal guilt will end the moment the looters want the liberal’s nice things.

  • teekay51

    I really don’t like women who never wash their hair. this one looks the type, you can almost smell it.

  • Carl Martin

    Looters should be shot on site regardless of what color they are!

  • gesposito

    Dumb cnt.

  • Isaac Shelby Baker

    Fucking jews…

  • Tin Man

    If they were robbing her house maybe she would like to let them go. I doubt it.

  • Dave LaSorte

    She’s with The Nation Institute. They’re commies. They’re not real bright. Wait, that’s redundant.

  • SMH

    She’s never held a real job that requires production, she has no clue what it means to have your livelihood stolen by a bunch of losers (no matter the color) because she’s never EARNED anything. She stands on her soapbox spewing out ignorant falsehoods meant to stir up hate and then when the disagreements start coming in she screams Nazi. Juvenile at best.

  • Jim Campanile


  • Glenn Kilroy

    Another winner of mandatory sterilization.

  • Mike Hanson

    What’s her address? I need some new shit!

  • James Stewart

    Some one need explain to her that free press doesn’t mean to steal

  • Sickofliberallies

    I guess all the Asian, Latino and Caucasian men, women and children looters were edited out of all the videos I’ve seen so far.

  • Liberty and Truth

    I changed my mind. The Alt-left is not insane they are just simply TROLLS trying to come up with the most absurdly ridiculous complaints possible for a laugh. There is no other rational explanation for this.

  • Dina Anderson

    omg what a total moron.. suppose if they were stealing her stuff then be whole nuther matter thou lol

  • Ron Varallo

    Looks like Dracula hasn’t seen the sun in a few years.

  • Wilfrid Whitney

    Lock this stupid bitch up with the looters

  • Kilr

    This goofy bitch would not know a Nazi if one jumped up and bit her in her ugly ass…a poster child for the left wing loonies….hopefully she has had her tubes tied so that she cannot bring more idiots into the world.

  • dwstick

    A free and independent press?! $10 says she spent the past 8+ years figuratively kissing
    Dear Leader Obama right between the back pockets!

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    she’s white…isn’t her reporting a form of white supremacy? she should quit so that a minority can have her job.

  • cascronin

    she should be happy martial law was not declared, they have the right to be shot on sight for looting under martial law.

  • Karizma Black

    How can you steal something that doesn’t belong to anyone any longer due to a natural disaster that’s already claimed to insurance companies as a lost and eventually will be reimbursed from the insurance company… stop the self hate wicked racist mf then you can learn to love other people from a different race you all is paying for it watch the wrath you’ll reap what you Sow you are reaping what you sow now you just to ignorant too see God is fixing you right now. .amen

    • robert owen

      Oh, thank God! The village idiot has shown up at last!

  • robert owen

    Journalist? Where?

  • Karizma Black

    All you terrorist are suffering right now amen handle the wicked god thank you wash them away cleanse our earth back to the beginning when we had the only original humans the 1st of human race look at god erasing these aliens the real people black magic is awakening amen have your way God

  • Dale Gurnsey Sr

    I she really that ignorant?????

  • Mark_Trail

    Twisted logic. She’s like Hitler’s Goebbels, playing race politics, targeting a race for every evil ever done to anyone. If people with her mindset get into power again, it will be open season on white people. When someone loots, it will be the fault of White Supremacy, no matter who does the looting. This mindset just gives thieves and excuse to do more looting because they think they’ll be excused because they’re not white. But what difference does it make as long as the Cloward-Piven Strategy goes forward and ends this great experiment in self-government?

  • David William Reid

    This type reporting is pure idiocracy.

  • garybkatz

    Did she do any research to see if the looted stores are owned by white people? How would she feel if looters broke into her home? If she were police chief, would she instruct the cops to help the looters carry the stolen shoes home?

  • 1Suncatcher

    What’s frightening is that the snowflakes really believe this crap. We have our liberal controlled public schools and universities to thank for that. God help us!

  • JCHPSU77

    “Whitey owes me my Air Jordans or they bees racist!”

    “Eye bees a victim!”

    Looting: Shopping, “Obama Style”!

    The only solution to America’s BLM Obama felon thug parasite problem: Liberia, one way, cargo class, never to return.

  • spiritseeker

    Perhaps they were committing a crime when arrested. Nothing to do with race.

  • Jerry Del Vecchio

    She’d sing a different tune if SHE were the victim of looting. I suggest, instead of tweeting about “white supremacy”, she get to a shelter and hand out some food, or clean the toilets, or comfort some children or walk and care for some of the displaced pets. But then again, that would be too caring and take away her only reason for living and that’s to send out inane tweets.

  • jojowa

    Are they still whiteaching suppremist if the person whose stuff was stolen is not white?

  • Tango Down

    Apparently this hack writer isn’t too familiar with the laws of the land, stealing other people’s property is strictly illegal! The fact that the photo from Miami PD had blacks in it does remotely equate to racism, it speaks to the fact that those particular people as in looters were caught committing a criminal act for which there is no excuse.

    It would also be in her best interest to realize that those folks are damn lucky that they were only arrested for looting as it is legal for the owners of the property to shoot them on sight!

    Imagine how much better the country would be if people had morals, ethics and values. If they would get off their lazy asses and get a job to BUY their shoes, TV’s, etc. In lieu of that, we need to stop talking about people who commit these crimes and be more proactive and start shooting criminals in the act.

  • Steve Adams

    If locking up those thug scumbags is white supremacy, we need a hell of a lot more of it !!!

  • Dan Topp

    Wait,what would a nazi hating liberal do? Probably get a mob of masked scumbags together and visit her.

  • Jim Wallace

    Has to be fake news , nobody is that stupid

  • LABigDave

    Is it me or are all these purveyors of white guilt ugly as sin!

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  • mcd1948

    We should never make any attempt to shut liberals up. Please let them keep talking and talking and talking. Otherwise, we would never stay informed as to just how completely insane they truly are.

  • John Degel

    She is not a journalist by the professional definition of that term. She is, however, a race baiting troll worthy of the Al Sharpton School of Biased Reporting.

  • Katrina

    No one could possible believe that, including her. I think it is a cry for attention that she so desparately needs. Sometimes when people are unable to become successful, they will say and do outrageous things just for attention because they don’t receive it for their accomplishments, looks or abilities.
    Poor little Sarah, take your teddy bear, hot cocoa and crayons to your safe space.
    PS don’t eat the crayons!

  • Peekin-In

    Sarah Jaffe…You wrote a book…. whoopee. You are entitled to your opinion as is everyone else. I personally feel you’re an idiot. It isn’t white supremacy. It’s police arresting people for looting. How much lower can any go to steal when in the midst of a tragedy. What would the blacks do if someone tried to steal from them. They’d shoot them. The pond scum they arrested are despicable. You criticizing the police or anyone for protecting property makes you like them, idiots….

  • Lonnie Isom

    So, if the person they arrest is white, and the owner of the property is Asian or Middle Eastern, how does that play into her synopsis?

    • Peekin-In

      as long as the person isn’t black, either victim or suspect, it probably doesn’t matter.

  • dan

    OMG more idiots! I must know some very intelligent African Americans because they cringe at comments like this!

  • Raheem Whitehead

    This is this one woman’s opinion! Who the hell is she? Nobody, that’s who!!! Blacks are more likely to loot, I do not do it myself, I work hard at my job so I can have nice things! It’s just a fact! Do you ever wonder why Japan doesn’t have looters during the Tsunamis?

  • GRComments

    I think that she should leave her apartment/house unlocked and only blacks will be allowed to loot it. And not arrested. I wonder how that will turn out.

  • cheese101

    She is the type of idiot that blames the police for doing the job they are supposed to do and if her trailer were looted she would blame the police for not catching the criminal involved. You can’t argue with that level of ignorance.

  • jim cipp

    Certainlynot a journalist, she should stick to her day wearing holes in the knees of of her pants.

  • doc

    Snowflake,What part of law and order ,don’t you get ?? Protest !! OK,smash cars and anyhing .that don’t belong to you,No WAY !!

  • John810

    A thief is a criminal and should it matter what race an arresting officer may be.If white is he a white supremacist or if black is he an uncle Tom? What ever the case the bottom line is the criminal belongs behind bars, period!