San Diego Officers Down – One Killed, One Wounded

San Diego Officers Down

San Diego Officers Down

San Diego Officers Down; One Officer Killed, Second Wounded

Last night, two San Diego officers conducted a traffic stop, during which they called for back-up.  When responding officers arrived they found both officers had been shot.

The incident occurred a little after 23:00 local time (02:00 Eastern).  Video footage taken by area citizens showed a massive police presence, with S.W.A.T. trucks, helicopters and patrol scouring the area for the suspect.  One subject was taken into custody, but the search continued for a possible second gunman; the search was eventually called off and authorities are not pursuing any other suspects at this time.

Investigators said the officers – both of whom are assigned to the department’s gang unit – were conducting a traffic stop in the Southcrest neighborhood.  Almost immediately after the stop was initiated they called for “emergency cover”. Both officers were transported to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to their torsos; one officer died at the hospital and the second was rushed into surgery.  Recent updates from the San Diego PD twitter page indicate the second officer is expected to survive.

The names of both the officers and the suspect have yet to be released; however, information released about the deceased officer indicate he was a husband and father to two.

This shooting comes on the heels of several high-profile attacks on police officers, most notably Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Five Dallas police officers were killed on July 7 by a sniper as they guarded a “Black Lives Matter” march, and three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers were targeted and killed by a gunman on July 16.

Though statistics may show that the number of police officers killed in the line of have been decreasing since 1970, this year cop deaths are up more than 50 percent, and the victims in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other cases were targeted for assassination rather than killed in the process of confronting dangerous criminals.  This increase is due in no small part to the false rhetoric from groups such as “Black Lives Matter” and others who have encouraged and celebrated the attacks on – and deaths of – police officers across the country.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the number of officers fatally shot is already up 56 percent compared with last year.

Our prayers go out to our family in San Diego this morning.  Stay strong, brothers and sisters – we see you.